Tuesday, 15 May 2012

J Lilley Day 2

So I basically threw myself on the flow kicking and screaming until J gave me another excerpt....I think the wailing of "why do you hate me" was the final straw.... 

So without further ado....here is a little teaser from her second book Renounced.

Renounced by JLilley

Donny and Leira have known each other forever but Leira is not prepared to let Donny decide her fate. She will chose her own mate and it won't be that annoying leopard!

Donny has always known Leira is the one for him. Convincing her is another matter. He's shocked and hurt when she chooses to renounce Shalea, he knows she belongs in the Sept, with him.

When danger closes in all around them, threatening the very heart of Shalea, both of their loyalties are tested and they are forced to make decisions neither one is ready for.

Will Donny be able to stand back and giver Leira the space she needs to decide her own destiny? Will that destiny lead her to Donny and Shalea or will she seek her own future and renounce both of them forever?


The glade was her place; and the family all respected that. 

But, not Mr. Big He-Man Donald Farriday; oh no, he just pads in like it's his right. 

She went into the house using a back door, and up to her room where she shifted in private. The first few times she'd changed back from leopard to human she'd cried--it had hurt so much. Now it was a lot easier; as long as she concentrated. This time though, she was so churned up by her encounter with Donny that her concentration was shot--and it hurt. She wanted to cry out as she rearranged her bones. Only the fact that the others in the house might sense it kept her breath slow, and the tears from falling. She would make him pay for it one day.

A quick shower and hair brush; clean jeans and a T-shirt; and she was ready to go downstairs.

Her mum, dad, Brios, and Rach were waiting in the lounge. Unfortunately, so was Donny. 

"Happy birthday, Love," Her dad kissed her, and gave her a big hug. "The rest of your presents are on the table." Leira got hugs from her mum as well; and then Brios and Rach. She turned away as Donny approached.  Never in a million years was she going to let him hug her.

"Leira," her dad sounded cross. "That's rude. After all—"

"After all," she butted in. She knew she was being ruder than ever; but, she'd had enough. "Donny is not family--or a friend. Not only that, he intruded in my glade. My glade dad--my own place; I'm sick of his interference--I'm sick of him."

"Tough." It was Donny who spoke. "Get used to it, Leira. You know why."

 Right! That's enough; I'm getting him out of my life. In fact, I'm going to do more than that.

"I renounce Shalea." She knew her words were sincere; and the shocked looks on everyone’s faces showed they knew it as well. "I've had enough! I'm going to live a bog standard ordinary life--no, 'You are my partner' rubbish--no, 'you're mine'--nothing. I just want to do what anyone else my age does--work hard, enjoy myself, go on dates, and just be a normal sixteen-year-old."

"Over my dead body!" Donny's eyes flashed, and he growled more than talked.

"I'm sure that can be arranged; but--for the second time--I renounce Shalea."

"Leira, are you sure you know what you're doing?" her mum said.

'Help, Lei, really? Is it that bad?' Rach projected.

'Oh yeah, it's more than that bad. Tell you later.'

"I’m getting my own life, Mum--something I don't think I've ever had ; so--for the third time--I renounce Shalea." The air shimmered, Leira grabbed her pile of presents, and dashed out.


Tomorrow will be book three....if I sulk long enough anyway! 

Until tomorrow remember......shoving everything under your bed is not "tiding" your room!



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