Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mind dump

After several failed attempts at writing a cohesive blog I gave up and decided to do what I would usually do if this was anywhere other than my blog......a Mind Dump.....which literally means I am about to unload all the things I wanted to tell you but in a kinda random, unstructured way....ready? Well here goes.

So have come to terms with the fact that I am my own worst enemy, totally in to self sabotage it would seem. End of last year, beginning of this started on a really healthy kick, lost loads of weight and then....yep threw a spanner in my own works, granted I wasn't alone and the doctor helped aim that spanner but still I am not back on track and everything I try I find excuse after excuse not to do any gym time at all!  So now I am back to where I started........the highway to heart attack land and lets just say my family has property there... This also goes for my writing, my job and you know life! Dear me I like to make things harder for myself than they ever needed to be!

Had a fantastic time in Edinburgh this weekend. Such a brilliant city and one I intend to visit again really soon. Met a lot of the UCW ladies there and Little Markus who was only 12 days old. I wanted to eat his little face but his mum Doris didn't really go for the idea, can't blame her but still he is just edible!

I am still obsessively checking my email for something from the publisher I sent Leashed by a Wolf too. I know I will hear back and am preparing myself for the big old rejection but still, the not know is the worst!  But hay no news is good news right?

Now a little pimping!!!!!   *dons a large purple suit and animal fur covered hat and grabs a walking stick* now I feel the part of a pimp!

So here are the ladies I have on offer to you today! Lovely writers who have now got web pages, face book pages, twitter accounts and yes CONTRACTS!  

Doris can be found here     her first book in an anthology is due out on November 25th - Hot Shots Vol 2

Raven can be found here    her first book is due out on October 7th - Wallflowers Don't Wilt

Karina can be found here   her first book is due out on January 6th -  Daring to Love

Alyssa can be found here   her second book is due out; will let you know a date asap! - Bound to Protect

Kiru can be found here      her first book is due out on December 2nd - His Treasure

Donna and Alannah and Xandra are just getting their computery acts together and then I will be pimping them too!

They all have books coming out from October so what this space for full details..........Yep I have good stock in my writery pen people, roll up roll up and check out their work!!!

After some serious battling, Suz and I have come to an agreement.... I am Queen Geek of England and she is the same for Scotland, now if you know me well enough you know one of my favourite saying is Cher don't Share, but on this occasion I am happy to....sides, I am getting to go see Batman Live this week and she isn't so its only fair we share the crown.......... for now!

Yes that’s right I am going to see Bat Man Live.....don't be jealous not everyone can be as cool as me!

I really wanted to post an excerpt from Domme's Domain cause I managed to finish it in 2 days....needs editing but yep 7 chapters done!  The UCW ladies were amazed, but so was I, its only the second ever story that I managed to finish!  Anyway I wanted to post an excerpt but I couldn't really find one that was errrrr suitable *blushes*

So until next time, if you need me send up the BAT SIGNAL!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ever had.....

One of those moments where there is a blinding light and you can see the rest of your life laid out in front of you as clear as day??  I had one of those moments this week and not in a good way...I repairing the office coffee machine...yep I am IT and FACILITIES which basically means, if it crashes, leaks or sets on fire its my problem ........and I realised that this was going to be my life forever!!!!  Cue me screaming loudly as the screen fades to black.

I then did what ever 21st centenary person does in this day and age....I posted it on Face book and Twitter....don't judge me people you know you do it too! Which lead to people commenting on it and reminding me that I am not in a rut at all, I am simply waiting for the right publisher to realise that the manuscript I have sent them is actually the work of a genius...or, you know, a half way decent writer at the very least and then I will be sailing off into the glorious sun set.

Having never been very good at waiting, hello spoilt youngest child here, this is proving a test of my self restraint but hay if it don't kill you it makes you stronger right???

On to other news....UCW ladies are blowing up with contracts right now! Doris, Karina, Alannah, Raven, Kiru, Xandra, Alyssa, and our newest inmate Donna have all received contracts for their stories in the last month. Doris, Alannah and Raven have had works accepted by Breathless Press as part of their anthology Hot Shot Anthology Vol 2 which will be realised at the end of November. Once I have confirmation of all the release dates for all the newly signed books I will totally be pimping the here! Talking of Pimp-tasic let me tell you about Xandra's new web page! It will be full of great stuff so check it out here seriously. I don't think it has been officially launched yet but it is definitely going to be the place to be!

Don't forget to visit me at the Nuthouse all the ladies above and some I haven't mentioned yet are there!  Over 18's only cause really, you never know what you will find there............  *big bawdy wink*

UCW have their Scotland meet up this weekend.............I will post all those "suitable" pics next time.

