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Final Day with Suzanne Fuller

Today is the last day Suz is here, and because she was so nice and admitted that Simon Bellamy is mine all mine...*well perhaps that bit didn't really happen* I have agreed to let her go....on the understanding she leave us with a little excerpt:

So here is it from North: The Lycans by Suzanne Fuller

The wind blew snowflakes against my face when I reached the road. I slung my hood over my head and was a little shocked at how large it was. Almost like Red Riding Hood's, it hung in front of my eyes and protected me from the cold.
School was only a mile down the main road, and with my bag clutched under my arm, and my head down, I walked briskly. The place was like a damn ghost town, and the fact it was still dark didn't help much. As in Alaska, being this far north and so close to the Arctic meant that soon we would have a month of complete darkness. Although I was a night creature, I understood why there was a higher rate of depression and suicide in places like this. Not everyone was built to withstand the lifestyle. The moon had been full on the night of the fight—which explained why I had felt so agitated—so I knew I had a good chance of getting through my first day at school without shifting. Midnight had been docile for days, and although I longed for her like a missing limb, I hoped she stayed that way, at least for today.
Kiruna Gymnasium was a large one story building made of faded red brick. The black gates were high with spikes at the top, and I couldn't help but think of old European tales of Vlad the Impaler when I looked at them. A shiver went down my spine, and I knew I couldn't blame it on the weather.
The place looked deserted but the door swung open as I approached, as if someone had sneaked in ahead of me when I wasn't looking, but I knew that was impossible. I headed through the high-spiked archway, and walked up to the entrance. I peeked through the small windows and saw an empty, dimly lit hallway.
I wasn't sure if I was relieved or more terrified.
Midnight stirred but remained docile for the moment. I knew I needed to get a hold of myself and walk inside. The library was always the first thing open back in Alaska, and I hoped it would be the same in Sweden. Things were insanely different already. Not only were we part of a pack now, but here high school ends after second year. Kiruna Gymnasium was a college prep school, and although I could have refused to attend I would have felt strange not going. Besides, I liked learning, as long as there wasn't too much math.
I was deep in thought as I walked the eerily empty halls of the strange building, so I never saw who turned the lights off.
What the...
"Who's there?" I yelled, and my voice echoed along the long corridor. I could hear someone sniggering. It felt like they were right next to me, but every way I turned, I was still alone. "Hello?"
I felt something brush against my arm, and when I jumped I felt the same on my throat. I threw my back against the wall, Midnight woke from her slumber, and I begged her to come out until I saw two figures step out from a corner near the far end of the hall. It was a girl and boy of similar height. Their white teeth shone in the darkness as they laughed. The smell of decay burned my nostrils until tears strained my eyes, and I had to blink furiously to see them properly as they approached. And then a funny thing occurred, something that up until this moment had never happened to me—Midnight's teeth and claws pierced through my skin but I didn't shift, not completely. She growled and whined as they got closer but stayed put.
"Calm down, mutt," the girl said. Her accent was very clearly English, and the tone with which she spoke made me want to slap the smirk off her beautiful face. She had golden-blonde hair, formed into perfectly shaped ringlets, and mean dark green eyes that seemed like they could cut through your soul. Her skin was silky looking and pale. I couldn't stop staring at her; although the smell was enough to make me barf, she entranced me.
"I don't think she knows us, Lyds," the boy said. His hair was brown like mine, cut short everywhere but the top where it curled. His eyes were a really pale shade of hazel, and he was almost beautiful himself, if it weren't for the sharp teeth I could see peeking out beneath his top lip.
"What the hell?" I said.
They don't smell like Lycans, but there's something different about them.
"That's a strange reaction…" The girl cocked her head to the side and smirked again. "Coming from someone who's sprouted claws." Her eyebrow lifted, and I looked down at my hands. My nails had stretched and rounded as thick claws.
What the hell's happening?
I threw my hands to my sides and leaned towards her, sniffing. She laughed. "You smell awful," I snapped at them, no longer afraid.
I'm a Lycan god dammit, and unless it has eight legs, it doesn't scare me.
"Could say the same thing for you, mutt," the girl hissed.
The familiar smell of Lycan blood hit me, along with the strange sensation of warmth again. It wasn't just any Lycan blood I could smell, but the very wolf that had pounced on me at the fight for Alpha. The odor overcame the awful stench of death. A deep, grizzly voice, which made Midnight purr as if she were a cat, emanated from down the hall. "What are you doing?" the voice demanded. The boy shrunk behind the girl, who puffed out her chest and beamed at the man who turned the corner.
"Jesper! Come to play with the new pup?" Her voice was cruel and made me want to punch her, or run back home, lock myself in my room, and never talk to anyone again.
"Leave her alone, Lydia," Jesper said, coming to stand between me and my tormentors. He was almost a foot taller than me and his dark blond hair was clipped short to his head. He looked back at me, and I knew then that he was definitely the gray wolf I'd met earlier. His eyes were the very same blue, and I could almost hear his wolf whining.
"Why ruin the fun? You never used to care what I did to the other dogs." She looked me over from head to toe and laughed again. "Have you got a crush?" she cooed, mockingly. Her friend laughed, and Jesper grabbed him by his throat.
"Haven't you two got something to do before sunrise?" he growled. I thought I might slip away while they were occupied, but when I went to leave, Jesper's free hand held me in place.
"Let him go..." Lydia hissed again. Jesper dropped the boy to the floor, where he crumpled in a heap, grasping at his throat and coughing. "This won't be the last time you see us, mutt. Kiruna is a very small place, and winter is upon us. Soon we'll be shrouded in darkness for thirty days. Remember that." She took her friend by the arm, practically dragging him down the hallway and disappeared from sight. The lights flickered back on and Midnight retracted her claws, allowing me to look normal, and human, again.

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I just want to thank Suzanne for dropping by and being real understanding about, you now, the handcuffs and what not!

Come by again soon when I will have more authors and new books to introduce you too!!

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  1. I always get carried away with your stories, Suzanne. Wonderful. Congrats again. You deserve to have your work showcased.

  2. I know right Kiru!!! once again thanks for stopping by Suz!