Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The fierce powers of social networking.........

So it all started a few years back when I joined MySpace....yes I was late to the party and to be honest I didn't like it, barely used it and closed it down after about 2 months. Then a friend send to a request to join the new phenomena that is Facebook, I ignored the requested for a while, after all why would I join another little web site that would mean nothing to me and hardly anyone was using? Then I got another request and another and another until I had almost a dozen sitting in my inbox looking at me. If I had that many requests then maybe this new thing was worth a look. I took the plunge and dipped my toe into the social networking world. Four years later I am still a big FB user, although I am not one of these people who feels the need to contact every person I have every known and 'friend' them, I still am a big users, connecting with family and friends and making new friends...but not in a weird stalking kind of way!! 

As I have become more serious about my writing and have been trying to learn more and more about not only the actual telling of the a story but about the marketing of not only the story but of myself as well. After all I am the brand.....granted I am more Primark than Armani but still, to quote a game show whose name I can't remember..."you have to be in it to win it!" With that in mind I have now taken my toe out of the water, climbed up to the highest diving board and swan dived into social networking like you would not believe. I am now on Twitter, have a blog (in case you were wondering what you were reading)and now I've taken the leap into the Goodread.com world....don't know about that? Well I am still working it out my own self so when I get a handle on it I will let you know.

I am starting to use Twitter more, I am following not only friends and family, but other writers, editors, publishers and to me that has, so far, been a mine of information on submission calls, along with hints and tips on what these publishers, all of whom I hope to pitch to one day, are looking for.

So lets recap I am on facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Goodreads. I started out with quirky little names for both the Twitter and Blogger accounts, but reading a post by Xandra James (you can see her blog, she is in my list on the right of the screen) who has been taking a course recently and posted a snippet about it. Basically it was such obvious advice I am ashamed to say I never saw it. Like I mentioned before if you are a writer then your name, or pen name as the case may be, is your brand and if you want people to get involved in your work, to get them interested in what you are going or simple let people know you are out there then having a user name like FluffyBunnyFeet2009 might be cute but means nothing to those looking for you. Your name or pen name is what they will be looking for and how can they find you unless you use it!

Now if you go looking for me on either Twitter or FB all you have to do is check out Cherie Nicholls and there I will be!

I have to say though with all these social networking sites and the time it takes to get them going and get a good understanding of them I can understand why Shelly Laurenston, FYI One of the BEST authors! I love her Pride series, if you don't know her check out her website - simply type in her name on google and guess what...yep she will be there!!  Anyway Shelly Laurenston actually says on her webpage that she doesn't have a FB or Twitter account because she is too busy writing to maintain them. That is something I can understand it takes some time and dedication to get twitter and goodreads going. Although I don't doubt it will completely worth it!!!

Darn my full time actually paying job from getting in the way!!!

Wow, who would have thought that being or trying to be a writer can be such hard work....well apart from the actual writing of the story that is!!  :D

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  1. I really try not to spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter. It's easy to let the whole day melt away as I read just one more link or say hello to just one more friend whom I haven't seen in a while. It's a constant temptation that is for sure.