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#SexySnippets from Claiming Clara

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This weeks snippet is from Claiming Clara, book 2 in the Shifters of Hillside series....

You all know I love Wall... *sigh*


“Mmm, you said that earlier, and I have let you sleep all day.” He purposely kept his voice as casual as possible. He knew she expected him to drop straight into his dominant role, but he wouldn’t, not yet. He wanted to keep her off-kilter as long as possible.
“Oh,” she whispered.
“Now that I’ve let you sleep all day, what do you think I should do with you?” Wall asked as he dusted his hands together.


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*sigh* seriously love that man!

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Until next time....don't are never to old to spank!

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#SexySnippet from Tracing His Heart.

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This weeks snippet is from Tracing his Heart, which is part of the Under a Moonlit Night collection of stories.

Let me introduce you to Jones and his Domme......


“What made you ever think you could come into my club, Carter Jones, without having to deal with me?” she said barely above a whisper.
“Rhea,” he said on a breath.
With quick force she reached down and slapped his butt, making him jump.
“This,” she tugged at the white ribbon, “means you get to call me Mistress, boy.”

“Yes, Mistress,”
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I so want to be Rhea when I grow up!

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Until next time....remember the smaller the Domme.....the scarier she can this case size really doesn't matter!

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Christy Gissendaner and Unmasking the Wolf

Unmasking the Wolf
Christy Gissendaner

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Taliesin Publishing

Number of pages: 130
Word Count: 43,898

Book Description:

Gina Moretti is determined to escape her rural home of Clinton, Indiana, a place where wolves have met, married, and mated for generations. As the only daughter of the alpha, she’s lived her entire life under her father’s rule. No way is she ready to find a mate until she’s experienced more of the world. Against her family’s wishes, she goes to Boston where her scientist cousin, Dominic, has offered to give her a place to stay. She stumbles, quite literally, into her cousin’s gorgeous boss.

Lucas Mason, a Southern boy turned self-made millionaire, rose above his poverty stricken childhood and now enjoys a life of luxury in Boston. To honor his murdered sister, he hires her lab partner to continue their research. His employee, Dominic Moretti, is on the brink of creating a method to combat the scent of a wolf when his country cousin breezes in. Luke knows in an instant that Gina is his mate. The only problem is…she doesn’t even realize he’s a wolf. 

As Luke and Dominic get closer to medical trials, an unknown enemy becomes determined to stop them…at any cost. Can Luke discover his foe in time to protect his research…and his mate? And what will happen when Gina finds out he’s not quite as human as he’s led her to believe?   

Short Excerpt
        “Ahhh,” she cried out as she tumbled toward the floor. A pair of strong arms clamped around her and jerked her back to her feet. Embarrassed beyond belief, her cheeks flamed with the knowledge she’d just made a fool of herself. In front of Dominic’s boss, no less. It didn’t take a brain scientist to realize the handsome, make that extremely handsome, man before her was Luke Mason.
        He was sex-on-a-platter hot. Chiseled cheekbones, firm jaw, unbelievably straight nose, and a teensy weensy dimple in the center of his chin. This man was a living, breathing Greek god.
        “Are you okay?” Piercing green eyes locked with hers as Luke’s grip on her arms slowly loosened.
        Gina felt a jolt in the pit of her stomach. Despite Dominic’s warning to blend in, she sniffed the air. She had to. Something about this man called to her animal nature. But there was nothing. Not a trace of the wolf scent. Despite his unbelievable height and incredible physique, only the scent of sandalwood and spice came to her. Disappointment swamped her. He was human.
        Luke continued to watch her. Gina knew he waited for her to speak, but her tongue refused to budge. She’d known he would be good-looking, but the newspaper article hadn’t done him full justice. Instead of a suit, he wore casual jeans and a dark blazer. He had the sort of hair that would curl in the rain. She didn’t know how she knew it. She just did. The golden-brown waves were delightfully rumpled in the middle of his head, as if he’d just risen from bed.
        Gina gave a tiny moan at the thought of him rising naked from the sheets. He would be gloriously golden, with a tight belly and even tighter buttocks. Physical need rocked her to the core. What was up with lusting after a human? Was it merely the fact he was every woman’s wet dream, or something more?
        His sensual lips curved into a sexy smile as he scrubbed a hand over his belly. “Hell of sharp elbow you have there.”
        “Oh God, I’m so sorry.” Gina wanted to sink through the floor. Why was she always such a klutz?
        “Don’t worry about it.” He drawled in a soft, slow tone.
        She’d read he was originally from Jackson, Mississippi. The Southern accent was unbelievably sexy, but not nearly as sexy as the man himself. His face was a mixture of Hollywood leading man and mixed martial arts fighter. He was gorgeous, yet hard. She could easily visualize him serenading a woman one moment, and then fighting to protect her next.

