Friday, 14 October 2011

back from the wilderness.....

I know I know it's been an age since I last blogged but I have good reasons honestly!!

I have been busy with my day job, very busy it has to be said and life just seemed to get in the what..what can you do meh!

I have returned my cover art forms and now I am waiting with baited breath for the first view of my first cover ever......once I have it you will be some of the first to see it! eeekkk!

A couple of weeks ago I  made a suggestion to the UCW ladies along the lines of "hay ladies....lets do a story about a group of ladies around a table and we each take a character and write about their adventures."  it was a little comment but from there came The Blood Bar Chronicles......... there will be three separate books with 4 stories in each...I am in the second story in the first book. So you know, no pressure or anything *rolls eyes and swallows fear*. I say fear because one of our publishers got wind of what we were doing and has requested we send it to them. Yes people...the pacing and continual email checking begins again..........why do we do this to ourselves????

I know i am not usually one for adding a snippet from books here but I thought you know what why the heck not...this ain't from The Alpha's Vixen, my blood bar chronicles this is from my favorite story...Domme's Domain..Certificate 18 people!  Don't say I didn't warn you..

Domme's Domain by Cherie Nicholls

“Hurt me? Oh yes? Every day if I am a good girl!” Minx smiled at him. Rhea raised her eyebrows at the pair before looking back at Alec who was no longer lounging by the bar.
With a bored sigh Rhea brought the other woman’s attention back to herself, not that she was jealous….nope not Rhea not at all…..
“What did you do Minx?” Rhea asked.
“I didn’t do anything Mistress!” Minx gave her best innocent look; one Rhea has once caught her practicing in the ladies bathroom.
“Minx, I grow tired of this conversation.” Rhea sighed as she rested her head on her hand.
“Is it my fault someone broke into our house and hid all of my Masters paddles and crops and floggers. It’s not like I did it or anything” Minx shrugged. Rhea raised wide eyes at Alec over Minx’s head who simple glared.
“Oh Minx tell me you didn’t.” Rhea swallowed the laugh that nearly escaped.
“Are you mad?” Both women turned to Jones at the question. He was still staring at the little sub, but now he looked at her like she had grown horns.
“Not yet but if I don’t get my prize soon I will be.” Minx frowned at him. Rhea swallowed another laugh.
“Your prize?” Jones asked but the other woman ignored him. Rhea stilled leaned to the side watching the pair.
“Mistress, please help me, you know how grateful I can be.” Mink spoke softly as she moved forward to place a soft kiss again the exposed column of Rhea throat. Usually Rhea would have set the woman back on her heels but she heard Jones suck his breath through clenched teeth. A little Devil whispered in her ear that he still needed to be properly punished for earlier so she allowed the other woman to rain soft butterfly kisses down her neck to the swell of her breast at the top of her bustier.
“Please make him give me my prize Mistress and I will give you what ever you want.” The sub promised as she continued to kiss Rhea.
“Minx, you and your talented little mouth will have to try harder than that if you want me to get between you and your master.” Rhea laughed softly as she brushed the other woman’s blond hair out of the way to Jones could see her, and what she did, better.
Rhea could see that he was equal parts turned on and furious that this other sub had dared to touch his mistress without instruction.
A look over Minx’s shoulder had Rhea smiling as she watching Alec’s chin drop to his chest with angry frustration before he started towards them with intent.
“Mistress knows how talented I can be with my mouth; if she would help me I can assure the Mistress that she would be very pleased.” Minx promised.
“Minx!” Alec arrived took hold of the subs arm and pulled her to her feet. “Were you asked to touch Mistress R?” he demanded.
“See how mean he is to me!” Minx huffed at Rhea. She stayed Jones with an hand on his shoulder.
“I understand Minx has been living up to her name again Alec.” Rhea smiled as she ran her hand down the back of Jones’s head, stroking him.
“Yes she has and if she thinks for a second that she can have you change my mind then I guess she needs to be punished some more.” Alec hissed into his subs face.
“See! Will no-one save me!” Minx pleaded dramatically.
“You are insane you know that?” Jones spoke finally.
Alec pulled Minx tight into his body as he looked over her shoulder at Jones who still sat back on his heels.
“Who is your new toy Rhea?” Alec asked as he cast a glance down Jones’s body.
“An old friend.” Rhea smiled.
“Well perhaps you should teach him to only speak when spoken to.” Alec hissed. Rhea’s eyes narrowed at the other dom.
“Perhaps you should teach your Minx to only touch when invited to.” Rhea countered. Alec let out a frustrated sigh.
“Yes, well. It seems you are withholding her prize. Might I suggest that you take her somewhere and show her exactly what you can do with that prize.” Rhea shrugged.
“Yes please!” Minx clapped her hands.
“She hid my toys.” Alec growled
“Mmmm she did. I wonder why?” Rhea asked as she tipped her head to the side, staring interestedly at the couple.
“Why?” Alex asked. Rhea groaned inwardly, Gods save her from simple men.
“Yes, why would your sub hide your toys when we both know, in very intimate detail, how much she enjoys those toys?” She felt Jones tense under her hand as she continued to stroke him.
Alec frowned down at Minx. With a quick nod at Rhea he dragged her off to a dark corner of the club.
Rhea watched them go before turning back to Jones, with an evil little smile she leaned close so she could whisper into his ear.
“I am very much a straight girl, boy, don’t worry about that but I do know how very talent Minx can be with her mouth. She can work magic with that tongue of hers.” She shivered delicately against his shoulder. She was rewarded as she watched him swallow hard and start to pant.
“Yes,” she continued to speak directly into his ear, keeping their conversation secret and just between them. “Last year on my birthday Master Alec present me with his little Minx for the evening. I very much enjoyed her company.” Rhea ran her hand over Jones’s shoulder, down his chest until she could slip her hand into his trousers to cup his arousal.
“I just bet you can image all the things a talented little sub can do can’t you.” He groaned and grew in her hand. “Yes I can feel you can.” Rhea started to stroke his cock with slow delicate determination. “Shall I tell you exactly what she did?”
He groaned deeply again, growling so low in his chest it vibrated against her arm.
“I can’t hear you, boy.” She said with a nip to his ear.
“Yes Mistress, please tell me what Minx did to you.” He panted.
“Well, since you asked so nicely I will tell you.” Without saying anything more Rhea took her hand out of his trousers and stood. “I suggest you follow me, boy.”
She didn’t turn to see if he followed her, she simply walked back towards the room she had left earlier. As she past by she could see Minx with her face in Alec’s lap, Rhea could see his trousers were open and he had a hand on the back of her head as she bobbed over his cock. Apparently Minx got her prize after all.

Copyright 2011 Cherie Nicholls

Now on that I will leave with a promise that I will try to blog more....honest!!!

Sleep easy!



  1. I like the new look blog, Cherie. Well done.

    Hope to see DD as a book soon. :)

  2. Yes, liking the new look, too. Left a little award for you over on my blog ;-)