Friday, 6 April 2012

It's my party!

Well not quite, but tomorrow is my birthday!!  As I may have mentioned before I am the youngest of 5 children so I love my and presents and cake!! more and more cake!!!!

Recently, as a thank you to all those who have supported me, I ran a little competition for you guys to create a secondary character that will appear in my next book. The winner was Ms Buchanan and she suggested a female red-headed fox called Karina.

I have been writing this week and Karina has made her first appearance.....and cause it's my birthday tomorrow..did I mention that already......I wanted to share it with you.

Claiming Clara by Cherie Nicholls

Once clear of the tree line she kept low and up wind of the house. She made it to a road about a mile from the main track, coming through the trees she stopped and smiled. With a shake of her head she headed towards the vehicle waiting for her.

"I thought I said inconspicuous, this is anything but inconspicuous." Clara said opening the door to the bright yellow beetle car.

"Er hello, this car perfectly matched my outfit, what else was I meant to do." Karina asked in shocked disappointment.

Clara laughed, Karina Lovett was part fashionista and part fox. She had the ability to turn a tatty t-shirt and worn pair of jeans into an outfit that could grace the covers of high end style magazines. She could also shoot a fly off of the end of your nose at 500 yards without you feeling a thing.

Of course she would look fabulous whilst doing it. 

The sound of a howl cut through the air.

“That’s Wall we need to move.” Clara slammed the car as Karina start the engine and threw it into gear.

They sped out of the area both knowing full well that Wall and the rest of Clara’s pack would be hot on their tails.

“You sure this is the best idea?” Karina asked when they were had left the town behind.

“I don’t really have a choice. I asked Laney’s brother Duke to do some checking around. I'll give him a call when we get further away.”

“I still think this is a dangerous move.” Karina sighed.

“It is but I can’t afford for someone in the pack getting hurt. When he took that pot shot at me he could have killed Duke. I don’t know if I could have lived with myself if that had happened.”

There was a silence then Karina suddenly reached out and punched Clara in the arm.

“Ow!” Clara moaned, rubbing the sore spot. “What the hell was that for?” 

“It’s not ok to risk some random grease monkey but you can put my life in danger. Rude!” Karina growled.

“Hay! It’s not like I wanted you to be here. You with your little network of spies and thieves heard about the shooting. From the second I got your text, what did it say? Oh yeah ‘I always said your reflexes were slow’, thanks for that by the way.”

“It’s true. You were never as quick as me.” Karina sniffed. 


Well that is the introduction of Karina to the world......I hope you like it Ms Buchanan, I can already tell Karina is going to be fun.

Happy Birthday to anyone who is also celebrating this weekend and, I guess the whole week isn't only about me so Happy Easter too!!!

Before I go...... Remember wiggling your butt at your dom/me and singing "hit me with your best shot" at the top of your voice......not big or clever....don't say I didn't warn you!!


  1. Ooh, I like her :)
    Make sure I, er she, gets paired up with a hottie!

  2. I can tell that fox is going to be trouble ;-)