Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tiger tiger everywhere.......

I do love a series. Sometimes when reading a book the author introduces secondary characters that you want to know about too. So when they create a series I tend to do a happy dance. 

Once such story was Riding Her Tiger by Doris O'Connor. The story of the love between Nathan and Estelle pulled me along as they made their way towards their forever love. 

In Riding Her Tiger we met a man, or should that be tiger, that made me melt. I was thrilled when I heard he was getting his own story, and who was his love interest?  A brassy lady called Cherie....I died.... Tiger Scars by Doris O'Connor was published and i ate it up. My heart broke for their past mistakes and warmed for the gentle way such a tough dominating Dom handles the woman of his soul. 

There is something about a hard, cold man like Ink...*sigh*

With Masks of a Tiger I heard a man who had me laughing at the cheekiness of him in each previous book was getting his own story told! Grisha is a Russian tiger shifter with a lust for life, women, and Neeve, Estelle's best fried from Riding Her Tiger. This books shows the hidden depths a joking personality can hide and highlights the skill of Doris O'Connor. 

Buy links: 

"Good girl, drink it all." His voice had dropped an octave, and Neeve's skin tightened in need. She tried to scoot away from him, but he anticipated her move, and in the flash of an eye he was sitting on the couch with her on his lap. His strong arms tightened around her when she tried to get off. "Stop it. You will just hurt yourself, and I can still put you over my knee."
He chuckled into her neck when she snorted in frustration, and she glared at him.
"Sure, use your superior strength to make your point. Get off on beating up on women, do you?"
She regretted the words almost the minute they left her mouth, and she didn't dare look at him.  He went so still, she couldn't be sure he was even breathing.
His arms tightened around her for an instant, and then he sighed. One of his large hands trailed slowly up her side, until he reached her neck. He gently massaged the knot of tension away.
"Look at me, sweetheart."
The growly whisper was impossible to ignore. She forced her gaze upwards, and the grim determination on Grisha's face took her breath away.
"Who hurt you, Neeve? Give me the name of the fucking bastard, and I'll tear him limb from limb."
The steely determination in his eyes, and the controlled, almost careful, way his chest rose and fell sent shivers down her spine. The tight grip he had on his emotions and the quiet way he studied her made her feel as though she was the prey he was about to pounce on. Rather than fear coursing through her veins, it was an entirely different emotion making her breath hitch and her nipples tighten. He noticed of course. He seemed to notice everything, and his gaze dropped briefly to her breasts. They ached under that quick visual as though he had run his hands over them, and Neeve shook her head.
"I wouldn't give any man the satisfaction of being able to hurt me. I told you, I'm not a sub."
Grisha closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them they glittered with barely suppressed fury. His smile didn't reach his eyes.
"If that is truly the way you feel, then why are you still sitting on my lap? Should you not be running away screaming?" He lifted his hands away from her, as if to make his point. "Yet here you sit. Why is that I wonder?"
"I … I… I'm not. … I mean…" Neeve hated how wobbly her voice sounded. Why was she still sitting on his lap?
"I'm sorry." The words flew from her mouth before she knew she was going to say them. "I shouldn't have said that. I don't know why I did, really."
Grisha nodded, once. That was his only reaction. Hands placed on the couch either side of his legs he didn't move, just watched her with that unwavering attention that pinned her, as though he had tied her to him with invisible bonds.
"Thank you for taking care of this." She lifted her wrist and tried to smile at him, but her attempt wavered as his expression darkened. He took hold of her hand and turned it over. He bent his head and pressed a kiss into her palm. His hot breath sent tingles up her arm, and she clenched her hand into a fist. He kissed her knuckles, one at a time, before he pressed his lips against the bandage. He licked a path up her inner arm, leaving the most delicious tingles in its wake, and Neeve could almost forget who this man was and what he stood for. When he finally raised his head and looked at her, Neeve struggled to draw breath into her lungs.
"Why do you feel the need to mutilate this beautiful skin, sweetheart?"
"I … you wouldn't understand. And it's none of your business."
He raised an eyebrow and smiled—a slow, sexy as sin, I-can-see-straight-through-your-bullshit-smile—that broke through every one of Neeve's carefully constructed layers of witty comeback, years of pretense, and cut right into the pain she carried with her, lest she ever forget what happened.
"Trust me."
The whispered statement hung between them, and Neeve shook her head.
"I don't know you. How can I trust you?"
"Because sometimes it's easier to tell someone you don't know." He cupped her chin and dug his fingers into her skin hard enough to hurt. "And because I get the whole need to mark skin thing, but you need to do it in a safe manner. I leave marks that fade, never scar. Marks that tease, and arouse, and get you so damn turned on, you'll have the hottest sex you ever had. Marks that will proclaim I own you, at least whilst in a scene. Think on that, sweetheart, next time you stare into the flame."
He let go of her so suddenly she felt bereft. As smoothly as he'd placed her on his lap, he moved her off it, until she was sitting on the couch looking up at him. He pulled a card out of his trouser pocket and placed into her hand. He leant down to do so, and Neeve's stomach flipped over as he drew so close their breaths mingled. Her eyes fluttered shut in anticipation of his kiss—a kiss she suddenly craved with every fiber of her being—a kiss that never came.
"Look at me, sweetheart."  His lips hovered over hers, when she opened her eyes, and he smiled. Arms either side of her body, he obliterated her view of anything but him, but her senses drank in the sight and feel of his powerful body. He'd rolled the sleeves of his shirt up, and opened a few more buttons on his shirt, exposing a smattering of dark hair on his chest, and Neeve's mouth watered. The contrast of the white shirt against his dark skin mesmerized her. She took in the play of muscles as he straightened away from her. With his tie loose around his neck, and his hands now pushed into his trouser pockets, he was the image of disheveled elegance.
"When you're ready to trust me, look me up, Neeve."

