Friday, 20 January 2012

I need a hero....

I am a terrible sick person. I really don't handle illness very well at all.

Right now I have a cold and to me the common cold is one of the worst things EVER!! yeah I did  mean to capitalise that.....

I tried to power through, I really did, but yesterday whilst sitting in the office my entire system went "Shutting Down" and I couldn't function anymore. I left early, managed to get home and died on the sofa.

Which is where you find me today. At this point can I just say My name is Cherie and I love my Slanket!! So toasty warm and yet my hands are still free so I moan about how ill I am across most social media sites. I did warn you I don't deal well with being sick.

Whilst sitting here watching daytime tv several thing occurred to me.

Our group twitter feed needed a new avatar

We needed to confirm the schedule, which had to be changed last week and needed to be reordered

and suddenly I can see how to fix my current WIP. Now don't get excited I didn't say I was going to actually do the fixing, but at least I know where to start the fixing from.

And whilst I have been sitting here feeling more and more sorry for myself I started to think about heroes, 'cause you know I could do with a large strapping man coming over and just sitting me on his lap and hugging me right about now.....did I tell you I am not a gracious sick person.

When I write a hero I don't really see him properly in my head. I have a general description but nothing firm, some of my crit partners much prefer to have a photo to work from when they are writing their books. They like to see a solid picture when they write, which works well for them but is not my bag it has to be said.

Most of my heroes lean towards the aggressive alphas, errr hello I write shifter books what did you expect. They are usually more like this.......Mmmm Randy Orton loveliness...

But  of late I have found myself falling deeply and madly in lust with this still my beating heart!!

Benedict Cumberbatch....Sherlock Holmes to on the uk's BBC for those of you who don't know.
Not my usual sort of inspiration, no layers of muscles or tattoos or the look of someone who could rip your right arm off without thinking about Mr Cumberbatch is more on the side of the thinking hotness.....Eyes to die for (we all know I love eyes) and the brain power to make you rip your own arm off just cause he can.

Now it has to be said if either turned up on my doorstep about now I wouldn't turn them sir I would never be that rude!!

Over the years chatting with my female friends I can honestly say that, although we can appreciate an attractive man, like your Brad Pitts and your Johnny Depps, I have found that the type of men that make us shudder with want and lust are very different. Which is no bad thing, don't want to be fighting over guys and all that!

My ideal hero would be tall, dark, with piercing eyes, muscles and tattoos and definitely scary, because I have this dangerous ability of being able to make people cry, alot.......or at the very least whimper and beg for their mothers.... (WEG)

So people, tell me who do you image coming to comfort you when you are feeling low and in need of a hug?? There is no limits to your imagination.......let it run free!

But before I go ...a word to the wise: Remember people, snoring when your dom/me is punishing you is just plain silly!


  1. I am going to be really soppy here and say my hubby. He gives the best cuddles, when I'm not well, endless supplies of chocolate, including late night trips for emergency choc supplies if needed, and keeps the kids entertained.

    As much as I love my eye candy, wouldn't want them to see me at not my best ;-)

  2. Cherie I have to agree there's something quiet endearing about Benedict Cumberbatch as 'Sherlock Holmes'. I can't help but wonder what he'd notice about me with those piercing eyes.... Or how about Jason Momoa! I've developed a certain liking for him after Game of Thrones and Watching Conan the Barbarian and let me tell you it wasn't his eyes I was looking at here! But putting the fantasies to one side my beau is definitely the one I'd want holding me when I'm feeling low - he's seen me at my moodiest with my drabbest clothes on and the snottiest nose ever and still finds me sexy.

  3. Awww nice ladies.... still i wouldn't argue if either men above can knocking! Sometimes being a single lady can be quite annoying, i mean when i need that emergancy chocolate who gets it?? me! *grumble grumle grumble*