Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How the book makes you feel

At the moment I am in the middle of writing Shifters of Hillside 2. I love my hero, Zane, and heroine, Abby, but for the love of all that is holy and true their story is killing me. It is like walking through melted toffee!! The story is there it is just hidden, deep, deep, deep with all the rubbish I have already written.

I sent the first few painful chapters to a couple of my crit partners, for which I am still apologising for, and I got some feed back from them.

I have to fix the descriptions, of which there are none! The dialogue is funny when it needs to be and the sex is hot but there isn't enough of it! Seriously they both said that! But the best feed back I got was about the villain of the piece, a woman called Sally, well let me show you.

Crit one gave me: Grrr I wanna rip her apart myself! 
Crit two gave me: but I just wanna slap that bitch's face

Now, there were other much more in depth and useful pointers that they gave me but these two gave me the biggest smile because it meant I was doing my job right. I wanted Sally to come across like a "Mean Girl" and it worked because both of my mates were ready to hang, draw and quarter her!  Yep, might not have a great story by I can write a villain baby yeah!
I am reading a book at the minute and the heroine escaped a jail and left another woman there, that had clearly been abused for a while by those who ran the jail, because it wasn't "part of her orders". The heroine still had nightmares of that events and the woman's screams to save her and you know what I did, stopped reading. That one small event in the whole book made me decided I no longer cared if the heroine lived, died or spent eternity in hell. 

I think the event was there to show that she was different now and she had regrets. I think it was meant to be a small scene but to me it dragged me out of the book and made me stop caring. I have to be able to care about the heroine otherwise why would I carry on reading until she got her "happy ever after"? 

Right now it is 11pm on a Thursday night and I should be heading to bed because I have to deal with my EDJ tomorrow, but, even though I read that bit of the story this morning on the journey to work, I just can't let it go.

Books, stories, characters all make you feel and I don't think an author is doing their job unless they make you feel something. Whether is it anger, or love, or lust. If the story doesn't make you want to be the woman who is ravished by the handsome hero, or headbutt the baddie or cry when someones heart is breaking then really what's the point of reading?

This is clearly the ramblings of an author who is trying everything and anything so she doesn't have to go back to her WIP......but I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Wanna know something else about my current wip? I made me teary, yep that's right I teared up. Sometimes the characters take over and the things that appear on the page aren't from me but directly from them.

Before you all call the men in white coats I don't mean that I become possessed. I mean that the characters have their own plan and they tell you exactly what is going to happen and when no matter what you had originally planned. Sometime you are writing and suddenly you realised you are in the middle of a scene that leaves you teary eyed and heart broken and it came out of nowhere.

But again it makes you feel. 

At the end of the day if the story doesn't make the writer feel something how can we expect the readers to be emotionally invested in the story?

So although I now dislike the heroine of the story I was reading I can confirm the author made me feel, and I am still feeling hours after reading that scene. Granted I feel anger towards the heroine but still it is a feeling.
I will fixed Shifters of Hillside 2 if it kills me. I am determined to have this ready but the time Leashed By a Wolf, Shifters of Hillside 1 comes out, tentatively in February 2012.

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With that I shall leave you with this one thought.......not matter how much he/she annoys you sticking your Dom/mes paddles on the table with super glue is never going to help!

Don't say you ain't been warned!!

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  1. LOL, I just love your sign-offs!

    I agree with you about heroines. Many times I've stopped reading because of a small action the heroine has taken that I really didn't like. Sometimes, no matter how much your characters are supposed to be redeeming themselves from past 'failures', you can't get past their actions to read the full story. And that's never a good thing.

    Good luck with your toffee wading - and get back to writing it!! ;)