Doesn't your heart just break for them?   
Doris O'Connor has crafted a unique and entertaining world that will heat your blood with lust, break your heart with anguish and have you belly laughing all within a series that is both paranormal, romance, bdsm and comedy without watering down any of the elements. As an author I am in awe of that ability and as a reader it makes me want more.

All three books are now out and just waiting for you to find out about the patrons and owner of Club Ink.....  and err you didn't hear it from me but there is more coming from Club Ink soon...but shhh keep it under your hat!!

Remember: Be good little subs or Doris may hear about it and send Ink round....that tiger knows a thing or two about punishment.....don't say I didn't warn you!!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Launch Day....!!! Love, Lust and Laptops!

So picture this, little old me was asked to be part of a group of Liquid Silver Books authors who have created a great new blog group Love, Lust and Laptops!   I know I nearly fell off my chair when I was asked.

Together with Lillian Grant, Emilia Mancini, Parker Kincade, Lynn Lorenz, Robin Danner, Becca Jameson, Vanessa North, Rosanna Leo and Monette Michaels, I will be blogging regularly on the Love, Lust and Laptops site. Join us as we talk romance, erotica, men, publishing and everything in between. We'll have guest bloggers from the romance world, and lots of fun surprises along the way!

To celebrate our launch we are doing a blog hop giveaway. Every comment you leave between the 1st and the 7th of December enters you in the draw. You can increase your chances of winning by visiting each author's blogs and leaving a post. Each author may also be running their own giveaway. All in all you could score some serious swag. Don't forget to visit Love, Lust and Laptops and leave a comment there too!

So what can you win?

First prize is a $75 Amazon Gift Voucher

Two lucky second prize winners will receive $25 Amazon Gift Vouchers

Third Prize is a gift pack of the following E-books

Amazon by Vanessa North
One Night Stand by Parker Kincade
Male Order by Lillian Grant
For The Love of A God by Rosanna Leo
and any book from Lynn Lorenz's backlist

Fourth Prize is a gift pack of the following ebooks
The Princes Bound by Robin Danner
Leashed by a Wolf by Cherie Nicholls  << MEE!!!! look i'm on the list!
and any book from Monette Michaels' backlist, excluding her Terran Realm anthology

Fifth Prize is a gift pack of the following ebooks
Lindsey's Wolf by Becca Jameson
and The Rebound by Emilia Mancini

Com back on December 7th to see if you are a winner.

For more chances to win prizes be sure to visit:

I know I know I'm still in shock my own self, I'm waiting to realise that it was a mistake to invite me and ask me to politely leave!

But until they do....I'll be around so please do check us out! My first official post will be December 5th....nervous? me?  you have no idea!!

Remember: Putting a hand over your private area (see i can be grown up with my language) and shouting MINE, will only make your Dom/me prove you wrong......just saying...  *smirk*

Friday, 23 November 2012

It's nearly Christmas!

I've been thinking recently about the madness of 2012.

It's seen me go from a bird with a dream to a fully published author. Who would have thunk it ah?

The year has been great, and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love, even if it does drive me insane sometimes! (seriously writers block I loath you!)

I'm even more thankful to my readers who continually help make my dream come true. Without you I wouldn't get the chance to do what I do.

You may have heard me mention my crit team, UCW, a few times and I think it goes without saying, as a whole, we've had a great year. To end the year on a high we will be doing a free short story each, on The Nuthouse Scribblers blog, from December 10th. We've even created a proper invite and everything! (yes, I know I geek out over the smallest thing)

Each day a different author will post their short story, you never know what you might get. There are paranormal, historical, BDSM, multicultural and more besides. So story by and see what treat there is.

