Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dancing on the ceiling!

The past two weeks have been slightly strange for me, I have had to do jury service. Never a fun thing it has to be said, but I am glad I did it for the experience. But I can assure you once in a life time is more than enough! I had always assumed that they had already assigned you a case before you turned up, I was wrong. Each jury gets picked on a random "pick and mix" type structure. They have all the names of the available jurors and they pick a selection from there. There is no rhyme or reason to their selection and some people spent the entire 2 weeks not getting picked at all! It's a system that really needs working on because it is just inefficient to say the least.

Just before jury service I sent off another book to a publisher, well I say I did what I mean is I composed the email. The book itself is a collection or anthology that we at UCW have been working on. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but just about 2 months ago it was suggested to the group that, to help with some of our writers block or lull, we start a little fun challenge. Around a table were a group of women characters and we would each take one of those characters and write their story.

It started out as a little bit of fun nonsense and then a publisher got wind of it......and it all went mental.

There are twelve stories currently, which have been sorted into groups of four so in all there will be three different anthologies.

After some debate the series is now called The Blood Bar. Book one is called The Alphas and contains

Jorja Lovett - In Her Element

Cherie Nicholls - The Alpha's Vixen

Doris O'Connor - Saving Hope

Arya Grey - Perfect Timing

and although its not official "official" yet it seems that they liked what they saw and have tentatively accepted the books!! I know look at me being all multi published!!

The second book, whose name I will confirm once I get the details contains

Raven McAllan - To Stop A War

Chellie Edwards - Breaking The Surface

Xandra James - *work in progress*currently called Gargoyle Surprise.

JP Stevens - Desperate Desires

The Third book, whose name I will confirm once I get details contains

Kiru Taye - Unbound

Alyssa Fox - *work in progress*

Caledonia St James - The Enforcer.

The fourth author is still confirming all her details, once I have the super secret nod I will let you know.

As you can see it's been mad up in here! But I am really looking forward to being published with my favorite Nut House inmates!!  UCW RULES!!!!!

Now on to a little  bit more of a personal announcement....ready? are you sure! are you really really sure? *ow* no need to hit you could have just said yes!

So without further ado I am more then pleased to revel the cover of LEASHED BY A WOLF!!


I L.O.V.E it more than words can even begin to describe....I really do!  I keep squeaking like a teenager and showing my name, MY NAME on it. I never thought I would see the day.

Liquid Silver Books, my publisher, I will never tire of saying that, did a great job on the cover!

It is currently got a tentative release date of February 2012.....but obviously I will let you all know exactly when as I find out!!

Now before I go, indulge me whilst I let you know my fellow UCW inmate, Doris O'Connor has her very first book out on November 21st! Scandinavian Scandal with Noble Romance. It is a fantastic story,  have added the blurb below just to tease the heck out of you!

'This Erotic romance revolves around International movie star Sven Larsson and young widowed mum of three, Sylvia. When the enticing bundle of curves literally falls into Sven's arms at an exclusive club, the sexual chemistry between them is instant and explosive. With the paparazzi breathing down their necks and both of them scarred emotionally by their past demons, can they find happiness together?'

copy right 2011 Doris O'Connor

Now tell me that don't sound like a great story!!   The second I get the link for you to go buy it will post it here! I am soooooo excited Sven is HOT!! I am sure you will love him to.

Ok back I go in to my writing cave, I have Wall and Clara's story to write before the others kill me!

I shall leave you with a little excerpt from Claiming Clara....its unedited and unproofed so be warned.

