Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pimpin' my little heart out

This week has seen me working on the second round of edits for Leashed by a Wolf, which is penciled to be released end of Feb/March time.

It has be a vast learning curve and my editor (seriously I will never get over saying that) has the patients of a saint. I have the "skill" of being able to use the same word over and over within the space of 2 paragraphs! So far my best score is 5 x "down her body". I am sure that high score won't last for long!

After a little work and some serious spell checking and grammar repair let me share with you the Cover and Blurb for Leashed by a Wolf:

Mechanic Laney St. Clair doesn’t want much in life. All she wants is to run her father’s garage as she sees fit, her brothers to stop treating her like she is still their baby sister, and for Heath Marsterson to realise that under all the grease and overalls she is a grown woman, ready, willing, and able to show him just how talented her hands can be.

Heath’s an alpha shifter who knows he needs a mate to help him rule. A strong woman who can stand with him and up to him when needed, a woman who can help keep his pack safe. What he doesn’t need is a fragile human whose family protects her as if she’s made of spun glass. No matter how persuasive little Laney-girl tries to be or how much he wants her, Heath knows she’ll never be strong enough to handle his true self no matter what she says, moans, screams…

I am really looking forward to the release but at the same time completely terrified too!!!  The first time I get a review is going to send my heart racing I tell ya!

The UCW ladies have kept me calm and have talked me back from the edge once or twice since I started getting edits. My problem is over thinking, it is something I know I am terrible for. I bought my car on the spur of the moment 11 years ago. I haven't had a new one since because I think about the purchase and always manage to talk myself out of it. See, over thinking, I am my own worst enemy.

Speaking for the UCW, a few of them have books out. Now they vary from so hot they could scorch your fingers to so lovely and heart warming you just want to snuggle up with it. I have them below....I am sure you will find something to wet your appetite. This is just the January Releases...image what I will have to share as each month passes!! 

 Luka is a bounty hunter who just wants to do his job and get paid. Being a banished Shadow, he'd learned the bitter lesson long ago that he was alone, after he was expelled from his home world by his own blood. Now, he needs to understand why he is wanted dead while his desire for the fiery-haired witch erupts out of control.
As a rare moon-witch, all she's ever known is a life of misery under the oppressive Fae-Guard. Nine years ago Cerys escaped the Meta-World after regretting the forced banishment of a Shadow. Now, she leads a normal life without her abilities, and all she wants is to blend in. When a bounty hunter wants to take her back for a crime she didn't commit, she's willing to take a chance on her future by trusting the man who had no idea she'd wronged him years before.

Andrea Macleave's one-night stand with adrenaline junkie Matt King, doesn't quite go as planned, but their chemistry proves too strong to simply walk away...
Andrea Macleave is determined to lose her "Miss Stuffy Knickers" nickname with a rappel down Ireland's famous Europa Hotel, for the hospital where she works. Risk taking goes against everything she believes in, but it takes one kiss from her hunky instructor to send her on her way. With her wild side let loose, a one night stand with the action man seems the perfect antidote to her stale life.

Part-time charity volunteer, Matt King, hopes to put the disastrous hook-up behind him. That's easier said than done when he meets the woman in question at his workplace. There's clearly a powerful attraction between them, but he's fighting his past demons by living life on the edge.

With each of them determined to let their past ruin their chance for happiness, how can an adrenaline junkie and a control freak ever make it work?

When your lovers are lovers themselves and want you to help them make the perfect triangle, what do you say? "Persuade me," of course!
Unconventional and happy, Hermione is in the enviable position of having not one but two lovers to attend to her every need. That her lovers are lovers themselves only adds to the equation.
Berry and Ran feel it's time to make all their various twosomes into one splendid threesome. Now all they have to do is persuade Hermione!
Being men, they are too impatient to wait for her answer.
Being a woman, she isn't going to be pushed, shoved, or coerced into saying anything until she is good and ready. Patience is a virtue, one her men needed to get.

Click here to buy and see exactly how the lady is pleased

When firefighter Alex Giovanni returns to his old neighbourhood to fulfill
Kitty Jenkins’ orderly life gets turned upside down when Alex walks into her school. Their passion filled night four years ago has left her with a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Giving into Alex is out of the question, regardless of how much her body craves his touch.
When secrets spill and disaster strikes, can their passion turn into love?

 Click here to buy your own copy and find out how hot is too hot to handle!

There are several more books coming out from the UCW this month, to keep up to date you just need to click on the right hand side link that says "I am a  member of the Nuthouse" that will take you to a list of all the books coming out!

Now that's me done for this time! Oh totally forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  2012 man...end of the world is coming some well I say at least I will go out a published author! Glass half full, just saying!

Before I got ....can't leave you without a little advise: When your dom/me has to handcuffed to the bed don't lay back and suggest the ceiling needs painting!! Just saying!

Until next time.....


  1. 'Leashed' is a great story, Cherie, so stop worrying :)

  2. Edits are always an experience, Cherie. Every manuscript I've got some word or phrase I overuse and I never see it, until my editor points it out and then it's obvious!

  3. Your welcome ladies and grrrrr to repetative words!!!