And just cause i want to put a smile on your faces.... this is my last weekend, visiting the Giants Causeway in Northern could say it was a bit wet and was actually raining buckets and blowing a gail....but hay what else did you expect when I visit somewhere!

 I lost the feeling in my hands it was sooo cold.....*sniff cough cough*

Before I go I just want to say a big old thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me and for putting up with me "vanishing" into my own mind when I'm thinking on a story. I know I know, sorry for being rude!!

Remember: Nothing says "spank me" than writing "subbie" in lipstick on your Dom/me's bottom when they are sleeping.....  

Friday, 9 November 2012

An Invite just for you.....

The Ladies of  The Nuthouse Scribblers have an invite just for you

 Each day from December 10th a short story will appear on the The Nuthouse Scribblers blog. There are so many different authors no two days will be the same, you just never know what you'll get.

We look forward to welcoming you to the party!!


Remember....  Tinsel can be used for more things then simply dressing a tree.......just saying

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And the winner is....

Thank you to everyone for joining in the Howloween Blog Hop!

You guys properly love your shifters! Although wolves will always hold a special place in my heart!

I have now drawn a winner using RANDOM.ORG.......

Congratulations: Nrlymrtl

An email is winging it's way to you now.

Thank you again to everyone who took part. I promise that I will do another one soon!

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Howloween Blog Hop.....

Welcome to my stop on the Howloween Blog Hop!!!  


If you don't know me then you won't know that I have a fetish for shifters, alpha shifters. Now I don't subscribe to the theory that they a full moon effects them. But Halloween, well that is a whole new issue...


When the blood moon coincides with Halloween, the forces of darkness unite to wreak their evil spells. Will this All Hallows Eve bring joy or sorrow? Curses abound and destiny calls, as a vampire watches over his human. Devils atone to the moon, and shifters hunt their mate on land protected by a powerful white witch. An angel takes human shape to protect the gypsy girl he loves, and a black widow hunts her prey in human form.
In these five chilling and sexy tales, is love enough to break the cycle? Or is all lost under the orange glow of the menacing sphere in the sky?


 “This land belongs to my pack. Just because my father got distracted by a flash of cleavage doesn’t mean you can tell me what do to.” He growled low at her.

“A flash of cleavage?” Celeste came out of the chair, and moved closer to the cage. Did he really think his father, an Alpha of high standing, would do anything for a “flash of cleavage”?
“Yeah, why else would he have let you take over our most sacred ground if you didn’t sweeten the offer?” He ran his gaze up and down her body.
Celeste narrowed her eyes as she leaned against the cage and looked in at him.
“Well, it’s not like your father knew that there needed to be a witch on this land to ensure the health, wealth, and happiness of your entire pack or anything, is it?”
“That’s an old wives’ tale. One you persuaded my father to believe in.”
With a frown she tipped her head to the side.
“Do you have so little faith in your father that he would simply hand over land to anyone?”
“I have full faith in my father, but I have just as much faith that you would use those big breasts, long eyelashes, and suckable lips to get exactly what you want.” He snapped the words.
Celeste simply leaned there waiting for him to realize exactly what he had just said.
Three, two, one
“Dammit, that is not what I meant, and you know it, Cel!”

Evernight Publishing

So, come on what is your favourite shifter? or haven't you found one yet, if not what would be the animal you pick to be a shifter?? Leave me your answers in the comment below PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!

One commenter will be able to pick a book from my back list, click HERE to see it..

But wait that's not all!! There are over 200 members of this blog hop so click HERE to see the list of all the members and more chances to win!

Until next time remember.....bandages are for first aid...not bondage! 

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And the winner is...

Sorry I am late doing this....but I have been away doing a First Aid course...yeah that's right your lives are totally in my hands, hhahah sucks to be you!!

Anyway down to the good stuff!!  The name was picked at random using RANDOM.ORG

The winner of a book from my back list is *pause for dramatic effect*

Michelle Bledsoe!!

*throws confetti*


Thank you so much for all taking part! But if you didn't win don't worry! I shall be taking part in my final blog hop of the year, The Halloween on which starts this Friday, so come back then!

See ya then!!

*dashes off to find more "entertaining" ways of using her first aid training bandages*

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The Alpha Male Blog Hop

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Heroes? Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Alpha Males, our favorite things about them, and everything sexy and heated about those Alpha Males you can think of. *wink* Starting today and ending on Oct 22nd, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love.

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that's not all....

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!

(Please note that the Swag Bag is not included in the International Giveaway, due to postage, so 3rd prize is US only - sorry)

So what's your favourite aspect of Alpha Males? Their control, their ability to make a person weak at the knees and all melty with desire.... or, are you like me, I love an aggressive alpha, one that doesn't take rubbish from anyone, even their heroine.....