About the Author:
Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons. She’s always hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation!

To find out more, please visit


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#SexySnippets A to Zane

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For this weeks snippet I'm sharing a little snippet from my latest release A to Zane, book 4 in the Shifters of Hillside series.


He placed a hand on either side of the door frame, caging her in. He bent down so they were eye to eye.
“How about this? If you don’t get your fine ass in my room in the next five seconds, I’m going to rip the clothes from your body and fuck you against this door.”
The smile she gave him settled low in his stomach. Abby reached out and turned the door handle.
“You should’ve just said that in the first place,”


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Until next time....don't pull a tiger by his never know how he'll punish you.

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Release Day for #AtoZane!

It's here, it's finally here.

After well over a year of writing, re-writing, blood, sweat and tears A to Zane is finally being published!!!

I wanted to share with you the first part of chapter one....and the hot cover art!


When Zane spots Abby, his tiger demands he stop everything and pursue. Zane couldn't agree more. Kickass she may be, but he knows just how to handle prickly women in denial of their own sexuality.

Abby has enough to do dealing with her overprotective family and friends. It’s practically a full-time job just keeping them out of jail. She really doesn't need a sexy tiger shifter throwing her libido into overdrive.

She has a business to run, and no matter how pretty the kitty is, she has more important things to deal with.

However, when her past catches up with her, the kitty may just prove to be her salvation. Damn it! 

