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Author Spotlight Day 1: Chastity Bush

Today I have with me an author who is visiting of her own free will *checks handcuffs are secure* Chastity is a friend who, in noway, was snatched from the street....nope.....I would never do that!  *evil grin*

Chastity, introduce yourself doll.

Man, Cherie, I cannot believe you just snatched me off the side of the road like that! I’m guessing the only way you’re going to let me go is if I give you a little information about myself, and maybe my books? Okay, well lets see…

I’m married, and the mother of two great girls. I’ve been writing for close to five years and at the moment have about seven romance novels out there for the readers to enjoy. My latest release is a romantic suspense titled Guarding Eden. It’s a really fun story about a woman, Eden Campbell, who’s hit a terrible run of bad luck including losing her job, her cat dying, her fiancé leaving her for a man, murder charges for killing her former bosses soon to be ex wife, and is now on the run with sexy Private Detective, Jasper Carrington! Yeah, she’s having a helluva week! 

Now, I can’t tell you anymore without ruining the story. So, with all that, will you untie me now, or do you need more?


Hmmmm...well let me think on the mean time here is a snippet from Chastity's book Guarding Eden..

Eden Campbell was a woman with it all: a good job, handsome fiancé, and the beloved cat she’d had since she was a teenager. But when her world’s turned upside down by the sight of her fiancé in high heels and matching lingerie, shaking his money maker for a pink haired man named Bubbles, Eden finds herself single again for the first time in nearly a decade, but that isn’t the worst of it. Only days later she finds herself the sole suspect in her boss's estranged wife's murder. 

The only upside to her situation is the sexy man her best friends and lawyers entrusted her life to.
Eden Campbell is stirring Jasper’s desires unlike any woman before. From her black as night hair to her deep blue eyes, she sets his blood on fire. She is his to protect until her name’s been cleared and the charges have been dropped, but every look sent his way has him wondering, who’s going to protect her from him?


“This is bullshit.”
Head pounding as though Tommy Lee had taken up residence in her head, Eden cringed while prying her eyes open. The light flitting through the curtains was more than she could bear at the early hour of—raising her head she peered at the bedside clock—ten a.m. Pulling the bedcover over her head, she groaned.
She felt like shit, and that was a major understatement. The banging in her head reminded her of one of the half-naked island men playing the bongos she’d seen when she and her best friend, Tilley, visited Hawaii. On second thought, the image of a hot, half-naked man gyrating next to her took a little of the edge off. Then the image of Bill shaking his ass in a silk teddy flitted through her mind and she felt the urge to vomit all over again.
After finding the man she thought to be the love of her life shaking it for some pink-haired cross-dresser, she’d been unable to look at any man the same. Just the thought churned her stomach.
Damn, is that image going to haunt me for the rest of my life or what?
Gingerly rolling onto her back, she struggled to gather her bearings.
Slowly, Eden lowered the sheet from her head and groaned.
Going on an all-night bender with the twins, Tilley and Joe, wasn’t exactly the best idea she’d ever had, but she figured it’d be better than moping around the apartment, so why not give it a shot.
Eden wasn’t usually a drinker, but after discovering Bill’s sequined-covered secret, she’d decided a drink or two wouldn’t hurt. It’d been a long time since she’d been able to let her hair down and have fun. The invitation from Joe and Tilley was the perfect excuse to do just that.
Joe called and decided that after two days of being pissed and embarrassed, it was time she got drunk and laid, which seemed to be Joe’s answer to everything. Get drunk, get laid, and move on.
Well, she got drunk while he and Tilley got laid.
Go figure.
“The next time I see Joe, he’s dead meat,” she grumbled, thinking back on the night before ... or what she could remember of it.
“A little vodka never hurt anybody,” Joe had said.
Yeah, but a lot can kill you, she thought taking deep breaths to try to curb the nausea rolling through her.
I’m so going to get him back for this.
As she continued to breathe deeply, the nausea eased.
Gingerly, she sat up. The hot stud-muffin playing the bongos turned into a fat guy playing the bass drum. The night before rose to the top of her throat.
She felt as though she’d taken one too many spins on the Tilt-A-Whirl. She’d be willing to try anything at this point to make feel a little better, including lying face down on the floor. Thinking back, the coolness of the floor felt good on her overheated skin the last time she’d been sick.
Eden rolled onto her stomach, and then slid her bottom half over the side of the bed. Her toes touched the cool, hardwood below.
Even face down, with her ass hanging off of the bed like a toddler trying to get out of a chair, the coolness felt good.
Long moments passed before the churning in her stomach dissipated.
Breathing deeply, she stood and walked toward the bathroom instead of crawling as she’d originally planned.
She’d feel much better after washing the stench of the night before away.
Opening the shower door, she reached inside. Twisting the knob, a thick mist of steam wafted up to meet her as a stream of hot water spiraled down into a pool at the bottom of the tub. Shedding her wrinkled clothing, she frowned. Apparently, Joe was incapable of pulling off any woman’s pants unless he was about to remove her panties as well.
Should consider myself lucky he took off my shoes.
Crawling under the hot water, Eden tried to concentrate on anything other than the events of the past three days. Closing her eyes, she washed away the neon tan and screwdriver perfume clinging to her like a second skin.
Feeling a modicum better, Eden shut off the water and stepped out onto the soft bathmat. Even after walking in on her fiancé and his boyfriend, she still expected to wake up from a dream, or for Bill to jump out yelling, “Gotcha!”
Eden Campbell hadn’t been single in more than ten years. Now, free to do as she pleased, she only wanted to crawl back into her fluffy bed and sleep the day away. Bill packed and moved all of his things the day she’d walked in on him and Queen Latifa’s twin. Only she and Taffy, her trusty cat, remained. Walking back into the bedroom, she gazed around at the semi-empty space. A pang of longing struck her. It was beginning to become painfully clear she’d indeed been left ... for another man.

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Sorry Chastity, I seem to have misplaced the keys to the cuffs looks like you are stuck here for a bit longer......*casually kicks the keys under a table*

Come back tomorrow when, out of the goodness of her heart and under no duress at all, Chastity will be sharing another of her fantastic books......The Stranger Next Door........

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 Remember....putting your sub in the corner and refusing them any attention can be a more powerful punishment then any spanking....just a little food for thought.


  1. Nice to meet you Chastity. Loved that excerpt :-)

  2. Thanks, Doris! It's a really fun story. :)

  3. Hi Chastity. The excerpt is great. I like the touch of humour in the blurb! Looking forward to finding out more about you!

  4. Hey Chastity! Great excerpt :)

  5. Sounds terrific Chastity! And tell Cherie to behave! :)

  6. Sounds great don't it and Rosanna I always behave!!! :D

  7. I love this story! I hope you all will enjoy it, too! I always try to add a lot of humour to my books. I think it adds so much to the story.