Saturday, 28 July 2012

bit of a giveaway and GO TEAM GB!!

I can just start with a small shout .. COME ON TEAM GB!!.....

Last night the Opening Ceremony started the London 2012 Olympics. Who else can say that they had Bond bring in The Queen via a parachute jump??  I know right!??!!!

Well this is me, showing off my support!!  Look!!

Yes that is my actual face!

About 100 years ago, perhaps a little less, I was a gymnast. Now as a grown up I love watching it. I'm really looking forward to the syncro swimming too. Oh and the Athletics and, and and, let's face it people I love sports!!  Just about anything active and I am all over it! So excited for this few weeks with the Olympics and Para- Olympics!!  As if you couldn't tell.
Now back to writing.... :D ....   I realised today that it's only 16 days until Claiming Clara is released!!  

To celebrate that I am going to be running a 16 day long comp.....  One lucky winner will get a copy of Claiming Clara.....And one lucky winner will get a copy of Leashed By a Wolf AND Claiming 1 and 2 in The Shifters of Hillside series.

All you need to do is comment on this post.....perhaps you can let me know what your favourite Olympic sport is.. and on the 13th August I will pick the two winners.

Now before I go... remember wearing your Dom/me's underwear over your tights and running around the room shouting "Look at me look at me I'm a superhero" is just weird.....just saying!


  1. I will admit it - sport bores the arse off me. But living in a male-dominated house where the main topics of conversation are football and golf *yawn* and with an Olympics-obsessed 11yo, I have to admit defeat. I watched the archery AND cycling today. Is it over yet?

  2. lol, I was out last night, so iplayered the james bond bit. I must admit i flicked from olympics to Fi qualifying. And if I put on my big girl panties over my tights, i AM wonderwoman. just sayin!

  3. I LOVE the OLYMPICS! I even have an app to keep me up to date.
    Recently I enjoyed the Swimming, all those almost naked fit men!!!
    Actually love watching all of it!
    Go Team GB!

  4. Apart from the opening ceremony I haven't paid much attention to the Olympics. But if I had to chose one to watch them it'll have to be the track events. I'm waiting for Usain 'The Lightning' Bolt. :)

  5. I love the Olympics too. My favorite sport is the diving. I can't imagine diving from 30 meters up. I've been up there and it's a loooonnng way down. LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win. Both books sound good.


  6. My favorite Olympic event is the Closing Ceremonies! I am not really into the who Olympic mania.

  7. Gymnastics.. Like you.. I was a gymnast so long ago! This new scoring and the rules threw me off completely!

  8. So far the medals are rolling in!! GO TEAM GB!!

  9. im so proud of team GB this year! :) i did a little gymnastics when i was younger like yourself, it was great fun, but for me the sport i LOVE to watch, is the swimming.. i loved swimming as a kid and even had a coach i wish i had stuck with it a little more and wasnt such a rebel teen against everything! :( I love watching the swimming and then seeing the faces of the winners..:)
    So sad the first part of the games is coming to an end! :(

    Ana X

  10. Go team GB , I can't believe it's the closing ceremony tonight were has the time gone , now we have the Paralympic s to look forward too .

    Tomorrow your 2nd book is out I can't wait to read it finally xxx