Or you may not be a fan of the alpha, perhaps you like the beta better? Nothing wrong with that, betas to tend to be far more sensual it has to be said....well so I hear anyway *wink*

Now, you know me....I like an Alpha Male.....but the alpha females are right there with them. Just like Rhea in Properties Lines, part of The Eclipse of the Blood Moon....


When the blood moon coincides with Halloween, the forces of darkness unite to wreak their evil spells. Will this All Hallows Eve bring joy or sorrow? Curses abound and destiny calls, as a vampire watches over his human. Devils atone to the moon, and shifters hunt their mate on land protected by a powerful white witch. An angel takes human shape to protect the gypsy girl he loves, and a black widow hunts her prey in human form.
In these five chilling and sexy tales, is love enough to break the cycle? Or is all lost under the orange glow of the menacing sphere in the sky?


 “This land belongs to my pack. Just because my father got distracted by a flash of cleavage doesn’t mean you can tell me what do to.” He growled low at her.

“A flash of cleavage?” Celeste came out of the chair, and moved closer to the cage. Did he really think his father, an Alpha of high standing, would do anything for a “flash of cleavage”?
“Yeah, why else would he have let you take over our most sacred ground if you didn’t sweeten the offer?” He ran his gaze up and down her body.
Celeste narrowed her eyes as she leaned against the cage and looked in at him.
“Well, it’s not like your father knew that there needed to be a witch on this land to ensure the health, wealth, and happiness of your entire pack or anything, is it?”
“That’s an old wives’ tale. One you persuaded my father to believe in.”
With a frown she tipped her head to the side.
“Do you have so little faith in your father that he would simply hand over land to anyone?”
“I have full faith in my father, but I have just as much faith that you would use those big breasts, long eyelashes, and suckable lips to get exactly what you want.” He snapped the words.
Celeste simply leaned there waiting for him to realize exactly what he had just said.
Three, two, one
“Dammit, that is not what I meant, and you know it, Cel!”

Evernight Publishing


So tell me what do you like about Alphas????

Now for the best bit!  Not only are you getting the chance to win one of the above prizes!!! BUT you are also getting a chance to win on of my back catalogue, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and tell me which of my books you would like!

But wait! This isn't your only chance! Loads of authors are taking part click HERE to be taken to a list of authors who are joining in! All those authors....all those books just waiting to be can you resist!!

Before I go...just alittle reminder....walking around that house singing "Shaking that ass" at the top of your voice...ain't nothing but an invite to your Dom/me....don't say I didn't warn ya!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A writers life for me....

Some people romanticise what a writers life really is. They see a writer sitting at a desk, in a sun lit room, tapping away at their keyboard writing book after book.

I have to admit there was a time I even thought it would be like the opening scene from Murder She Wrote, you know when she's sitting at her kitchen table tapping away on an old fashioned typewriter? Yeah that.

But in reality a writers life is nothing like that. It's full of tension, and denial and drama and every other word you would never associate with "simply" writing a book.

There are times I wish it was as simple as sitting at a table in an old fashioned dark wood library and letting the words flow, but it's not. Well not in my experience.

I have been writing the third book in a series now for what feels like one million and seventy nine years.....more like a few weeks.....but I'm still stuck. Not because I hate the story, I don't, I love it and I know exactly what I want to do. The problem is that every time I come to sit down to write, I allow myself to get distracted.

Prime example, this blog post. I have the time to write yet I'm not writing the book I want I'm writing this post instead.

I know what's wrong with me, fear. Pure and simple. If you look in a dictionary the entry for fear reads:

FEAR n distress or alarm caused by impending danger or pain; something that causes distress. v be afraid of (something or someone)

And I have to say, I'm all of the above, well apart from for IMPENDING DANGER bit, cause yeah writing is not throwing yourself off of a cliff or anything.

I fear my story not because I hate it but what if you hate it? What if the publishers hate it? What if this is the book that makes people turn around and go "alright love, you've had your fun leave it to the talented people now ok?"

We like to claim that we are normal, but writers aren't. We live in our heads more then we live in the world. Even now writing this post to you, I can hear a narrative in my head, I can see the scene where there is a woman writing this post and its the beginning of a book, she's telling the story and this is how is starts.

See, not normal.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. Writing allows me to do things, create things, say things that I would never get away with in the "real" world. I tell stories that, I hope, allows people to leave their own "real worlds" behind for a short while and visit a place where men are tall hot and sexy ....oh and they can change in to animals... and where the women don't sit there waiting for their knight in shining armour but don the armour their own selves!

But there are days, pfft who am I kidding, there are weeks when I have no idea what the heck I am doing.

There are problems with living in your own head, number one has to be the over thinking. I have played out scenario after scenario of how I think the world will accept my books and pretty much all of them end with me living under a brigde rocking back and forth, reading invisable books to my pet bricks....yeah that's how my brain works...