Now to leave you with a little excerpt from Claiming Clara..... my second WIP.....I know I mentioned last time I was writing a Domme story but that isn't even a chapter yet so I thought I would tease you with this...:
Claiming Clara - By Cherie Nicholls

Heath glared down at his mate who stared back. Clara rolled her eyes at the pair, she glanced at Wall who continued to watch her every move.
He raised his hand slowly with his fist closed; he pulled out a finger like he was counted them,
One, he mouthed at her, you hid the note from me
Clara’s breath caught, oh shit.
Two, you dumped my ass
Clara wanted to ignore him, to look away but she knew what he was doing, and no matter how hurt her body was it was still reacting to him with such a strong need she wanted to crawl out of the bed and over to him.
Three, you ran from me
Four, you ran to St Clair
Clara looked at his hand with only his thumb tucked in and waited,
Five, you got shot scaring the hell out of me.
The open palm looked back at her, now her body started to ache in an entirely different way; it heated up knowing exactly what that hand meant.
“It’s not my fault.” She said aloud drawing that attention of the other two who had still been glaring at each other.
“Of course its not hon.” Laney smiled at her. “I blame my big headed brother for not telling me sooner, and trust me when I say he will be taught a lesson.”
“Duke’s not to blame, he was helping me.” Clara explained. Wall’s low growl caught their attention. “He saved my life,” she explained to the other man,
“That’s the only reason he is still alive.” Wall growled.

Copy right Cherie Nicholls 2011

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Apologies before I even start

This is not going to be my usual writery blog....you have been warned.

Now I know I am an aspiring writer, but what I am right now is a p!ssed of Londoner, and more to the point and Londoner born and raised in Tottenham....... I know the riots have been covered all over the world so no matter where you live you will already have this gist of this blog.

I was away when the Tottenham Riots started; got a phone call to say it was all kicking off in my home town and I couldn't get back to my mother who is nearly 70 and disabled...scared? Me? Oh hell yeah!!! Especially as they were trashing stuff right outside our house!

I get back in time to see Tottenham like I have never seen it before.....deserted......like not a soul around...this is London people that never happens.

Sunday night comes and it all kicks off in Enfield, and now it's Monday and, literally, the rest of London joins in.

This is not in the name of justice for a man who may or may not have fired a gun at the police; this is in the name of greed and ignorance, nothing more nothing less.

I have seen great building that stood again Hitler fall over the last 48 hours and I have seen areas that were starting to prosper dragged back into the gutter they were just starting to climb out of. This is mindless violence, literally mindless.

I watched a sky reporter ask a young girl why she was looting, her response "getting our taxes back". Now it might be judgemental of me but my first thought was, 1) you are too young to pay taxes, 2) you wouldn't know what it was like to have a job cause clearly if you have the time to be out looting you are on benefits because you are out this late and you are so not getting up to go to work tomorrow and 3) How does stealing from Comet the electrical story and Wimpy the burger bar get your taxes back? My last thought was "you uneducated waste of human DNA" which was mean and uncalled for but they have made me more than angry with their random acts of violence and destruction!

I say "they" because they are all nameless people, some who clearly don't realise that they are hurting themselves by killing their areas, mostly because they are uneducated little wasters, but others because they simply don't care.

Now as a person born and raised in North London I have several accents I use..my family one, which is a little common but still not so bad, my work one which is quite well spoken compared to my out with my home mates accent... and my out my home mates accent so you may not understand when I say "for true, the yut dem com smash da place like aint nah biznezz, nah mate its bare bad tings, nah primeminister nutting ah gwarn here, ya stay on ya hols innit bruv" or as I would say as an adult, The young people are destroying everything, nothing but bad things are happening. No PrimeMinister, you stay on holiday clearly "nothing" is happening here that might need you.

See ya can take the girl out of North London, but ya can't be teefing the Norf London out my girl ya get me fam.

I wrote the above Sunday night as London burnt like never before, about 1am in the morning....its seems things had to get worse before they got better and, touch wood, this is the last of the nightmares........

The PM is back and there are tonnes more people on the streets now and to be honest with the exception of some smaller skirmishes across the city all seems to have stopped now. Its time to pick up the pieces of our burnt homes, buinesses and lives and Keep Calm and Carry On......a very British way of thinking but hay it has worked for decades I am sure it will still do.

I joined in a group on Twitter and Facebook called #OperationCupOf Tea.........a call to arms for people to have a cup of tea and chill out rather than storm the streets.... so here is my contribution because as every British person knows, anything can be sorted with a nice cup of tea

Stay safe people......I am just off to put the kettle on....tea anyone?