Thursday, 23 June 2011


Now bear with me as a revert to a teenager of the 90's and say "OH MY DAYS MAN" has been one of those weeks where you think its going to be a nice quite one and yet its kicks off like a ranging bull in the old china shop!

I don't expect you to understand all the North London language I use from time to time but I am sure you will get the gist.

Firstly can I just say how excited and proud I was to be profile on the "From Fact to Fiction" website in their unpublished writers section...seriously people that is me, how cool is that! *does geeky little happy dance*

Next a shout out to Karina, my Nut House Scribblers Sunday partner in crime. She had a crazy couple of days but managed to get her m/s editing and sent off so we are now all waiting with baited breath for someone to come back to her with a big old YES!

Another shout out a Raven, who also got "the call" this weekend and is now signed to Breathless Publishing....her m/s is called Wall this space for more information on release dates etc, etc!

Finally shout out to Alyssa, Karina, Doris, Xandra, I think that's it if I missed anyone sorry!!! who all twitpitched, basically had to pitch their stories on Twitter to Loose ID with only 160 characters. They all got the attention of the editors and will be sending off their synopsis soon!!  

Yes that is right we will be changing the name of the Up and Coming Writers Group soon to Published and Proud!

Back to me, finally managed to finish my wip, Leashed by a Wolf, the one I have been bitching and moaning about FOREVER! Currently in the editing, "this is crap who would ever read it" and "well its not that bad really" stage.......then I will be sending it to Liquid Silver for the open Shifter Submission......FINGER CROSSED!!!

I also hear Mills and Boon will be running another New Voices this for thought I hear you most definitely is that is for sure!

Right, off to do as much work as I can so I can duck out early tomorrow and go meet a large portion of the the UCW girls for lunch........people trust me stay out of London's west end tomorrow......don't ask why just trust that I have your best interests at heart!

Dear me I think I will need a holiday just to get over this week!


  1. Yay - thanks for the shout out Cherie! And yours will be fabulous - will be reading that baby this evening. Can't wait!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's get together :D

  2. said it before, say it again.... WE ROCK!!

  3. Well done, all! Don't worry, Cherie, you'll get your day :D Just keep at it.

    As Dory would sing, "Just keep writing, just keep writing." (Makes no sense to anyone who has not seen Nemo - and yes, Dory actually says swimming).