Tuesday, 5 April 2011

33 years ago.............

It’s my birthday on Thursday!!!! 33 years old and still kicking! Now to some of you this might seem a tad self indulgent but let me paint a picture for you.......(screen goes wavey and we enter flash back world)

The year is 1978 and my parents have four children, two boys and two girls, aged between 13 and 17 years old. My mum is having serious issues with her kidneys and is going through dialysis to help. She is not feeling too well one day and mentions this to the doctor who runs some tests and discovers she is pregnant with yours truly.Apparently the meds she was on made me sleep the entire time.....yep thats right thats why I have suffered with insomnia ever since! Now I am sure you can see the issues here dialysis and pregnancy just don't mix.

The Doctor advises my parents that I will be born in August (at this point you should all be checking your calendars - yes we are still in April) and I will be mentally and physically disabled and won't live 12 hours. He suggests that an abortion is the only solution.

My parents are heart broken but take the doctors advice and arrange the abortion. The day arrives and my mum leaves for the appointment within minutes she is back - she can't do it (for which I will be forever grateful for!!!) 

The doctor is less them impressed and insists that my mother goes straight into hospital for observation..........she is in there for 10 weeks before I am born........she is told because I am so big and she is so ill she will have to have a C-section. 

The day I arrive my mum looses so much blood her body goes into shock and she is unconscious for 2 days. When she recovers she comes to find me.....all 6 pound 12 completely healthy not a thing wrong born at FULL TERM me..........(screen goes wavey and we come back to the present)

Now every birthday, grey hair and wrinkle I feel the need to find that doctor and say with a smile  - "IN YOUR FACE DUDE!"  a little childish I know but hay the man tried to have me aborted - kinda gonna hold a grudge on that one! 

So let me be a little indulgent and I promise the next blog will be back to its usual self.....after all as it was proven to that doctor - you just can't get rid of me!  :D

Remember people........every day is a present baby yeah!!!!


  1. Amazing story, Cherie. So glad you're here to tell the tale. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  2. Truly amazing! Happy almost birthday!

  3. Reading your story gave me goose bumps, Cherie. Wow you, a fighter even back then eh xx

  4. How is your Mum? Just shows the medical profession don't know everything. Have a good day on Thursday. Mx

  5. WoW! Gives you even more reason to celebrate on Thursday then :)

    karin xx