Claiming Clara by Cherie Nicholls

Wall ran for what seemed like miles, the night had past when he finally trotted back to the pack house. He shifted back to human as he walked up the porch steps. His wolf was calmer now, he had run off his aggression, but he knew that today he would get the answers he wanted even if it killed him.
With his hand on the door handle Wall waited, he had scented his Alpha as soon as he hit the porch, he knew the other man was waiting for him, had expected this days before if he was honest.
“I love her you know dude.” Wall spoke, breaking the silence for the early morning.
“Yet I found her sobbing into my mates arms, you have a prefect way of showing it.” Heath told him.
“I didn’t do anything wrong.” Wall turned to face the man he both feared and respected.
Wall wanted to scream out his frustration at the man, but he kept his cool. He had been trained to do just that and he refused to lose that control now.
“I asked her to mate with me.” He explained, looking Heath directly in the eye. He saw the other man’s eyes widen in surprise. “She didn’t tell you.” Wall stated.
“No, I just found her crying saying that it was over. She didn’t give me details, I didn’t ask for any,” Some of the anger left the other man. “So why did you break up with her?”
“I didn’t. I asked, she went all weird and then broke up with me. I still don’t know why.” Wall shrugged as he dropped in to the chair next to Heath.
Heath was quiet Wall could practically hear the man’s mind working.
“So,” He finally spoke “Does this mean I don’t get to kick the crap out of you?”
Wall huffed a laugh, “Sorry dude”
“Well that ruins my morning.” Heath shook his head and gave a big sigh, Wall smiled at least he didn’t have to worry his Alpha would hunt him down now.
“You know most wolves wouldn’t ask, they would just take what they wanted,” Heath said.
“Yeah, but I wanted to do it right, now I kinda wish I had done that, taking away the choice.” Wall wanted Clara so badly, every second without her was killing him.
“You know she would have cut your throat at the first opportunity if you did do that right?” Heath assured him. Wall smiled at the other man, yep he knew his woman would have done that and that was what made her his, even if she didn’t hate his right now.
“I love my sister but she can be stubborn sometimes, do what I didn’t with Laney remind her what she is missing.” That had Wall laughing hard, his Alpha had nearly thrown his own happiness away with his short sightedness, he didn’t show his mate anything, the woman had finally gotten bored waiting for him to notice her and taken things into her own hands.
Perhaps, Wall thought to himself, he shouldn’t be surprised Clara was being difficult she did come from the same gene pool as Heath so maybe she was predestined to be difficult when her mate showed up.
“Yeah I will think about it.” Wall said when he stopped laughing.
The door behind them opened and Duke stepped out, Clara’s scent all over him. Wall didn’t realise he had moved until he had the other man pinned up against the side door frame.
“Dead man.” Wall growled low.
“Morning sunshine.” Duke smiled down at him. Wall was a strong man, 6ft tall but Duke was taller by inches, yet Wall still had him pinned off of his feet.
“Wall.” Heaths voice the only thing stopping Wall from ripping the other mans throat out.
“Where is she?” Wall asked through gritted teeth.
“I left her sleeping; she was real tired after last night.” Duke grinned as Walls eyes turned to that of his wolf. Wall was finding it harder and harder to hold on to his animal.
“Wall, do you want to face Laney if you kill her brother?” Heath asked as he came to stand next to the pair.
“Aw is the little puppy scared of my baby sister?” Duke taunted. Wall pulled the other man forward before slamming back in to the building, getting a small amount of satisfaction at the sound of the mans head hitting the solid brick.
“I find you have put your hands on her I will hunt you down and I won’t care who your sister is or who she is married to. Do I make myself clear?” Wall spoke softly into Dukes ear.
“Trust me puppy I put more than just my hands on her,” Duke spoke just as softly but both Wall and Heath heard. Heath was barely able to pull Wall, Wall didn’t know if it was luck that Jones came out just then and helped hood him down. Wall heard Heath order Duke off the property but all he could about was getting to the man and ripping him apart.
“Wall, I can’t let you go if you don’t calm the hell down.” Heath said as both of his pack mates laid on him.
Wall did nothing but growl low. No, he decided, he didn’t want to get to Duke, he wanted to get to Clara, he needed to see her, needed to know she was alright, that what the prick had said was a lie.
“Dude, seriously.” Jones hissed and he fought to keep Wall on the floor.
The squeak of the porch door didn’t even register with the men until Laney crouched down in front of the men and asked casually.
“Is there something I need to know?”
“I am going to kill your brother.” Wall growled as he started to fight again.
“What did he do this time?” Laney asked with a bored tone.
“He fucked my woman.” Wall practically howled.
“Er no he didn’t.” The second voice came from just behind them. As one the three men turned to see Clara standing there. “Well assuming you meant me when you said “my woman” that is.” She said as she leaned against the door frame, crossing her arms and legs and she looked down at them.
Wall’s wolf howled in triumph but the man didn’t let go so quickly. “He dies.” He turned as much as he could with two large strong men sitting on him, and looked Clara in the eye.
“Is he the reason you told me no?” He asked.
Clara looked back at him; he could see her wheels turning “Maybe.” She finally shrugged.
“Clara!” Heath hissed at his sister.
“What? He wants answers, he thinks I would have been with him but the time I wanted another man, fine I will give him the answers he wants.” Clara hissed back.
With a feat of strength Wall didn’t know he had he threw off the two men and was on his feet in front of Clara before anyone could move. With deliberate slowness he leaned in and sniffed her neck. Duke might have smelt of her but Clara didn’t hold Dukes scent, if they had had sex then the other man’s smell would have been all over the woman.
“What did I do that was so wrong?” He spoke directly into her ear, so softly he knew the others wouldn’t be able to hear.
“Please.” Wall didn’t know what she was asking. When he leaned back he could see the sorrow in her eyes, his mate was keeping something from him and if it killed him he would find it out.