There many writers that tell you their characters tell them their stories and that's how the write. To a certain extent I'm like that, but clearly my characters grew up in an area like I did and if you ask them personal questions they ask you if you are wearing a police bug and shut the heck up, giving you nothing. So you have to wait, which has never been one of my strong points, because that's when the thinking happens and you end up back under that bridge with the pet bricks.

So this is me....not writing....planning on writing....but not quite writing yet....

Yeah I know, not exactly the post you were expecting was it? Me either.....but hay I have the excuse that the voices told me too.....  well that's my defense and I am sticking to it!

Now before I go and... err not do any writing yet.... I will leave you with this

Remeber: As annoying and demanding as your Dom/me is, there is nothing they wouldn't do for you, you are their heart and they push you because you are everthing to them....remember that the next time you are standing in the corner.....just saying.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I am alive honest I am!!!

I know I know I am rubbish I haven't been around lately! But I have a good excuse I really do......well I have an excuse anyway....

My day job has been very hectic of late and it's only going to get more so... two words that have encompassed this week alone...SERVER MIGRATION....if you are (un) lucky enough to know what that means I know you feel my pain....if you are lucky enough not to know what that means lets just say they don't call me Queen Geek for nothing.

But on the plus side I have bee writing whilst the servers were doing their thing. Duke and his Duchess will be getting their own story and is, hopefully, next in line for the Shifters of Hillside series.

Kinda excited because not only am I part of TWO anthos, along with some members of my crit group, that are coming out soon. I can share the cover of one with you...this is The Eclipse of the Blood Moon....

My story is called Property has wolf-shifters and a witch...well why not ah?

It should be out around Halloween time.

We are also working on another anthology called Wine and Nine....I don't want to give too much away on that one yet....but I just have to say I LOVE my story in that...short, sharp and oh so hawt! But that's just my opinion...heheheh

Other than that it's been pretty quiet...writing > working > writing > working >hiding from writing > working > being reminded I can't be an author unless I actually write > on and so on....

ALSO: I have added a "follow me by email" link up there on the top at the right, so if you fancy signing up you will get my blog emailed directly to you....don't worry I won't bombard you with emails or posts or anything!!

So what have you been up to?? Anything exciting???

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Last Day with Rosanna Leo

Ok she finally caught me!!! Who knew hiding under a blanket didn't actually mean people couldn't tell you were there! Totally worked when I was a kid!!

Anyway.....Before she starts her legal proceedings I thought let me sneak one more little book out there for you.... For the Love of a God


Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology. She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she's always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love. There is nothing she loves more than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her. 

One day, the peace at Maia's beloved museum is shattered when a new director arrives. A man who looks exactly like her image of Eryx. As Maia watches, he manages to upset her ordered museum world, at the same time he inflames her with unwanted desire.

Maia does not know that her new boss is actually the god Eryx, disguised as a mortal so he may work in antiquities. Although he is the god of love, he has forsaken his sexual nature because of a curse that has killed any woman he's dared to love. Though he fights it, Eryx is drawn to Maia with a force he's never experienced in a thousand years. But can he convince her of his true identity? And can he protect her from a vengeful goddess who seeks her destruction? 


Buy link: Liquid Silver Books
also available from all good ebook sellers.


Thanks Rosanna for dropping all charges and for stopping by and "letting" me share her great books with you!!!   

Keep your eyes out people, you never know when I may get my sticky little mitts on some more books for your viewing pleasure!!

Remember until next time: Looking your Dom/me straight in the eye and saying "suck it yourself"...not big or clever....don't say I didn't warn you!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Author Spotlight Day 2: Rosanna Leo

Ok, I can only stop for a second, Rosanna is tracking me down 'cause I keep stealing.....I mean borrowing her books for you *looks around to make sure Rosanna isn't in sight*

So this time I just happened to find, laying around and in now way hidden which had me searching all over for it, the info for UP IN FLAMES.......


Juliet Baker is not looking forward to coming home after six months. Yes, the fiery brunette wants to make a go of turning her parents' farmhouse into a B&B. She’s just not looking forward to seeing the place where they died. To make things worse, she knows she'll finally have to face her cheating, firefighter ex-boyfriend.

Luckily, her sister has found Jules a boarder. Easy money, right? Not when she realizes the boarder is Captain Shane Gaskill. Not only is Shane a firefighter, he’s the town's hot new fire captain.
Jules is determined to hate all firefighters. After all, the men of that precious brotherhood protected her cheating ex. Shane, however, proves he’s different from the start. He's protective and kind, and she can't stop looking at his smoking, Viking-hot body. She learns, though, that Shane isn't so willing to love again either. He's been hurt, too. They both fight the sexual chemistry, and resulting tenderness, between them. But when a stalker begins to target Jules, they realize they can't fight their desire forever.

