Saturday, 10 December 2011

A little Squee of excitment

So remember I have told you about the random idea I had a while ago to help myself and my crit group through a "quiet" period. For those late to the show: Basically the idea was for us all to take character sitting around the table and write their story. It was for fun really, just something to while away the hours and days whilst we waited to hear from different publishers or editors or were simply dealing with writers block.

Then Breathless Press got wind of what we were doing and asked to have a look at the first four stories. We laughed and said "sure but we won't be holding our breaths." We hadn't really put any thought into it, like I said it was just for fun.

We did some work, did a little editing and sent them off to the publisher. And promptly forgot all about it.....well mostly a writer never really forgets when they send a book to a publisher.

A few weeks passed and we had an email that basically said..."eeerrrrr we love it!!"  Now I am paraphrasing I know, artistic license and all that.

Now a little while later still we got another email.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

TA DA!!!

This is the cover of the first book in The Blood Bar Chronicles - The Alphas.!! To be released on March 16th 2012!

We currently have 3 books planned in the series. This book was written by Jorja, Me, Doris and Arya.

The second book will be written by JP Stevens, Xandra James, Raven McAllan and Chellie Edwards.

The third book will be written by Kiru Taye, Caledonia St James, Yazmin Subha and Alyssa Fox.

The second book is currently with Breathless Press and we are cautiously optimistic!  We should hear any day now.

Remember from a tiny acorn grows a mightly oak and from a random idea a publishing career can grow.

Dreams are not meant to be hidden in the dark but brought out into the light where you can live them.........

Now before I go, just to put a small smile on my mate Xandra's face.....

It is never a wise idea to tut, roll your eyes and tell your dom/me "pfft call that a spanking? A wet noddle could hit harder"....don't way you weren't warned!



  1. Mwah haha!! Thanks C :D

    The more I see that cover, the More I love it. Well done to the authors!! x

  2. LOL! Def not a good idea. *highfives her fellow alpha*

    Exciting times! You need to get more of these random ideas :-D