Thursday, 3 May 2012

A new feature...coming soon

During the up coming weeks I will have a few special guests visiting the soap box. Authors whose work I really enjoy and who I think you will enjoy too. It is going to be my Author Spot Light.

Each day for an average period of a week I will be hosting these authors and on each day of that week I will be highlighting another of their books.

Just as a little teaser here are a few of the books and authors that well be visiting....

Now if that don't wet the old appetite nothing will!

I am hoping to kick off with my first guest this weekend! Make sure you come back to see who that will be!

Until next time....remember candles : more than just a light source....just saying!


  1. Great idea, Cherie! I hope I get invited. :)

  2. Great idea Cherie. Looking forward to it already!

  3. Sounds great! All I'm asking, Cherie, is be nice to me. I've heard rumours... lol