As the threats escalate, Shane and Jules are thrown together. The resulting passion overwhelms them. But are they willing to trust each other and surrender to the flames of love? 


Also available at all good ebook sellers

Now I have to run I think I hear her coming! *Runs screaming from the blog* AHHHHHH

Remember: Running up to your Dom/me, hitting them on the arm and running away screaming "TAG YOU'RE IT" doesn't always end the way it did in school.....just saying

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Author Spotlight: Day One Rosanna Leo

So whilst Rosanna Leo was looking the other way I totally stole....errr I mean borrowed a little excerpt of her latest release Sweet Hell.....well if she will leave it laying around unattended what does she expect....


Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theater, is the world’s original playboy. But lately, he has been restless, moody, and he knows something is wrong. His carefree and bacchanal lifestyle is starting to feel like one long string of meaningless, sexual escapades. Even worse, he is suddenly aroused by the idea of marriage. And to top it all off, Josie Marino, the mouthy, disheveled, and eternally annoying woman who serves him coffee at the local bakery, sets him on fire. 

Josie, a Toronto baker of Italian heritage, is not looking for love or lust. Especially not with Dionysus Iros, the most aggravating, demanding customer she'd ever had to serve. With his rippling muscles and sexy, knowing eyes, he's obviously trouble with a capital T. Unfortunately, he's also the star of her every X-rated dream. She’s known players like Dionysus before, and one of them almost got the better of her. Josie determines she will not fall for his considerable physical charms, come hell or high water.

But Dionysus turns strangely protective when a sinister character arrives at Josie's bakery, and they can no longer deny their unwanted feelings for one another. They are forced to embark on a bizarre, sexually-charged journey to hell itself, which threatens to either change them for the better, or destroy them.

There were usually two men Josie Marino had contact with at the ungodly hour of five in the morning. Not good contact. Certainly not sweaty, chest-heaving, “take me, take me” contact. And definitely not contact with Petter, the Norwegian male model who lived next door.
Nah. That would have been too perfect, wouldn’t it?
Instead, most mornings, Josie had to settle for haggling with her two least favorite men on the planet. Nelson Tate, the deliveryman from her most important supplier. And Dionysus Iros. Worst. Customer. Ever.
Because of the business, she just had to put up with Nelson. He’d been delivering dry goods to her family bakery for years. Had known her parents, schmoozed with her brothers, and basically enjoyed making life hell for her. Not that he was a vicious sort. He was just far too handsy for her liking.
In the case of Dionysus, he was just an early bird and a womanizer. And couldn’t function without the coffee she brewed first thing in the morning. Invariably, he was already waiting for her when she got to the bakery each day.
Oh, joy of joys.
Not that he was a horrible person either. He just intimidated her with his unearthly good looks. Men like him, not that most men came close to looking like him, rattled her. They were best kept at a distance.
Dionysus was so bloody perfect; Josie wanted to shake him to see if she could muss his seemingly unmussable hair. Most days, though, she just contented herself with a lot of grumbling in his presence. He unnerved her, with his sexy brown eyes and long, dark waves of hair any woman would die for. To say nothing of his body… No, it was best not to say anything about that smoking body at all. She couldn’t help hating him, just a little. No man should look so divine at dawn, when she felt about as put together as a cavewoman.
To makes things worse, the man acted as if he were a Greek god. His parents, in a tragic case of bad judgment, had even named him after one. It was no wonder he was so obnoxious.
On this morning, too, he was waiting at the door when she got there. Looking as if he’d just tumbled off the cover of GQ, and the birds weren’t even up yet. At least today he didn’t have a sleepy bimbo on his arm, like he often did.
“Mr. Iros,” Josie drawled, yawning, as she unlatched the bakery door. “You’re losing your touch. I haven’t seen you with a woman in, what, forty-eight hours?” She pushed ahead of him into the bakery, catching the scent of wine on him.
God, how much did the man drink? She was sure he dabbed a little bit of the stuff behind his ears, and splashed it on his face instead of aftershave.
On any other man, the strange cologne would have been a red flag. An indication he drank more than coffee in the morning. But on this man, it just smelled delicious. As if the scent were his pheromone, oozing out of every pore, inviting her to mate with him. In very dirty ways.
He chuckled, low and deep, and sauntered in after her as if he owned the place. Within seconds, he was seated at his usual spot at Josie’s counter. “Just be a good girl and fetch my coffee.” He lowered his shades and peered at her through sensuous dark eyes that should have been bloodshot at that time of the morning, but weren’t. “And don’t forget. Make it a tall, half-skinny, half-one percent, extra hot, two shots decaf, two shots regular latte with whip. And exactly…”
“I know, I know,” she interrupted. “One hundred fifty degrees. Has it ever been anything less, Your Highness?” She pasted on her sweetest of smiles and turned to prepare the elixir of the gods. She heard him huff as he flipped open the day’s newspaper.
“No need to call me that, Josie. ‘My Lord’ or ‘He From Whom All Good Things Come’ will do just fine.”
She reached for the one percent milk, and contemplated tossing in some heavy, artery-clogging cream just to soften up some of his sculpted muscles. A man with that kind of body had to be on some sort of special diet. With that brawny physique he must spend hours a day at the gym and ingest copious amounts of protein powders.
She snuck a peek at the bulges rippling under his sleeves, turning her head sharply when he grinned.
It was one thing to look like God’s gift to women. It was another thing to act like it.


