Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Interviewing an Alpha Wolf......

Today I am changing it up a little. I am not interviewing the author I am interviewing her male lead! That being said today I have with me Ion, you may know him from Doris O’Connor’s recent release Lure of the blood (available here)

Me: Hi Ion, thank you for stopping by. oh great he does not look happy and is grumbling at me

Ion: Hey there!

Me: First thing first How is Marnie? Phew def the best way, Ion just grinned at me....seriously nice teeth FYI

Ion: She’s sleep deprived but very happy. The young ones are keeping her busy, and I believe she’s matchmaking—again!
At this rate I won’t have any unmated wolves left. Still… 

He stares off into the distance with a small smile, def a contented wolf this man
She’s great, she really is.

Errr I am not going to complain that he has just put his large feet on my desk, nope no way

Me: Have you see Lucas lately? I hear Doris is in the middle of telling his story, do you know anything about that?
He laughs and I feel like I can start to relax a little bit

Ion: Yeah I heard that. Would certainly explain the besotted look he’s got about him at the minute. Not that that stubborn vamp would ever admit he’s fallen head over heels with a human. He’s got quite a journey ahead of him, judging by what I’ve seen so far. Marnie is over the moon he’s found someone, of course.

Me: What was it like having your story told for so many people to read? Note to self, never sit in a chair that puts a wolf between you and the only escape route. He is glaring at me now......

Ion: Disconcerting, I don’t care much for having my business exposed for everyone to see. However, it’s been good for the pack, because it brought us Marnie.
He smiles

Me:After you experience having your story told would you recommend it to anyone else?

Ion: Well… he laughs  I didn’t really get a choice in the matter. When I heard that Marnie was all set to get together with Lucas, I couldn’t have that. She was mine!
So, my advice—if you’re having your story told, make sure you take charge. I made it perfectly clear to Doris that Lucas and Marnie… never going to happen.Lucas is learning that right now.  he grins at me

Me: Without giving to much away for those who have yet to read the book, can you tell me are you now a believer in fortunes and pre-ordained fates?
He grows pensive and I really wish Marnie was here

Ion: I’m a living example that it happens, so yes I’d have to admit to that. Though if you tell anyone… He shows me his claws and grins and my heart actually tries to beat its way out of my chest And I’m not going to say any more on that.

Me: Is there one thing you regret in your life that you would change? If so what is it?
he growls and starts pacing and I am starting to freak just a little

Ion: I have made many mistakes and I have no wish to rehash them. It would serve no purpose. I’m just very grateful that Marnie has brought me peace.
thankfully he stops pacing and calms down

Me: Is there one thing in your life you have yet to achieve? If so what is it?
Ion: I just want peace. It seems impossible at times. In an ideal world I could just concentrate on Marnie, and the pack. In reality, there is always danger round the corner.

Me: Thank you for stopping by Ion, I know you have a family to get back to!  Give Marnie my regards!
He smiles at me and I can see what drew Marnie to him

Ion: She’ll be waiting for me. 
With that he winks and shifts into his wolf  I open the door and he sprints away

This has just been a short interview with Ion from Lure of the Blood by Doris O'Connor. To wet your appetite a little more here is an excerpt....

Marnie’s eyes fluttered open in panic at the animalistic growl coming from the driver’s side. What the hell? And why did they stop now? 
She could sense the anger coming off Ion in waves, his gaze on her so intense she didn’t breathe until his eyes shifted to a spot over her shoulder and she managed to gasp some much-needed air into her tight lungs.
“Does your place have a bath?”
“It’s a simple enough question!” Ion’s hand went in his hair, his eyes briefly connecting with hers, before he swore under his breath, shaking his head. “I’m assuming it hasn’t. Those flats aren’t fit for mice to live in, let alone a woman on her own. You need to soak those injuries if you want any chance of being able to walk tomorrow. I am betting it’s only adrenaline keeping you upright as it is.”
“I…I’ll be fine. This isn’t your concern. Just take me home, please.”
Unease trickled down her spine at the renewed growl rumbling from Ion’s broad chest. He looked as tense as a bow string, his grey eyes pure steel, holding her captive, one large hand curling round the base of her neck, forcing her to look at him.  
“This is very much my concern. You’re coming home with me and I’m not taking no for an answer. Someone needs to look after you.”
“I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself. I don’t need a man for that.”
The calloused fingers on her neck tightened painfully and she couldn’t help the wince escaping, even as her body reacted to the raw, barely-controlled masculine power radiating off him with embarrassing predictability. Heat rose in her cheeks at his knowing smile. She watched in helpless fascination as his nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed, before he came so close the heat of his skin seemed to melt into her bones. His breath fanned across the sensitive skin of her neck, before he seemed to sniff her and his growled words in her ear sent her heart beating into overdrive.
“Just as well I’m not just a man then, little one.”
And with those ominous words, he pulled away from her, shifted the truck into gear and drove off again.
Marnie thought it wise to keep her mouth shut, even as they headed further and further out of town and away from her block of flats. Every time she did try and say something, another one of those low growls stopped her until she couldn’t stand it anymore.
“There are laws against kidnapping, you know. You can’t just do this. And what the hell did you mean by that comment?”
The look he sent her was that of a pure predator, and Marnie swallowed nervously. What had she gotten herself into now? And why was her body not getting the message? His little Tarzan act should have her appalled, not secretly excited.
His growled response did little to reassure her.
“It’s only kidnapping if one party doesn’t agree, my sweet.”
Oh, the nerve of the man!
“Did you not get the memo? I asked you to take me home!”
His low chuckle washed over her and she had to sit on her hands to stop herself from slapping that arrogant smirk off his face. 
“You can protest all you want, but your scent says otherwise.”
Oh My God!
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
The deep growl made Marnie jump as one large hand rested on her thigh briefly, branding her in a painful squeeze. Her heart once again went into overdrive at the expression on his face. He looked about ready to eat her. Now where had the thought come from?
“Keep asking and you’ll find out. Now relax, we’re almost there. I have a bath with your name on it.” 
“And if I don’t want a bath?” Marnie didn’t seem able to stop goading him. Something about the way he was breathing, spurred her on at an instinctive level. She had never seen him quite so tense, so on the verge of … of something dark and dangerous and exciting. Oh God, clearly there was something fundamentally wrong with her––there had to be. The air seemed to have been sucked out of the interior of the truck as she waited for his response, too aware of the leashed power emanating off him right now.
When he finally turned to her, his eyes were not human. “Don’t push me, little one; you won’t like what you find.”

THANK YOU DORIS!!!! oh and Ion clearly!!! I do loves wolves but that man made me nervous I tell ya! wipes brow

You can find Lure of the Blood and more about Doris and her upcoming releases on the below links!


  1. Lol, loved it! And it was great to meet, Ion :)

  2. wow nice noe, hi Ion, nice to get to know you better. in the non biblical sense