Monday, 21 November 2011

All systems go!

I have been assigned an editor from Liquid Silver Books for Leashed and am expecting edits in December! It is starting to all seem that much more real now. I know I know I said that when I got the contract and the cover art request forms. But you have to understand, to me this is all just a great dream and until I actually see my book on Kindle Amazon or on LSB website I will still be convinced none of this is real.

You dream about something for so long that when it actually happens you are never really sure if you have imagined the whole thing or not.

I have just signed a second contract with Breathless Press for The Alpha's Vixen, the second story in the Blood Bar Chronicles. An anthology created with some of other UCW girls. There are four stories in this first book. My partners in crime are Jorja Lovett, Doris O'Connor and Arya Grey. The second book will have four more members of the UCW and the third book will have another four this the wrong time to point out that if you leave us alone for any length of time we are likely to take over the world.....just saying.

Let me ask the other writers out it wrong that I am excited to see my edits? I know this is the point where usually a writer groans and curses their editor for making them do changes but not me and not right now. I want to see what suggestions my editor has for improving my story, what works and what needs to be worked on. It's all part of the process and one I am really looking forward to but am terrified of at the same time...hay don't judge me!

In other exciting news...UCW are now in the middle of a mass publishing run! It all kicked off with Raven and will end.......around about March 2012 or should that be slow down not end?

We have all been very lucky and blessed in the last year, seeing our stories come to life. I love it every time one of the group post their new cover, they have all been stunning.

We all have publishers and, with the exception of one or two hiccups, we have all had a pretty good experience with all of them. Which, for this newbie on the writing block, has made the experience so much easier.

Side bar, let me just do a little pimping for a few of my authory mates.... below is a list of those just about to be published or those who have just been published. They are not all paranormal writers like me, don't worry. There is a wide and varied list below.....

Doris O'Connor - Lure of the Blood..... link
Raven McAllan - Wallflowers don't wilt.... link
Kiru Taye - His Treasure
Donna Shields - Swan Cove Murders... link
Alannah Hart - Hot Shots Vol

There are many many many...........many more books coming out so check back soon cause I will be pimping more soon!

Remember I gave up on NaNoWriMo for this year? Well I have still been writing, it is potentially book 2 in the Shifters of Hillside series I am writing. Yes I know I said Claiming Clara would be but hay I am a woman I can change my mind you know!!

I would like to introduce you to Zane and Abby. Abby is the cousin of Laney from Leashed by a Wolf. I didn't intend for the stories to link and I tried really hard not to make them, I mean even Arya threatened that if I linked them she would do unspeakable things to me but I just couldn't help it I really couldn't. Anyone who writes paranormal romances knows that there is no controlling these shifters!!

Here is a little excerpt to tempt you with from A to Zane......

“I don’t pity you.” He lent down so he could glare into her eyes. He took a half step back, any thought he was going to let her go left her when he pulled  her wrist down to hold her hand against his hard on. “Does that feel like I pity you?” He asked against her ear. “Or does it feel like I want to take you here and now, hard against this wall not even caring who sees us or who hears you scream my name?”
Abby couldn’t speak, his words has stolen her breath. Dear God in heaven who was this man and why the hell did she want to lay down and beg him never to leave her?
He smirked at her and raised an eye brow. Abby blinked slowly, pulling herself out of the spell he seemed to have weaved around her, it was then that he still held one of her wrist and the other hand was now rubbing a thumb over her bottom lip but her hand still cupped his erection. Colour started to creep up her neck. She snatched her hand away, Zane laughed softly.
“I love seeing you blush.” He smiled. Abby narrowed her eyes at him. Apparently he thought he was onto a sure thing with her. Well Mr Magic Lips was going to have to think again.
“Really? You wanna see something else?” She asked with a husky tone.
Zane brushed the hair back from her face.
“Baby, I want to see everything you want to show me.” He almost purred the words at her. Abby gave him a smile before leaning to plant a gentle peck on his lips. Zane leaned in to deepen the kiss; Abby raised her booted foot and brought it down hard on his instep. He yelped stepping away and letting her go. Abby didn’t waste time she scooped up her bag and rushed towards her car. It took her a second to find her keys in the bag but she managed to grab them, unlock the car and jump in before he caught up with her.
The growl that left him as he caught the door before she could close it made her shiver; to her shame it wasn’t with fear.
“Move.” She tried to pull the door shut but he refused to move. He moved in slow motion, leaning into the car until they were practically nose to nose.
“Run, baby. I will let you go but I will find you and when I do you, you will be mine.” He captured her mouth is a hot branding kiss and was gone before she had time to react. Abby shook her head, blowing away the lusty haze he had left her with. Turning the key in the ignition she frown at herself, if she was honest she would never have picture this end to her evening. Nope, not in a million years!

Copyright 2011 Cherie Nicholls

Now thats me done for now but before I go just to give you a heads up that the Nuthouse Blog will be relaunching again on Nov 28th and maybe there might be a little give away on there......just saying.

Remember putting your fingers in your ears and going "lalala" when your dom/me calls you is not big or clever.


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