Saturday, 26 March 2011

My frist attempt at a meaningful blog.........

So this is my first blog and I have been wondering all day what I should write on here. I really wanted it to be a meaningful and insightful post, something to grab the readers’ the ladies of my UCW group can attest I have been procrastinating all darn day. So this is what I have come up with.

First a little introduction, my name is Cherie and I am *takes a deep breath* a daughter, sister, aunt, great aunt, God mother and friend. I am also an IT geek by trade but am slowly trying to change that to writer, author, wordsmith...well you get the general idea.

I have written stories for years and only two people in the whole world have ever seen that work (hay Tracy and Kay) that was until last year when I was ready a Mills and Boon book, having finished I noticed a little ad in the back, a call to arms if you will for new writers to come and have a go if they thought they were hard enough. The New Voices Competition. So me being me I thought you know what it’s time I really gave this writing lark a try, at this point I hadn’t written a word really in years, my love for it had died.

So taking a deep breath and girding the old loins I sat down at a pc (did I mention I was an IT geek by trade?) and let my fingers go. My entry was called First Order of Business and although it needed more work than I can ever explain it got loads of great feed back. For the first time every all my friends and family knew what I really wanted to be a writer or at least trying to be.

As I said I didn’t win the competition but I got so much more, I found a group of gals who are in a similar boat to me, published authors in waiting, and with them I have started to really find my voice, my confidence and my passion again. In the group are such inspiring and inspired writers that it challenges you to come up to their level to achieve their standard and to be what we have always dreamed of being, simply a good writer.

Of late I have been hitting a wall after wall with my writing. I started out really wanting to finish the story I had started in the New Voices competition but I became so fixated on it I lost sight of the whole thing, I had to walk away from it and try to write something new, I start a story and really enjoy writing it, go hell for leather churning out chapters then I would loose interested because I can’t seem to get the story out of my head and on to the page. If I don’t enjoy the story anymore than how can I expect the reader to?? So I thought let me start putting it all out there, let someone else read my blurb (because I really think my UCW ladies are so over reading and rereading my attempts)  and see if that gets my focus back. I will have all the partial up here soon (as soon as I figure out how exactly I do that)

For now thanks for reading and hopefully this will help or perhaps I will take it down and try something new, hay its all about trial and error here!!!  


  1. Hi Cherie,
    I think a lot of us who tried New Voices are in the same boat at the moment. We need to keep writing and encouraging each other. Great first blog. Mx

  2. Yey Cherie, welcome the wonderful world of blogging :-)

  3. Good luck with the blogging Cherie and the writing. :o)

  4. Thanks guys!! Phew this blogging lark is a nervy experiance!

  5. Woohoo, you made it! Great blog and completely know how you feel... just keep writing though :D x

  6. Blogging gets addictive. Great first blog!