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Arya Grey an up and coming writers stop by for a chat....

I have with me today Arya Grey, an up and coming writer who will be published early in 2012.
Hi Arya, take a seat, make yourseld at home and tell everyone a little about yourself.

My name is Arya Grey, I'm 26 years old and I live in bonnie Scotland. I have a wonderful/patient husband and three lovely cats. I met my husband in Arizona, where I lived for 10 years.

Can I just say 3 cats are enough!! *glares knowingly at Arya* So when did you get into writing?

I've been writing most of my life, but it really started in High School. I was lucky enough to attend a High School for the Arts and had a wonderful Creative Writing teacher. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here now.

What inspires you to write?

Everything! From people watching, to vivid dreams I have. Those who know me best know that I am always creating in some form. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, but that's what notebooks are for, right? Gotta jot those ideas somewhere before they are lost! :)

If you couldn’t write what you do instead?

Hairdressing is my other passion, so I guess that's what I'd be doing.

I hear you like other crafts *cough still waiting for my crochet doll cough cough*

Ha! Don't worry, I am just waiting for some eyes to arrive in the mail (No, that is not the start to a horror story, promise) and you'll have your toy!
I do lots of other crafts! Art in every form runs in both sides of my family. I love to draw, paint (both on canvas and digitally) and recently crocheting. I found a website with lots of creepy/cute toys and I just couldn't resist!

How would you describe your style of writing?

I've been told that I'm sometimes scary. I've had a few readers tell me they have to read my stuff through their fingers! I like to think I mix horror-supernatural with the romance element equally. I try to paint a vivid picture, as I see it in my head and hope the reader can see it too.

You will be a published author in Feb next year. Tell me honestly was there screaming involved when you got the “call”

Unfortunately I was in Glasgow having dinner with my mother when I got the call. I screamed in my head and I actually jumped in my chair. Lets say I then ordered a bottle of wine to celebrate :)

Are you working on anything at the minute?

I'm always working on something! As a matter of fact, I am currently editing a Novella I wrote a few months back called 'Cirque Malefique', and have started an Erotic Fantasy called 'The Last Rider'. 

In relation to your writing career, what would you really like to achieve?

We would all love to be living rich with our books, but I'll be happy if people read my stories and enjoy them for what they are. I'd like to think I've entertained them and maybe even opened their eyes to a darker side of Romance.

If there is one thing about yourself you would tell us what would it be?

Hmm, maybe that I'm feisty but that doesn't make me unapproachable. I love to chat and help others. I will tell you the truth without being hurtful.

Do you have any advice for authors out there who are still waiting for that “call”?

Never give up and try not to stalk your inbox too much! We're all guilty of it, and it doesn't do much for the little sanity we writers have left. 
Tell me a little about your book.

'Perfect Timing' is the 4th story in the first Blood Bar Chronicles book entitled 'The Alphas'. It is the story of a fiery little Glaswegian writer, Josie, who meets a mysterious American during a mishap at the meet-up for her crit group. Soon she discovers that the world isn't quite what it seems and she must band together with David her friends to protect what their mutual pal and her daughter.

Guys and  is a little excerpt from Perfect Timing by Arya Grey....


Josie felt strange. A tingling sensation started inside her thighs and traveled up her spine. She gasped and held back the scream of ecstasy that threatened to erupt. She crossed her legs and peered over the back of the booth, just as Noelle and Ana were doing, and saw a tall man with long sandy blonde hair and sea green eyes. She wanted to ravish him and she had absolutely no idea why. Every woman in the joint had their eyes set on him, except for Arielle, who just looked confused.
A firm hand grasped her wrist and the only thing Josie saw, as the world came to a stop around her, were blue-green eyes. Then she was spun into a vortex of wind and colors so bright she had to close her eyes for fear of being blinded. She shrieked at first but calmed when warm hands spread across her waist and held her tight. She had to try with all of her strength not to throw up the glass of wine she'd drunk too eagerly.
After what felt like an eternity she finally felt ground beneath her feet. A cool, calm voice with a soft American accent spoke to her. “Are you okay, sugar? You look a little pale.”
Josie opened her eyes and they met with an almost bare chest. The skin was smooth and a splattering of blonde hair lay across it. She pushed back from him and looked up. He was smirking,
“What the hell?” She said and looked around. She was in an old house with antique furniture, yet it smelled like a new car. “Where am I?” She gasped as another wash of ecstasy rolled through her.
“I've brought you to my house, where you'll be safe.” He said, still smirking. His eyes almost sparkled in the bright lights of the dining room. “Would you like a drink?”
“I'd like you to tell me what's going on. What exactly am I safe from?” She demanded and crossed her legs.
“Well, Babydoll, I wish I knew. What I do know is that I couldn't leave you there, salivating.” He said.
“I... Feel...” She moaned. She sure as hell wasn't going to tell this fit-as-fuck stranger that she was close to having an orgasm, all because of some pretty boy. Now, the confident man in tailored clothes standing before her, he was her every fantasy. Hell, she was sure she'd written him into one of her books. She wondered what he looked like under his clothes but snapped out of it.
“You and every other gal in that joint.” He said, went to a small bar, poured whiskey into a glass and held it up to Josie. She shook her head in refusal, still trying to keep the wine down. “He must have some sort of call...” He sipped from the glass.
“How did we get here?” Josie asked and sat back against the long table. Every sense was on high alert.
Has someone slipped something in my wine?
“Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?” He said, his voice low like a purr that sent shivers down her arms. She had hoped she would meet someone at the end of the night, maybe even go back to their place, but things had changed.
“What about my friends? Are they alright?” Josie's voice shook as she said the words out loud but his soft laugh relaxed her.
“Your friends are fine. I assure you.” He pressed his lips to the glass once more and walked up to her. Josie held her breath, hoping that her amazing make-up was still intact and watched his every move. Despite his height he walked with a certain grace and his eyes told of the many things he'd seen in his life. “And you're okay, thanks to me...” He traced his fingers lightly down her shoulder. Goose flesh flushed her pale skin and she let out her breath.
“Who are you?” She asked, leaning into him.
“My name is David Malm.” He smiled. “And you are...?”
“Josie McNair.” She answered.
“Josie...” He growled and bit his lip. “Well, sugar, what ever shall I do with you?”
“Maybe you should take me home...” Josie said, growing nervous at the ever increasing rate of her sex drive.
What was she doing?
Jesus, Josie, get your head out your backside! This isn't one of your stories, this is your life!
“You're not going anywhere. I can see your hitched breath,” His fingers traced her lips, “The flushing of your cheeks,” he stroked the back of his hand across her cheek, “the crossing of your legs...” He spread her legs and she had to bend back to look up at him. “You want me just as much as I want you. Why fight it?” He traced his fingers along the hem of her dress and she felt them graze her pert nipple. She gasped and held his wrist still. 

Thanks very much for stopping by Arya.....errr so I should expect that crochet doll soon yeah...just thought I would, you know, mention it again.....

If you want to keep up with all the news on Arya and her book released you can find her here...


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