Thursday, 8 September 2011

a little update......

So you know how I was moaning about waiting for the publisher to get back to me cause I wanted to get past that first rejection?? Well I heard back.......and it's not my rejection......*waits for penny to drop* I know!!!!

That's right I am going to be published!!!!

I did about 15 laps of my living room, almost hyperventilated and made my mother read the email just to make sure and then my heart stopped.

I called one of my sisters who was thought something terrible had happened until I could calm down enough to tell her and then we both went mental again. Then the fun really started when I posted this on the UCW site...
"Evening All, how was your day? Me? Oh you know busy working on computers just got an email offering me a contract for Leashed by a Wolf, normal stuff you know!!! eeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk can't actually breath!"

The ladies responded went a little like this..

I posted the above.....the signal went out, think super secret device in all their watched and phones 

suddenly when no one had been online they all were! Even those in different time zones! Giving me virtual hugs (cause we all know I am not big on touching) virtual High Fives and it just went mad with congratulations!!

That doesn't include the comments, texts and calls from friends and was a crazy couple hours!

But now the real waiting starts. Waiting for the final contract, waiting for the edits (cause you know there will be loads)waiting to see how they design the cover of the book and price it and you know how it sells and what people who don't know me really think of the book....because lets face it....that is the most scariest bit of all.

Now down to business...I am going to pimp myself a not like that you pervs!!

This is my Author page on FB (FB PAGE) if you are interested in more information about me and my soon to be released book (I love saying that)click the LIKE button

I also have a webpage now! 

So come on by and follow the path from dreamer to published author!!!

Ooo side bar! check out my mate Xandra's new site The Book Bordello it is very very very good! 

Before I go a little name check to all the ladies who helped me..

everyone at UCW - you ladies are mean and lovely and brilliant and mean you know YOU ROCK!!

Tracy and Tasha......who have my back with this writing thing even if I do make them blush with what I write from time to time......  

Thank you seems such a small thing to say but I mean it from the bottom of my shifter loving heart!

So until next time......keep that happy dance going!!!!