Thursday, 14 July 2011

Confused, unsure, nervous and mostly just floundering,

I have now officially re-written the begining of this blog about a million times!

I have loads to tell you but IN can't seem to think in proper sentences so going to try the whole bullet  point system for starters:

I finally sent off my wip - Leashed by a Wolf to a publisher.........I am now in week 2 of a 4-6 week nail biting time waiting for the big R or a, less likely, yes! It's my first submission so I am both excited and completely terrified it has to be said.

The Nut House Scribblers blog (the UCW group blog...check it out here) is going strong......just goes to show that a writers group can achieve anything when they put their minds to WORLD DOMINATION.....joking....sort of......

Some of the ladies have had some great news since I last blogged.....Miss Raven is now a signed author, her first book Wall Flowers Don't Wilt is out on October 7th....check her blog out here for more information. Miss Karina, shared today, that two publishing houses are interested in two of her books.....yep that's right people I said TWO! Miss Alyssa is now writing her third sequel to her debut novel Road to Recovery, check her website here for more information, Both Miss Kiru and Miss Doris have finished their current WIPs and I am sure I am missing loads of other great things that happened since I last blogged but people check out the Nut House blog....its the place where nothing is kept never know what you might find out.......  *ooooooooo*

Mills and Boon announced their 2011 New Voices Compitietion.....I found it in the back of one of their books see......

It all kicks off on the 13th September, those of us in the UCW who are not published are considering re-erntering, after all its where most of us met......but we are also remembering all those nerves and the constant refreshing of the page just to see if anyone had made a comment on our story or on the dreaded "Final Judgement" when the results were very terrified most of us where on that day.

That leads to me to all sorts of other problems....if I enter what do I enter? Do I write something new? By the time the comp starts I will know if Leashed has been rejected but the publisher it is currently with I could enter that but then if it has been rejected its clearly not good enough and why waste my time entering it into the NV comp......see all the circles I am going in here??

I have stories in my head and I have even started one but I just can't seem to bring myself to invest in any of them......perhaps when I hear back from the publishers on my current submission I will be able to focus again....yeah we will see!

So thats me people....confused, unsure, nervous and mostly just floundering, I promise to try to blog more often but you know what its like when life interfers with stuff you would rather be doing.....its just RUDE!!!

See ya on the flip side!


  1. Ah, Cherie, the joys of being a writer! Lol Good luck with your submission x

  2. Indeed, good luck, not that you need it. the story is fab x

  3. Heath and Laney's story is fabulous! So lots of luck with the submission! You are great, my little rock chick!!!

  4. The very best of luck with your submission - it's a great story and we're all behind you chica! :) x

  5. Cherie, well done on completing and submittng your first story. Best of wishes.

    About new voices, you can always use Wall and Clara's story.