Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's November and we all know what that means....

Nanowrimo is here!!

I swore I wouldn't do it this year, yet here I am on day two with only 567 words written and fretting about not having time to do the rest!

I really want to finish because I want another in the Shifters of Hillside ready to go for when the first one hits the "ebook" shelves, but its just having the time to do it and as much as I like working to deadlines I am also conscious that I may be writing for writings sake rather than writing because I enjoy the story. If I don't enjoy it how can I expect you too??

But I have started Duke and Kyva's story, currently called Duke's Duchess, so hopefully I will get something out of it! Fingers crossed!!

Now on to more fun stuff. One of my partners in crime, Doris O'Connor, has her first ever release coming out in just 14 days on November 16th!  I know i mentioned last time it was Scandinavian Scandle but I was wrong, HAY! I am only human!!!

Lure of the Blood is a hot paranormal romance and if you like what I write you will fall head over heels with this....I am still trying to get Doris to lend me Ion, just for the night but she refuses!! RUDE!

This is the cover and click HERE to link to the publishers webpage you can get check it out!!

Doris's webpage is HERE, check out the other books she has coming out this month too!! Seriously people she is a mate so that makes me biased but she really is a great writer and I know there will be something you will love!

See keep coming back...I have the hookup to some of the best new authors out there for both you and even your teens! I told you I know all the right people!

If you are all doing Nanowrimo this year more power to you and WE WILL DO THIS!! Come on people group HIGH FIVE!!

Until next time remember, it's never a good idea to get your dom/me's attention by shouting OI! FAT HEAD.....don't say you ain't been warned!


  1. this is sooo hot. there are so many good books coming out over the next few months for UCW... get saving your pennies people it will be worth it

  2. LOL Cherie, well I would lend you Ion, but that Marnie is the possessive type, what can I do ;-)