Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What? Group Blog? Me? Never!....Well maybe!

So by now you will know that I am one for random-ness and mental ideas.....yeah yeah I know I know......

Any who! I was reading a blog the other day by a group ladies called the Dirty Birdies which is run and written but a group of published brilliant authors who write on the blog about any and everything, nothing seems to be "off limits" with them which is great and the information you get there is brilliant and has helped me out greatly with a recent BDSM...D/s book I have been writing.

But in reading their blog I though maybe it would be great for us to have a blog about those of us still trying to get that just out of reach publishing contract and our advertures!  So put it to the others and they didn't threaten to kill me or anything! *wipes relived brow*

I will still be writing here never fear, but for a little more adventure why not check out The Nut House! 

We have split the dates and yours truly will be sharing Sundays with Miss Karina!  Jo started us off today so why not go have a nose and see who we are and what we will be up to!!!

Catch you on the flip side people!!!

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  1. So we've got you to blame for the The NutHouse. LOL. Well done Cherie. It's a fab idea. Here's to more 'nuttiness!'