Friday, 1 April 2011

Motivation of the lack there of

This has been the week of two hot chocolates with whipped cream. Now that may not seem unusual to you but those who know me know I am a coffee addict, not hot chocolate. I don’t smoke, do drugs and because of my stupid stomach disease (really don’t ask *big sigh*) I can’t drink alcohol which leaves me with one vice CAFFINEE! My orders in the well know coffee shops are simply Medium Skinny Latte – nothing fancy and it makes me bearable to work with or so I am told. 

But this week has be one of those weeks that if I was a drinker I would be stone cold drunk about now. I have been more than just crazy busy with work, two words – COMPUTER VIRUSES, but I have been lacking in motivation too. I have great support from my unpaid editors, UCW (We so need a secret handshake girls!) and Tracy – she of the fierce red pen, as well as Tasha – she who will kick my butt if I don’t write more. They are all very encouraging and help boost my confidence more than they may ever know, and yes before you ask if I do ever get published I will mention them all in the “acknowledgements”.  Oh side bar – can I just say WELL DONE to Karin for rocking her pitch to Harlequin Medical Romance!   

Every time I sit down to write I find some sort of distraction, my life becomes all about the Facebook games, Farmville, Fronterville, Treasure Island and Cityville – no seriously I have am rocketing up the levels on these games……  you can stop laughing now.

From the conversations I have had with others out there it’s a general feeling amongst the writing community that it’s just a bit MEH or BLUR at the moment.  Although I have a couple of prolific writing friends who are the exception to the rule and are able to pull stories together and have them run so smoothly that it sometimes shames me for my lack of productivity. But they are such lovely and supportive people I get over it really quick (have to add that bit they are the ones who make you stand in the corner until you write something innit Heather! – we are scared!)  :D

Oh second side bar – Suz of the UCW has her first review on a magazine website which is brilliant– check it out here

No doubt the tides will turn and it will all come good – seriously considering going in for the Breathless Anthology – its has to be VVVVVV steamy, wondering if my unpaid editors will be happy reading that on their home computers, work pc’s or printed for the tube ride home! :D Come on ladies you know it takes more than me to make you blush!

So watch this space – I am not the only one who is considering entering or is actually entering – you never know this time in August there could be a couple more published writers amongst us!

Or perhaps I should try on of those 1h1k challenges Ally does - where you get one hour to write 1k of words......although I am not sure my name over and over again would count! note to self: check rules with Ally and Julia.

Think I might be getting the hang of this blogging lark! Till next time people! PEACE OUT! (yeah look at me hangin with the kids lingo! - well kids circa 1994 anyway!)


  1. I just love your Blog, Cherie - it is so humorous - it makes me smile. :o)

  2. Every word counts!! You'll type your name 400 times. You'll decide that's really dull. Who knows what will come next?

  3. Thank you kindly ladies for both the lovely compliment and the rules advice - sure i can make my namer ealyl interesing if i tried! :D

  4. Cherie, I haven't actually written anything since the pitch *blushes*. I think the shock of actually, maybe, getting somewhere with this writing lark has frozen my brain! I'll kick your butt if you kick mine lol

    karin x