Copyright 2011 Cherie Nicholls

Ok I am loving you and leaving you but remember MONKEY FACE is not a good safe word!

Let me know what you think of the cover!!!!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

back from the wilderness.....

I know I know it's been an age since I last blogged but I have good reasons honestly!!

I have been busy with my day job, very busy it has to be said and life just seemed to get in the what..what can you do meh!

I have returned my cover art forms and now I am waiting with baited breath for the first view of my first cover ever......once I have it you will be some of the first to see it! eeekkk!

A couple of weeks ago I  made a suggestion to the UCW ladies along the lines of "hay ladies....lets do a story about a group of ladies around a table and we each take a character and write about their adventures."  it was a little comment but from there came The Blood Bar Chronicles......... there will be three separate books with 4 stories in each...I am in the second story in the first book. So you know, no pressure or anything *rolls eyes and swallows fear*. I say fear because one of our publishers got wind of what we were doing and has requested we send it to them. Yes people...the pacing and continual email checking begins again..........why do we do this to ourselves????

I know i am not usually one for adding a snippet from books here but I thought you know what why the heck not...this ain't from The Alpha's Vixen, my blood bar chronicles this is from my favorite story...Domme's Domain..Certificate 18 people!  Don't say I didn't warn you..

Domme's Domain by Cherie Nicholls

“Hurt me? Oh yes? Every day if I am a good girl!” Minx smiled at him. Rhea raised her eyebrows at the pair before looking back at Alec who was no longer lounging by the bar.
With a bored sigh Rhea brought the other woman’s attention back to herself, not that she was jealous….nope not Rhea not at all…..
“What did you do Minx?” Rhea asked.
“I didn’t do anything Mistress!” Minx gave her best innocent look; one Rhea has once caught her practicing in the ladies bathroom.
“Minx, I grow tired of this conversation.” Rhea sighed as she rested her head on her hand.
“Is it my fault someone broke into our house and hid all of my Masters paddles and crops and floggers. It’s not like I did it or anything” Minx shrugged. Rhea raised wide eyes at Alec over Minx’s head who simple glared.
“Oh Minx tell me you didn’t.” Rhea swallowed the laugh that nearly escaped.
“Are you mad?” Both women turned to Jones at the question. He was still staring at the little sub, but now he looked at her like she had grown horns.
“Not yet but if I don’t get my prize soon I will be.” Minx frowned at him. Rhea swallowed another laugh.
“Your prize?” Jones asked but the other woman ignored him. Rhea stilled leaned to the side watching the pair.
“Mistress, please help me, you know how grateful I can be.” Mink spoke softly as she moved forward to place a soft kiss again the exposed column of Rhea throat. Usually Rhea would have set the woman back on her heels but she heard Jones suck his breath through clenched teeth. A little Devil whispered in her ear that he still needed to be properly punished for earlier so she allowed the other woman to rain soft butterfly kisses down her neck to the swell of her breast at the top of her bustier.
“Please make him give me my prize Mistress and I will give you what ever you want.” The sub promised as she continued to kiss Rhea.
“Minx, you and your talented little mouth will have to try harder than that if you want me to get between you and your master.” Rhea laughed softly as she brushed the other woman’s blond hair out of the way to Jones could see her, and what she did, better.
Rhea could see that he was equal parts turned on and furious that this other sub had dared to touch his mistress without instruction.
