Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thank ya Kindly

This time last week I was freaking out like you would not believe.....two days until my first ever release and I was convinces that it was all going to go horribly wrong..... fast forward a week and here I sit (well to be honest I am laying on the living room floor but let's not split hairs) and my book has been released and although I am still nervous, my heart rate has lowered and I can see straight again.

Release days are one of the most strenuous things I have ever experienced in the whole world! Bearing in mind I have never married and I have never experienced child birth.

Leashed by a Wolf went as high as #61 in the top 100 Paranormal romances....and to me that is breath taking.

So this is me saying THANK all my friends, family and the UCW for your support, encouragement and general faith in me. I am NOT a hugger but I am sending you this virtual hug and a giant squeeeezzzeeeee.

It means the world to me it really does!!


Before I go....remember hiding the keys to your Dom/me's play room.....really won't save you.... just saying


  1. *hugs* right back, form baby Markus, of course!

  2. Lmao!!!

    I'm gonna gonna give you a virtual high five for being such a superstar this week :). You've done amazingly well and I hope it continues for you for many years to come! x

  3. I would hug you back but you know, my arms are full of Joe right now :P