Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oooo looky!

You may have heard me squealing a few weeks ago when I got confirmation that book 2 in the Shifters of Hillside has been accepted...there was jumping up and down...some wiggling in the middle of the living room...the usual..

But now I am proud to announce that Claiming Clara with be released by Liquid Silver Books on August 13th 2012....and to top that I have now got the most stunning cover!!

I know right!! I was so anxious to get this that when it finally turned up I was amazed! LOVE IT...but then again I am biased....what do you think?

Soo....fancy a little ya? Oh go on then....just cause you asked so nicely!

Excerpt from Claiming Clara...unproofed and unedited.
Clara sipped her beer. So what if she put the bottle down with a little more force than normal? It didn't mean that she was angry. Why would she be angry? After all, it was her decision to end the relationship.
Just because less than forty-eight hours later, her ex was sitting on the other side of the bar with some of his boys and a tiny blonde-easy to kill if Clara thought about it-full human sitting on his lap, didn't mean she was angry or hurt. Oh no sir, she was happy he was moving on.
“So, on a scale of one to ten—ten being uncontrollable pain—screaming and asking for his mother, how much pain do you want to inflict on Wall right now?”
Clara turned to Laney Marsterson, alpha female and Clara’s sister-in-law.
“I am thinking eleven maybe twelve.” Clara told her honestly.
“Do you want me to let Heath off his leash? ’Cause you know he’s wanted to get his hands on Wall since he walked in on you telling me what happened.” Heath was Clara’s alpha and, more worryingly, her big brother.
“No, I shouldn't be angry. Logically I know I broke up with him, he didn't do anything wrong. But there's a part of me that wants him crying into his pillow, not out on the town with some cheap dime store hooker!” Clara growled, causing Laney to look at her in surprise.
“You know as alpha queen bitch I can totally order him back to the pack house minus plastic fantastic if you want me to.” Laney said it with such a straight face Clara couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yeah I can see him really loving that!” Clara said when she finally had control of herself.
“So you want me to pull rank?”
Clara thought about it, but as much as it hurt to see him with another woman, it was no more than she had expected. She was the one who’d broken up with him. Wall had every right to play where and with whomever he wanted.
“No, it’s fine. I’m a big girl I can handle it.” Clara winked at her sister-in-law just as a shadow fell over her. Cara turned and looked up at her big brother.
“What can you handle? Is it Wall? I saw him with that blonde barfly. I warned him what would happen if he hurt you.” Both Clara and Laney made a grab for Heath as he started toward the other side of the room.
“No!” Clara said as she grabbed her big brother’s arm.
Laney jumped in front of her husband and placed a hand on his chest.
“Whoa there wolf-boy, no one said you had to go all Neanderthal. Clara is a big girl, she can look after herself,” Laney spoke calmly.
“She is my little sister.” Heath growled.
“Yes, she is.” Laney nodded. Clara rolled her eyes. She loved her brother more than anything but, by God; he was a pain in the ass sometimes.
“Wall made her cry that means I get to smash his face in.” Heath smiled, showing his fangs.
“I don’t need you fighting my battles,” Clara insisted.
“I decide what this pack needs and he needs his face rearranged,” Heath commented matter-of-factly.
“Is that right? You decide what this pack needs?” Laney gave him a small smile.
Clara let go of her brother’s arm when Laney gently tugged her hand away.
“Yep, that’s right,” Heath crossed his arms over his chest. Seriously, her brother, who had fought for the Alpha role, taken control of the pack, and fought to keep it safe, was such a big dork sometimes.
“Well, can you tell what I need?” Laney winked at him as she stepped closer. “My Alpha,” Clara barely heard the last.
She clearly heard her brother’s deep growl before he reached down, grabbed Laney around her waist, and threw her over his shoulder. Without a backwards glance, he strode toward the exit.
Laney pushed herself up with a hand on Heath’s butt and gave Clara a thumbs up. Clara laughed and waved as they left the building.
She may have a healthy fear of her sister-in-law, after all, the full-human woman had taken on and stood toe to toe with a very powerful older wolf, before helping Heath kill the psychotic man, but she loved her all the same.
Clara dropped back into her seat and picked up her beer bottle. As she took a sip, she glanced back over to Wall’s table. The woman on his lap was giggling loudly at something he had said.
Maybe I should have let Heath give him a beating—if for no other reason than to get that plastic limpet off him.
(C) Cherie Nicholls 2012

I loved writing Clara and Wall's story and I know several of you asked for it! See I do listen!

The first book in the series, Leashed by a Wolf is out now if you want to be introduced to the Alpha's of the Hillside pack, Laney and Heath.......

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Come back on Monday when I have a brand new YA author, Suzanne Fuller, visiting....although she may need some persuading....and you know how I love to persuade!  :D

Until next time remember: Waiting until your Dom/me has a group of friends round, and standing in the middle of the room demanding to know "who made you boss?" just ain't smart......don't say I didn't warn you!


  1. So looking forward to this one!! And the cover is stunning.

  2. Love the cover Cherie. Love Wall too! x

  3. I love the cover too. Cant wait for the book. Congrats again, Cherie.