Chapter 1
If this was any other place, Zane would have found a dark corner to sit in with his back against the wall watching everyone and everything in the room. A carryover from his days in the service, but one he couldn’t break, not that he’d tried very hard.
He cast a cautious glance at the corners again. His perch at the end of the bar, more open than he was used to with only one wall to his left, made his fur tingle. But the shadows and corners were off limits to him this evening. In a club like this, he was safer out in the open. Zane snorted. Safer? When had he become such a prude? His buddies would die laughing at him right now. One friend was standing behind the bar grinning like a cat. Ironic seeing as he was a wolf shifter. Jones had more tattoos than the last time Zane’d seen him. The wolf was larger than most, almost as tall as Zane, which seemed to give him more room for ink.
“It’s killing you, ain’t it?” Even Jones’ voice held a grin.
“Remind me to punch you in the face later.”
Jones laughed and went to serve a customer. There was a strong two drink minimum policy here, or so Zane had been told when he’d arrived. That rule was only for those not “playing” tonight. Anyone partaking of the delicacies offered was allowed soft drinks or water only.
Zane looked down at the soda in his hands and shook his head. Trust Carter Jones to invite him to a place like this.
Newly mated Carter, Jones to his friends, got in touch and invited Zane to swing past when he was next in town. It wasn’t to Jones’ pack house in Hillside he’d been invited to but a town about thirty miles away. Although the mutt conveniently forgot to mention his new mate was also his Domme and the owner of a BDSM club.
“So, Mr. Anderson, how are you enjoying your night?”
Zane looked down at Rhea, dressed in a pair of tight leather pants and corset. She was cute, he would admit it, but he wasn’t really one to kneel down to others.
“Please, call me Zane. Your place is nice. Can’t say I have much experience in others but can’t complain.”
“Aww, did I just burst your cherry, Zane?”
He smiled at her. She suited Jones down to a tee. “You could say that.”
“Oh good. I do love de-flowering virgins.” She winked before heading back out onto the floor.
Zane sat with his back against the wall, watching the room with half an eye. People in different levels of undress were all around. A couple of females with white ribbons on their arms caught his attention.
“Jones, what’s with the white ribbons?” he asked when his friend came within earshot again.
“It means they are free, not tied to any one Dom. They’re open to play dates that’ll last this evening and no longer.”
“Wow, no-strings-attached sex.”
“Yep, pretty much. Of course, there are rules, and if I thought you were really interested I’d go through them, but I know you too well, my friend.” Carter placed another soda in front of him and nodded toward the stage. “That’s my girl up there.”
Zane turned and saw Rhea on stage with a whip in her hand. She swung it with a skill he admired and made a mental note not to let her near him with it.
“Hey, Abby doll.”
“Hey   Jones, I come bearing stuff from Wall. He says to tell you this bag has all the clothes you asked for and that he totally smashed your score on the video game that shall, and I quote, ‘forever be called Wall’s domain’.”
The voice drew Zane’s attention like a moth to a flame. He couldn’t not look.
Standing about three feet to his right was a woman with long brown hair, dark loose trousers and a black long sleeve T-shirt on. In a place like this, she stood out like a sore thumb.
“Let him bask in his glory. I’ll be home soon, and then his little party will be over.”
Zane sniffed the air, full human. How was she part of Jones’ pack?
“Whatever. I came, I saw, I delivered as requested. Now I’m heading home.” She turned, the move brushing some of the hair away from her face, giving Zane a glimpse of beauty that made his tiger sit up and pay attention.
“Well now, little girl, who said you could wear shoes in my place?” Abby’s exit was stalled as she came face to face with Rhea.
“Err, I didn’t know. I’m not staying.”
Rhea took a step toward her, forcing Abby to back up until she was pressed against the bar right next to him.
“I asked you a question, little girl. I expect an answer.”
Zane flicked a look at Jones, who was silently laughing.
“I’m not a member here… I just came to give Jones some of his stuff… I’m not staying so didn’t think … I had to take my shoes off,” Abby stammered.
Zane watched as Rhea leaned in closer. It looked as if Abby was trying to press her way through the solid bar.
“Then I guess it’s a good thing you’re part of my pack then, isn’t it, Abby doll?” Rhea hugged Abby close, then stepped back. “Damn, Abby, sometimes you are too easy. How many times have I told you? Stand up for yourself, and for the love of God, stop hiding behind these awful clothes.” Rhea tugged at Abby’s shirt.
“Rhea! You’re mean, and you know it.” Abby blew out a shaky breath but visibly relaxed.
“Abby doll, you fall for it every time.” Jones reached over and rubbed the top of Abby’s head, messing up her hair. “Here, let me introduce you to a friend of mine. Abby, this is Zane Anderson, an old friend. Zane, this is Abby Short.”
The shy smile she gave him had him wanting to wrap her in Bubble Wrap and keep her safe.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Anderson.” Abby held out a hand, and Zane felt like a giant as his hand engulfed hers. His nearly six feet eight inches made him tall, and although she was of average height, Abby looked so small standing there.
“Please call me Zane.”
“Abby is Laney’s cousin,” Jones explained. Zane met the tiny little nutcase on a visit the year before. It explained why Abby was considered pack, and why they felt comfortable teasing her.
“Yep, cousin of Laney, that’s me. Although don’t worry, I won’t threaten you like she does,” Abby assured him.
“If I remember rightly, she promised to make me into a throw rug for something. Can’t be sure exactly what it was, but I do remember the threat.” He was aware of Abby discreetly trying to pull her hand free of his grip, but he wasn’t ready to let go just yet.
“Should I apologize?”
“No, I probably deserved it.”
“Okay, well I have to go. It was nice to meet you.” This time her tug was more forceful.
Zane let her go and watched as the little mouse ran for the door. When he turned back to Jones, both he and Rhea were standing there watching him.
“Two things. Laney will have your balls if you mess with her cousin,” Jones said.
“And don’t let the little shy girl thing fool you. Laney might have the crazy gene, and I say that with serious love and affection for my alpha. But Abby doesn’t need to worry about that. She has connections that make Laney look super sweet,” Rhea added.
“Is that right?”
“Yes, it is. So Laney might have your balls if you mess with her, but Abby’s other friends, well they’ll do so much worse.”
Zane gave them a half smile. “I do like a challenge.”


