Monday, 28 May 2012

Author Spot Light - Day One - Xandra James

So I was enjoying the sun the other day and thought to myself.....who should I have on my author spotlight next and suddenly I remembered a message from a mate of mine, Xandra James.

I put out the call and well, lets say my people spoke to her people who had her tied and gagged and waiting for me when I was ready to do this post.

See it's not what you know it's who you know!!!  

So without further ado let me step out of the way and force....I mean let, Xandra to Introduce herself to you...

It's great to be here at bestselling Cherie Nicholls' blog – even if she did threaten me with bodily harm if I didn't keep my appointment!

So I've been asked to tell you a little about me. Okay, well, let's stick to the exciting stuff, huh? *cough* I'm a British romance author, living near the sea in sunny (at the moment) Kent. I'm writing this from my dining room where I watch the trees blow and the little birds gorge themselves on whatever they can find (I've just fed the little critters and it's like Tesco's on Christmas Eve out there).  
So anyway, at any given moment, I could fall into the role of (bad) housewife, romance writer or wrestling walls at a building site. Life is rarely dull although I could do without my cleavage being a catch-all for building debris. 

I'm a procrastinator by nature and get distracted by shiny things (namely the internet). Stubborn, moody and Xandra go hand in hand. And I'm not sure when the last time I ironed was. Not a bad thing, in my eyes. 

I love long walks by the sea, cosy nights in and men that don't look like gorilla. Oh, hang on. Wrong intro…

And that's about me.

I'll leave you with an excerpt of my release from my soon to be released short story, Her Demon Charms (Keyboards and Kink anthology).

Thanks for having me Cherie. May I be untied now?


The leather jacket she wore, despite just about covering her ass, was only actually covering a thong and sexy bra. And she was hoping that Alex would be discovering that fact pretty damn soon. May stepped to the curb and looked down the road where he had disappeared to and elegantly tumbled down the step.

“Fuckity, fuck.” Luckily she’d caught herself with one hand on the pavement but not before mooning a passing taxi. She righted herself before she could embarrass herself any further and checked her stupidly high heels for scuffs. Bloody things would probably be the death of her.

May was so distracted by her own idiocy she didn’t realize it was Alex who’d pulled up next to her. She glanced towards the vehicle and did a double take. Well, well, well—he was full of surprises. She’d put him down for something sexy and fast. His car was sexy alright, just vintage as well. An Aston Martin—probably more expensive than her flat.

A niggle of doubt settled in her stomach but she dismissed it. Maybe he was a very good computer programmer, as he’d told her he was. With family money. She nodded to herself as she settled into the plush interior of the car. Yes, that must be it.

“Beautiful car,” May murmured as she held the gaze of the man whose hunger heated the space between them. Finally his eyes dropped and she knew what he was seeing. Had she deliberately allowed her coat to ride so high, to expose the tops of her inner thighs to him? The temptress in her laughed seductively. The woman inside wanted to deny it, wanted to scream at Alex to see the person beneath the beauty and the charm.

“Thank you.” He was a man of few words, something she appreciated. She could definitely live with that. 

He was still looking his fill, and her inner vixen wanted a little foreplay and she finally admitted she did too. Her hands rested on her thighs, gently rubbing up and down. May watched the torrent of expressions cross his face before looking at her hands. She liked the red of her nails as she opened her thighs slightly and dipped her hand to rest gently on her knickers, noting to herself how wet they were becoming. 

May let her fingers play there a little before finally resting her hand back on her thigh again and looking back into Alex’s face. He looked about ready to explode, his face ruddy and his lips wet.
“Where to?” His voice was husky, croaky, and May liked to think he was as excited as she was for this. They’d skirted the issue of sex the whole time they’d spoken online but it was always there. 

“Take me home. And make it fast.” 


Great excerpt Xandar....ok I guess I can let you go....for now...

See tell me that didn't wet your appetite!

You can find out more about Xandra here

Join me tomorrow when we get into a little Reluctant Revenge!!

Until then (I saw this on a twitter feed totally made me smile) Carving your initials into all the just asking for a serious spanking...just saying!


  1. Popping in to say hi to Xandra, my fellow Kinks author before Cherie realises I'm avoiding my current WIP...

  2. Love that excerpt, Xandra! Can't wait for this antho to come out.

  3. Thanks for having me, Cherie. And I apologise for any spelling or grammar issues - it's tough to write with one finger, tied and gagged... ;)

    Can't wait for this antho to release - I'm with some fantastic authors :)

    Appreciate you stopping by, Doris and Jorja :)

    1. Man up! At least I let you have that finger free!!