A look over Minx’s shoulder had Rhea smiling as she watching Alec’s chin drop to his chest with angry frustration before he started towards them with intent.
“Mistress knows how talented I can be with my mouth; if she would help me I can assure the Mistress that she would be very pleased.” Minx promised.
“Minx!” Alec arrived took hold of the subs arm and pulled her to her feet. “Were you asked to touch Mistress R?” he demanded.
“See how mean he is to me!” Minx huffed at Rhea. She stayed Jones with an hand on his shoulder.
“I understand Minx has been living up to her name again Alec.” Rhea smiled as she ran her hand down the back of Jones’s head, stroking him.
“Yes she has and if she thinks for a second that she can have you change my mind then I guess she needs to be punished some more.” Alec hissed into his subs face.
“See! Will no-one save me!” Minx pleaded dramatically.
“You are insane you know that?” Jones spoke finally.
Alec pulled Minx tight into his body as he looked over her shoulder at Jones who still sat back on his heels.
“Who is your new toy Rhea?” Alec asked as he cast a glance down Jones’s body.
“An old friend.” Rhea smiled.
“Well perhaps you should teach him to only speak when spoken to.” Alec hissed. Rhea’s eyes narrowed at the other dom.
“Perhaps you should teach your Minx to only touch when invited to.” Rhea countered. Alec let out a frustrated sigh.
“Yes, well. It seems you are withholding her prize. Might I suggest that you take her somewhere and show her exactly what you can do with that prize.” Rhea shrugged.
“Yes please!” Minx clapped her hands.
“She hid my toys.” Alec growled
“Mmmm she did. I wonder why?” Rhea asked as she tipped her head to the side, staring interestedly at the couple.
“Why?” Alex asked. Rhea groaned inwardly, Gods save her from simple men.
“Yes, why would your sub hide your toys when we both know, in very intimate detail, how much she enjoys those toys?” She felt Jones tense under her hand as she continued to stroke him.
Alec frowned down at Minx. With a quick nod at Rhea he dragged her off to a dark corner of the club.
Rhea watched them go before turning back to Jones, with an evil little smile she leaned close so she could whisper into his ear.
“I am very much a straight girl, boy, don’t worry about that but I do know how very talent Minx can be with her mouth. She can work magic with that tongue of hers.” She shivered delicately against his shoulder. She was rewarded as she watched him swallow hard and start to pant.
“Yes,” she continued to speak directly into his ear, keeping their conversation secret and just between them. “Last year on my birthday Master Alec present me with his little Minx for the evening. I very much enjoyed her company.” Rhea ran her hand over Jones’s shoulder, down his chest until she could slip her hand into his trousers to cup his arousal.
“I just bet you can image all the things a talented little sub can do can’t you.” He groaned and grew in her hand. “Yes I can feel you can.” Rhea started to stroke his cock with slow delicate determination. “Shall I tell you exactly what she did?”
He groaned deeply again, growling so low in his chest it vibrated against her arm.
“I can’t hear you, boy.” She said with a nip to his ear.
“Yes Mistress, please tell me what Minx did to you.” He panted.
“Well, since you asked so nicely I will tell you.” Without saying anything more Rhea took her hand out of his trousers and stood. “I suggest you follow me, boy.”
She didn’t turn to see if he followed her, she simply walked back towards the room she had left earlier. As she past by she could see Minx with her face in Alec’s lap, Rhea could see his trousers were open and he had a hand on the back of her head as she bobbed over his cock. Apparently Minx got her prize after all.

Copyright 2011 Cherie Nicholls

Now on that I will leave with a promise that I will try to blog more....honest!!!

Sleep easy!