*sigh* I adore Abby and Zane I really do.

Let me know what you think.

Until next time.....Dom/me's may be hard asses but trust me they have the best sense of humor! Just so you know...

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#SexySnippets from Empress by Cherie Nicholls

Hay all,

This week or my snippets I am giving you a little FemDom. I hope you enjoy EMPRESS as much as I enjoyed writing it.

“I want to see you naked in ten seconds or … well, you really don’t want to know what the ‘or’ is.”
David nodded and rushed to comply

“Five, four, three, two … one.” As she finished the countdown, he stood gloriously naked. His trousers were puddled at his feet. The sight brought a smile to her face. “Aren’t you a good boy, kitten?”

Empress is out now FREE, yeah you heard me right FREE!! It's part of a collection of stories set around a costume party. There are Nine other stories in LOVE IN THE CARDS, and they are all FREE....did I mention it was free?? It's on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all good ebook sellers

Now don't forget to check out the other authors taking part in this weeks Snippets, just click on the image below to be taken to the full list!

Until next time remember: In this day and age I shouldn't have to tell's not just men that like to dominate....a lady with power, man that is a whole another level....take it from me....a lady with power....heh..

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@ParkerKincade and Shadow of Sin #giveaway

Please welcome Parker Kincade, she's swinging by to let you know all about Shadow of Sin her latest release and she's doing a great giveaway too!

Shadow of Sin

By Parker Kincade


When the past won’t die…


A man determined to protect her…
Caleb Martin is no stranger to hazardous situations. He's seen enough bloodshed to last two lifetimes. When an innocent evening takes a dangerous turn, Caleb takes matters into his own hands. If she wants his help, it’s his rules, his way. Period.

A woman who won’t be controlled…
When it comes to relationships, Samantha keeps things casual, unassuming. Safe. Caleb Martin is far from safe. His ‘my way or the highway’ attitude pushes all the wrong buttons, and she’d sworn no man would have that kind of power over her again.

A hunger that won’t be denied…
Protecting Samantha from the man that stalks her shouldn't test his patience—or his control—but her smart mouth and hot Irish temper stoke the fuel of his desire. She is pure sin—a distraction he doesn’t need, a temptation he can’t resist.

Despite their animosity, Caleb has starred in her fantasies for years. His ruthless sensuality proves to be more potent than she ever imagined. As Caleb masters her body, Samantha must keep a tight grip her heart.

Buy Links


Barnes and Noble:

All Romance eBooks:

Author Bio and Links

Parker Kincade is the award-winning erotic romance author of The Martin Family Series. Her first novel, One Night Stand, won the 2013 Reader’s Crown Award for Best First Book, the category of Best Erotic Romance in the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Golden Claddagh contest and was named finalist in the Romance Writers of America/Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest.

Parker lives in the southern United States with her husband, children and beloved boxer sidekick. She loves reading, playing golf, spending time with her family and friends, ice cream from the ice cream truck, taking her dog to the park and watching old musicals. 


He turned to her. Heat pooled in her stomach as his gaze traveled slowly, deliberately, from her face. He seemed to take in every inch of her before stopping to linger over her bare legs. “I don’t sleep much. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”
“You didn’t.” The devil in her insisted she cross her legs, exposing more of her thigh to his view. She enjoyed his eyes on her, as if he saw the woman she was instead of the pain in his ass he’d claimed her to be. She was tempting fate, knowing that any second he’d remember who she was and that look in his eye would change.
For now, she’d use any means to distract him from his pain. Her pain would come later, when she was alone again.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Talk about what?”
“Why you’re still up.”
 He chucked a thumb at the windows. “Daytime.”
She clamped her mouth shut before she said something she’d regret. And he thought she was stubborn. She pulled in a slow, steady breath. “True, but barely. On a normal day, I wouldn’t be up yet.”
“Exactly. Go. Rest.” He closed his eyes as if to shut her out.
She could feel his irritation, but, this time, it wasn’t directed at her. It gave her hope as she pressed on.
“Are you hungry? I could make us some breakfast. If you don’t mind me searching through your fridge, I’m sure I could find something edible.” In fact, she’d been surprised at the amount of food she’d seen. She’d half expected him to only have beer and water and maybe a stray bottle of ketchup. Like Alec’s fridge.
“For the love of christ, what do you want? I don’t want to eat. I don’t want to talk.” He sighed, apparently resigned to her company a few minutes more. “What do you want, Samantha?”
Right now? To slap the shit out of you.
Hurt invaded her chest as she stared back at him. Gone was the pain she’d seen earlier, as well as the male interest. What remained was the Caleb she knew. Cold, hard, angry.
She shoved the hurt away and bit back the sharp retort he deserved. She softened her features, allowing herself to appear vulnerable. It wasn’t much of a stretch. “Can I stay with you?”

