Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Final day with JLilley

Today is the last day that JLilley is visiting me. It has been a great hosting a new YA author and I am sure you all will agree it has been fun reading the excerpts!

For this final day here is an excerpt from ACCEPTED

Sam whistled as he left the school buildings. At last he'd decided to ask Andy straight out to go to The Cave with him; and he'd agreed—almost.
He'd admired; and yes, fancied him for months—years—he amended. Ever since he'd accepted he was gay he'd known Andy was the one for him; recognized him as the one person he could be himself with. But macho, rugby playing Andy had always seemed somewhat aloof. He was sociable up to a point; helpful and chatty; but he always kept part of himself hidden.
Then, within the last few weeks Sam sensed a change in him. Almost, he thought, as if he had made peace with himself. He'd become more open about his sexuality; and in fact said out loud to a crowd of classmates that yes of course he was gay—and so what? Then he had smiled uncertain; as if unsure of people's reactions.
As they said…nothing ventured…and all that; so Sam had ventured. Now, well…way to go, I've got a date–almost. He hoped that Andy would confirm it the next day.
And if he doesn't…Not even going to think about that.
Typical, trust me to leave the car in the furthest corner of the car park. And it's raining and shit…what? No way…no bloody way…
Sam blinked and saw…nothing; but he'd bet his next try at rugby there had been a fox in front of him–and what a fox…if that's what it was. Silver, and…nah, had to be a dog. You're losing it. The thought of going out with Andy, and you're losing it. Gotta be a dog.
As he got into his car and drove away he could have sworn he saw eyes glint at him from the bushes. Big, bright and piercing blue; like the flash of light from a glacier on a summer's day; they stared at him. He blinked—nothing; just the rain on the windscreen, and the wipers that passed monotonous over it. 
A person on the pavement caught his eye; he pulled up and opened the window.
"Hi Aibhlinn isn't it? I’m Sam–Sam McIlwain, I'm in your class. Do you want a lift anywhere? You're soaked."
The person turned and looked at him. The hood of her coat slipped as she moved and uncovered her long pale hair. Her eyes seemed to go straight through him as she stared and Sam shivered. Then she spoke; her soft Scottish accent was not a local dialect and it was refreshing to hear something so different. Most of the local dialects were much harsher.
She smiled, and her face lit up. "That’s kind, but no need. My mum will be here in a second. I'm just walking to meet her at the corner."
In the rain?
"Well, do you want me to drop you off there?" he asked. She looked cold, and the rain darkened her hair. Drops ran down her face and onto her coat.
Then, her eyes flashed and became frosty. Gone was the pleasant girl of a few seconds before; instead there was a stranger. One who looked right through him.
And again, weird. Those eyes!
"No thank you." She didn't even smile; just walked on.
Okay, where's the fire? He mentally shrugged; he put his car in gear, pulled up the handbrake and … where the hell did she go?
There was no one in front of him on the pavement or the road. He twisted around–no one behind him; not even a car, or taillights to show that there had been. Where on earth could she have gone? In his mind, he stored away what had happened and carried on with his journey.
As he passed The Happy Café, he saw three people come out.
 Andy? Andy, Brios and Donny.
 Even though he knew there was no need; still, he was jealous. Why hadn't he been asked to go for coffee? Andy had said he was headed home when he left the gym. Okay, he knew the three were close friends; had been forever it seemed; but still he felt hurt and left out.
His phone rang. He checked the road and pulled over before he took it out of his pocket. The call reassured him; put a smile on his face; and he turned around and drove back the way he'd come.

and that is it!  
I would like to thank JLilley for stopping by and putting up with my hissy fits and for sharing her great series with us.
My next guest will be Doris O'Connor......she is a lady with many.....talents!!

Until next time....remember passing notes in class is not big or clever......use a text message instead it is much more discreet!


  1. I loved visiting you, and want to thank you for giving me such a fun time.

  2. Love the cover for this one - and what a great excerpt. Good luck with your upcoming release! :)