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Now *looks around to check Rosanna ain't about*.......I may have "borrowed" another little excerpt for tomorrow....but you didn't hear that from me ok!!!  

Until then remember: Writing "Subbie" in permanent marker on your Dom/me's head whilst they are just plain crazy!!  Don't say I didn't warn you!!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

bit of a giveaway and GO TEAM GB!!

I can just start with a small shout .. COME ON TEAM GB!!.....

Last night the Opening Ceremony started the London 2012 Olympics. Who else can say that they had Bond bring in The Queen via a parachute jump??  I know right!??!!!

Well this is me, showing off my support!!  Look!!

Yes that is my actual face!

About 100 years ago, perhaps a little less, I was a gymnast. Now as a grown up I love watching it. I'm really looking forward to the syncro swimming too. Oh and the Athletics and, and and, let's face it people I love sports!!  Just about anything active and I am all over it! So excited for this few weeks with the Olympics and Para- Olympics!!  As if you couldn't tell.
Now back to writing.... :D ....   I realised today that it's only 16 days until Claiming Clara is released!!  

To celebrate that I am going to be running a 16 day long comp.....  One lucky winner will get a copy of Claiming Clara.....And one lucky winner will get a copy of Leashed By a Wolf AND Claiming 1 and 2 in The Shifters of Hillside series.

All you need to do is comment on this post.....perhaps you can let me know what your favourite Olympic sport is.. and on the 13th August I will pick the two winners.

Now before I go... remember wearing your Dom/me's underwear over your tights and running around the room shouting "Look at me look at me I'm a superhero" is just weird.....just saying!

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Doris putting Ink on the page......

Ladies and Gentlemen....please welcome Mrs Doris O'Connor... *claps and steps off the stage*

Hi everyone :)

Cherie has let me loose on her blog today…

*rubs hands in glee*

She may well live to regret that, because I am talking inspiration today, and our very own queen geek Ms Nicholls here, has been a big inspiration for Tiger Scars. When I was looking for visual Inspiration for book 1 in this series, Riding her Tiger, I came across this pic.

(pic of Vin Deisal)
Just what I had in mind for Ink, the enigmatic Owner of Club Ink. Now, our Cherie has a bit of a 'thang' for Vin Diesel, so when she got wind of my plans, she came over all a bit unnecessary as my Gran would have said.  On a whim I decided to call the barmaid in the story Cherie, and a funny thing happened. As I was writing, I noticed a fair amount of tension between fictional Cherie and Ink. And of course real Cherie jumped up and down, and screeched, yes, she really did screech,"Oooohh, write my story, please, please, please. Cherie and Ink – Yey, yey, yey…!"

Now, real Cherie has a bit of a funny quirk. "No hugging the Cherie!" is a frequent refrain when we have a UCW meet up, so this started my muse wondering. Why did fictional Cherie not like to be touched? What happened to her and Ink in the past? What is their story?

As I pondered the answers to these questions Ink took over. He told me his side first. In fact my first draft started in his POV, which ticked off fictional Cherie, and she decided to tell me her side. Slowly but surely, she told me her story and Tiger Scars was born. And by heck do Ink and Cherie have history.

Disclaimer: Fictional Cherie is indeed fictional, and bears no resemblance to the real Cherie.

*blows kisses to Cherie*

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Can some scars ever truly heal?
Cherie ran away from Ink once. She is not going to get the chance to do so again, but helping her heal will take all of his skills as a Dom. Using Shibari, Knife play, and Ménage sex, he shows her that pleasure can be found in the things that haunt her.
Emotionally and physically scarred Cherie has sought refuge at Club Ink, where she keeps everyone at arm's length. When Ink forces her to face up to her demons, does her submission hold the key to her future happiness? Or will their shared past destroy them once and for all?

