Monday, 2 May 2011

Return to sender!

So people did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't even know I was gone?Well that's just RUDE!!!

I will have you know I was in Canada, Land of Mounties, Maple Syrup and Tornadoes. Yep that's right I said Tornadoes but I will get to that later. But first off this is the only Mountie I met .......not that talkative but you know nice enough.

Flew out first to Montreal, have to save the place has a really cool old school French feel to it, not surprising considering the first language of the place is French.
Moved on to Toronto, which was my favorite city, had a very London/New York feel about it and you all know you can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl. 

Both cities have this really cool underground shopping mall section but Toronto's is huge, think more than half a dozen shopping malls all joined by underground walkways spread out. It is huge and as the hotels are all linked to them you could effectively never see the light of day. 

Now the weather was fair, a little rainy on some days but not bad until the day we went to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame......looked out of the window saw crazy wind and rain and being Londoners we just tutted and carried day found out we had been hit by a small first tornado!! We lived but I guess you got that from me writing this and not you know being dead!

Second near death experience of the holiday happened on the flight between Montreal and Toronto.....when the plane lost altitude really suddenly, so quickly in fact we hoovered, yes that's right HOOVERED out of our chairs for a few seconds.....heart stopping I can tell you! I won't even get into the minibus fighting the winds and nearly swerving off of the road or the bridge!! Yep all in all a really good holiday!

To top it all I was able to reflect on my current wip, Leashed by a Wolf, and how I want to carry the story. I am a city girl and currently this story seems to be set in a small town and they always say write what you know (not that I  know many shifters it has to be said) so with some juggling I will have to move it to a city somewhere, because I really know nothing about country living.

I tried before I went away to enter the HQN Nocturne pitch but wasn't successful, which is fine because I really think this story is a little too certificate 18 for them to be honest but the open call at Liquid Silver I mentioned last time is still open so maybe I will focus on that and see where it takes me or not as the case may be.

Oh shout out to my girls Doris who is yet another step closer to getting signed for one of her fab stories and Karin who pitched to the HQN Medical line and was asked to send her ms to them and finally to Alyssa Fox whose first book is out this week! Link to the right people! BUY IT!

I still can't believe you lot didn't notice I was gone...SNIFF SNIFF.......Well I AM BACK NOW BABY!  Ready, willing and hopefully able to get on with some real writing! Yeah babu

Its been a crazy few weeks and the next few weeks seem to be heading the same way but that's what makes life interesting if it all just carried on same old same old where would the inspiration for your writing come from? See roll with the punches people you never know where it will lead.


  1. Welcome back. I didn't see a real mountie when I was in Canada either. Loving the fact so many of our cyber friends are getting successful. Do you think it might rub off just a little? Mx

  2. we did so miss you.. but couldn't tell you, because you weren't here to tell!!