Saturday, 23 July 2011

Glass half full....

I didn't blog right away when I heard back from the publisher that I had sent my first manuscript to. I wanted to let the information settle before commented and shared it with you.

Now before you get excited, Leashed by a Wolf wasn't picked up yet......please note the word YET....because although I was told it wasn't right for them.......they did say it wasn't right for them BUT with a couple of tweaks it could be.

So I am seeing that as the glass half full, they didn't tell me it sucked, they simply said it needed a little more work to really pull the story out of it. I have thought about the specific feed back I got and to be honest as much as I want to argue I can't because they weren't wrong in what they said.I do need to make the characters pop more and, in the case of Laney, a little more mature.

This last week I have had an infection in and around my wisdom tooth, as I write this I am still in mild pain although not as bad as it was, so when I got the email on Thursday I was already in a poor mood. At first all I saw was "YOU SUCK!! GIVE UP WRITING" but after some more meds and a nights sleep I realised they do what to see the book again, they just need a little more work. My week started out pain filled but finished a little achy but positive none the less.

I have made a deal with one of the UCW ladies Karina, who also has a request to resubmit, that we will be rewriting our first chapters and swapping then at the end of next now I am taking the weekend to get over the last of the pain in my mouth....seriously I can understand why babies cry when they are teething cause this is not a fun pain......and then I will be back to the grind stone.

 Considering starting my own publishing company, granted I know nothing about starting a business and even less about the publishing world.....but hay at least I have about 24 UCW authors in waiting that will jump at the chance to be published by me......possibly.......actually doubtfully considering I won't know how to even begin!!! But still it's an idea right???

Oooo before I forget I finally got my act together and have created my own web page  come visit me if you get the chance!

There has also been some excellent news in the UCW house.....but until a certain Mrs K puts it out there for public knowledge I will keep her secret.....but I am bursting to tell you all!

So its been one of those weeks for me, hopefully you will have fared better.. until next time remember every cloud has a silver lining, every glass is half full and every writer is one email away from that best seller!


  1. Go get writing... And your new website is great too.

  2. Get writing - you have half opened the door, get your foot in before it shuts! Mx