Sunday, 29 January 2012

Eeeppppp!!! Excited!!

Let me set the scene for you....

I spent the evening at TNA wrestling who were over from America at Wembly Arena, remember Hulk Hogan? Yeah he was there so think more sports entertainment  than matt wrestling.

My mate and I used a large portion of the evening yelling at the ring either for or against, we weren't fussed to be honest.

It was great fun and were reverted to teenagers although we are both, eeerr lets just say over thirty but not quite 34 year and leave it there.

I get home close to midnight and fall face first into bed, did you not get I wasn't a spring chicken who could go out all night and still be fine at midnight? Nah mate, it gets to 10.30pm and I am ready for a sit now and a cup of tea.......yeah that is my life now.

Anyway, at about 3.30am I wake up and I can't get back to sleep so i grab my phone and check my emails. I am waiting for an email from an editor and what with the time difference between here and the States I figure it might have come in.

There is an email from one of the publishers but not the one I am expecting.....oh no this is one from Liquid Silver announcing that my very first book, Leashed by a going to be released on FEBRUARY 27th!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah that right!!  *does happy dance*

I am excited, yet completely terrified it has to be said! I hope people like it.....what if they don't???

But to wet your appetite let me share with you a little, tiny, small bit  just so you can get a sneak peek.

Mechanic Laney St. Clair doesn’t want much in life. All she wants is to run her father’s garage as she sees fit, her brothers to stop treating her like she is still their baby sister, and for Heath Marsterson to realise that under all the grease and overalls she is a grown woman, ready, willing, and able to show him just how talented her hands can be.

Heath’s an alpha shifter who knows he needs a mate to help him rule. A strong woman who can stand with him and up to him when needed, a woman who can help keep his pack safe. What he doesn’t need is a fragile human whose family protects her as if she’s made of spun glass. No matter how persuasive little Laney-girl tries to be or how much he wants her, Heath knows she’ll never be strong enough to handle his true self no matter what she says, moans, screams…

Excerpt from Leashed by a Wolf  to be released on February 27th from Liquid Silver Books

Laney leaned back into the shadows and sipped her drink. She had been here an hour, hiding in the darkest corner of the bar. Tonight was a long time in the planning and she would let nothing ruin it.
The door opened and Heath walked in. His slow, confident stride carried him over to the bar with a grace most catwalk models would have killed for.

She had waited five years for this night. Five long years of cold lonely nights, dreaming of nothing but his shoulder-length white-blond hair, and that six foot plus, hard muscular frame. Taking another sip, Laney watched as he leaned casually on the bar and ordered a drink. Heath Marsterson had starred in all of her dreams since she had walked out of her father’s office and found him talking to one of her brothers.

With one final sip she placed her glass down, pulled herself out of her chair and walked up behind him. She saw the second he caught her scent. His spine went rigid and his shoulders tensed. He always did that around her as if he were expecting trouble. Laney waited as he slowly turned to look at her.

(c) Copyright Cherie Nicholls 2012
That's it....just a little taste for now!!! I am so excited I can't wait for you all to read it!!!

Until next time remember.....a good Dom/me uses handcuffs or rope to tie you to a bed, a really good Dom/me can do the same with a simple look.


  1. Oh Cherie....MORE!!! Love Laney and Heath

  2. Woohoo! We have a date. So cool. I can't wait.

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  4. Moi? Tease? .... well it has been said!!!

    I am so excited that it now all seems to be coming together!!! eeepppp