Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mind dump

After several failed attempts at writing a cohesive blog I gave up and decided to do what I would usually do if this was anywhere other than my blog......a Mind Dump.....which literally means I am about to unload all the things I wanted to tell you but in a kinda random, unstructured way....ready? Well here goes.

So have come to terms with the fact that I am my own worst enemy, totally in to self sabotage it would seem. End of last year, beginning of this started on a really healthy kick, lost loads of weight and then....yep threw a spanner in my own works, granted I wasn't alone and the doctor helped aim that spanner but still I am not back on track and everything I try I find excuse after excuse not to do any gym time at all!  So now I am back to where I started........the highway to heart attack land and lets just say my family has property there... This also goes for my writing, my job and you know life! Dear me I like to make things harder for myself than they ever needed to be!

Had a fantastic time in Edinburgh this weekend. Such a brilliant city and one I intend to visit again really soon. Met a lot of the UCW ladies there and Little Markus who was only 12 days old. I wanted to eat his little face but his mum Doris didn't really go for the idea, can't blame her but still he is just edible!

I am still obsessively checking my email for something from the publisher I sent Leashed by a Wolf too. I know I will hear back and am preparing myself for the big old rejection but still, the not know is the worst!  But hay no news is good news right?

Now a little pimping!!!!!   *dons a large purple suit and animal fur covered hat and grabs a walking stick* now I feel the part of a pimp!

So here are the ladies I have on offer to you today! Lovely writers who have now got web pages, face book pages, twitter accounts and yes CONTRACTS!  

Doris can be found here     her first book in an anthology is due out on November 25th - Hot Shots Vol 2

Raven can be found here    her first book is due out on October 7th - Wallflowers Don't Wilt

Karina can be found here   her first book is due out on January 6th -  Daring to Love

Alyssa can be found here   her second book is due out; will let you know a date asap! - Bound to Protect

Kiru can be found here      her first book is due out on December 2nd - His Treasure

Donna and Alannah and Xandra are just getting their computery acts together and then I will be pimping them too!

They all have books coming out from October so what this space for full details..........Yep I have good stock in my writery pen people, roll up roll up and check out their work!!!

After some serious battling, Suz and I have come to an agreement.... I am Queen Geek of England and she is the same for Scotland, now if you know me well enough you know one of my favourite saying is Cher don't Share, but on this occasion I am happy to....sides, I am getting to go see Batman Live this week and she isn't so its only fair we share the crown.......... for now!

Yes that’s right I am going to see Bat Man Live.....don't be jealous not everyone can be as cool as me!

I really wanted to post an excerpt from Domme's Domain cause I managed to finish it in 2 days....needs editing but yep 7 chapters done!  The UCW ladies were amazed, but so was I, its only the second ever story that I managed to finish!  Anyway I wanted to post an excerpt but I couldn't really find one that was errrrr suitable *blushes*

So until next time, if you need me send up the BAT SIGNAL!!!!


  1. thanks chief pimp we love you. and are sooo looking forward to when we ca n do the same for you ......

  2. <3 Cherie <3

    So jealous about Batman Live. :( CRYING!

  3. What percentage of the takings do you get?

  4. i am thinking 60/40 in my favour.......

  5. God love you Cherie, extra Markus cuddles for you :-) xx

  6. Yay Markus cuddles and Xand you are not wrong love!