"Eyes on me, baby girl."
The softly delivered words held an unmistakable command she was unable to ignore.
"Good girl." His smile of approval warmed her from the inside out, even as his next words sent her into panic mode again. "Strip for me."
"No, I can't … I—" His finger on her lips stopped her, and Cherie froze at his exaggerated sigh.
"Are you arguing with me, girl?" The softly delivered words were deceptively gentle, and he tapped her lips once, before he stepped back and just watched her. Cherie kept her gaze on the floor, not daring to look at him. You didn't say no to Ink in full Dom mode, and his earlier gentleness notwithstanding, she knew he never truly lost his persona. It had been a huge part of him fifteen years ago, and from what she had observed over the last year, it was now as much a necessity for him as breathing. His reputation was as fearsome as it was just, never cruel, but always demanding, expecting instant obedience from any sub or employee – that was Ink – and that was the very reason she sought him out after all.
She shook her head, knowing that he was watching her every move as he slowly circled round her.
"So, what's it to be, girl?" She flinched at the intonation, the audible proof of his annoyance. Her fingers slowly went to the hooks on her Basque, her hands shaking so much she couldn't unhook the delicate loops. His large hands over her frozen ones stilled the movements, and she bit back a sob of relief.
"Remember to use your safe word, Cherie, if you have to. I'll stop. We regroup. I'm not a monster, but we won't leave here until you've beaten this." His gravelly voice washed over her, soothing her as much as the words, delivered with spine-tingling intensity. This was the man she remembered, the man who'd won her heart. "Do you understand what I'm saying to you, baby girl?"
He cupped her chin in his hand forcing her to look up at him and Cherie lost herself in the concern she read in his eyes. She nodded, and he smiled briefly, before he re-assumed control.
"I can't hear you. Use your words, girl."
The abrupt change in his attitude focused her like nothing else could, and she scrambled to comply with a shaky, "Yes, Sir."                                               
"Good girl. Now, strip!"
Again she tried to comply, her hands shaking so much it took several attempts to just unhook the first loop. She struggled on, taking courage from the quiet way Ink simply stood watching her. When she finally unhooked the last barrier and her breast fell free, his sharp intake of breath had her feverishly trying to cover herself.
"No, let me see."         
The terse command whipped through the air as effectively as the real thing would have, and she dropped her hands. Mortification spread through every cell of her body, and she clamped her eyes shut, not wanting to see the disgust in his eyes.
He continued to circle her slowly, and she jumped when his hands settled on her shoulders. They traced a path down her shoulder blades over the zigzag pattern of scars she knew were on her lower back. His hands caressed her hips drawing her stiff body back against him, and she gasped at the feel of his thick, long cock pressing into her. He dropped a kiss on her neck, and his hands skimmed across her ribcage until they cupped the heavy globes. He massaged them gently, causing her head to fall back on his shoulders as her body reacted to his nearness. His harsh breath in her ear, the reverent way in which he traced the scars crossing her tummy, his renewed intake of breath at the puckered, ugly area under her right breast, where the knife had sliced through her, leaving a sunken stretch of skin, all combined to slowly build her arousal.
"Never hide from me, baby girl. You're beautiful."
Fresh tears fell at the whispered words, and she shook her head. The slap to her inner thigh brought her head up, and her eyes flew open.
"Are you calling me a liar, girl?"
"No, I … I mean, sorry." She mumbled the words, and she winced at the sharp tug to her hair, forcing her to follow where he led. One hand at the back of her neck, the other on her chin she had no choice but to look at herself in the full length mirror.
"What do you see, when you look at yourself?"
Cherie sought his eyes, pleading with him, but he simply increased the pressure on her neck to the point of pain. His eyes hard, unforgiving flint held a hint of his tiger, his expression murderous.
"Answer me, girl. I grow tired of waiting. You don't want to add any more to the punishment you've already accumulated."
Ink merely smiled, but his expression softened slightly when she started trembling; and he gentled his hold on her.
"I seem to recall you rather liked being punished, baby girl. Always pushing, always sassy." He traced his thumb over her lips, demanding entry, and she opened automatically. His eyes darkened, and he groaned when she sucked the digit into her mouth. A tiny spark of power went through Cherie at his reaction, and he narrowed his eyes and withdrew his thumb immediately.
"Nice try, girl. Now answer me. What do you see?"
He sighed at her whispered, "I can't," and stepped away and behind her. Goosebumps erupted on her skin at the loss of contact, and she shivered anew. Their gazes connected in the mirror, and she breathed a sigh of relief when his hands settled back on her hips, pulling her back against him.
"Shall I tell you what I see?" He lifted her breast out of the way so that the deep wound was clearly visible in the mirror. "I see a woman who survived. A strong woman, who should wear her scars with pride. A woman with curves a man wants to get lost in. I see my woman."
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Thanks for stopping by Doris and for Ink/Vin....all I can say is MINE!!

It is a great book and one I personally highly recommend!!

Until next time: Remember be good little subbies or I'm setting Doris and her Ink on you!