Monday, 26 March 2012

My way of saying thank you........

So I have been racking my brains for a way to say thank you for all the support and for the fact you guys helped me get to number 950 in the entire "Paid For" Kindle chart....which has hundreds of thousands of books on it so being in the top 1000 is AMAZING!!!! Look....actual proof and everything thing!!

I thought about give aways, thank you posts, writing the second story quicker....cause I know some of you are hounding me already....I promise I will do my best to get it finished asap!!!!!

In the end I came up with a slightly different know me I like to be slightly off centre...

So here is the deal......I have a secondary character in one of my books, not the lead or anything by still will make appearances....just like Wall and Clara in Leashed by a Wolf.......I want you lot to tell me what sex that character is, a name and what type of shifter you want......

for example......Male, Derek, Panther......

You have a few days to think on it, comment here or on my FB page (link) and then at the end of the week I will randomly pick four suggestions out and you all get to vote on who is in my next book.....

It's a bit of a random way to say thank you I know but like I said.....did you really expect "normal" from me??

So get thinking....what animal would you like me to turn into a shifter....first person who says elephant gets a mean glear from me so be warned.... let me know and on Friday I will randomly select 4 suggestions for the vote!!

now how can I leave without my usual sign off.......

It's really not a good idea to wait until your Dom/me is asleep and then handcuff them to the headboard and the stand there laughing swinging the keys on your finger when they wake up.....don't say I didn't warn ya!!


  1. How about a sexy, ahem, red-headed lady called Karina who shifts into a fox :D She's cheeky but lovable and feel free to pair her up with a hunky wolf named Joe!

  2. That's so cool, Cherie. Will have to come back with my suggestion. :)

  3. Female, Lucille, Snow Leopard

  4. LOL, Karina, love that idea!

    Hmmm, an Owl shifter called Markus!

  5. Love this idea!! (and of course, I love your sign-off as usual ;) )

    Hmm... male grizzly bear shifter named Bo.