* * *

Even as he said the words, his cock came to life. It seemed the lower half of his body thought it was a very good idea. And seeing her in nothing but his T-shirt wasn’t helping. Jesus, he hoped she had panties on under there. A bigger, harder, part of him hoped that she didn’t.
Samantha shifted, exposing more of her delectable thighs. “It’s not like I’m asking you to get a root canal. You can wipe that horrified look off your face.”
Caleb checked his expression, doing his best to appear calm, bored even. She’d surprised the hell out of him, coming in his room like she had.
He was angry. Angry with himself and the past that wouldn’t free him. Angry at her for being here, for looking as if she belonged here. This was his space, damn it. How was he supposed to relax with her prancing around half naked, knowing she’d pleasured herself and called his name?
He wasn’t stupid. He suspected it was his fault she was awake, and now she was here—checking on him as if he was a child who needed coddling. He didn’t need coddling. His body demanded the satisfaction that would only come from pounding his aching flesh deep into her soft, wet pussy.
As tempting as that idea may be, he was still trying to wrap his head around how he felt about her.
“You’re tired. You don’t know what you’re asking.” And he couldn’t think straight. He was low on sleep and even lower on patience. He shoved his hands into his hair and blew out a breath. “You can’t be in here. Go back to bed.” Before he forgot all the reasons he shouldn’t fuck her silly.
“Why did I think… God, I’m such an —” She closed her mouth, her lips drawn into a thin, tight line. Her cheeks flushed as she advanced on him. “I’m sick of you judging me. Telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. If you hadn’t noticed, my night sucked. Hell, the last year has sucked. So, you can shove your overinflated male ego up your own ass. I’m not asking you to have sex with me for chrissake.” She stumbled back and planted her butt on the edge of the bed. “Just for once, Caleb, can’t you set aside your feelings? Forget your stupid sense of responsibility where I’m concerned and just be here for me like a normal person?”
What the fuck?
“My stupid sense of what?
The laugh that escaped her lips made him uneasy.
“You heard me, horseman.” She eased back to her feet and sauntered toward him. “You think I don’t know how you feel about me? Let me see … troublemaker, instigator, bad influence.” She ticked off the words on her fingers. “Oh, and my personal favorite … menace. Really, Caleb. Menace? That’s a little strong don’t you think?” She fisted her hands on her hips, her eyes glittering with unshed tears. “I know you don’t like me. If it weren’t for Amanda and Alec, I wouldn’t be here and we both know it.” Her chest rose and fell in rapid succession as she glared at him. “And I’m sick of being your charity case.”
Caleb fought the urge to look away. She hadn’t lied about the words he’d uttered to describe her over the years, but to have them slung back at him just pissed him off.
“You want to know what I’m sick of, Samantha? I’m sick of you pushing my buttons. I’m sick of your stubborn-assed attitude when it comes to your own safety and I’m fucking sick and tired of you calling me horseman!” His shout rattled the windows, but he didn’t care. He was on a roll now, like a fucking train wreck, unable to stop.
Crossing his arms over his chest, he glared down at her. “If you and Amanda hadn’t decided the woods were the best place to partake in a little underage drinking, the boys and I wouldn’t have had to saddle up to go find your drunk asses before some wild animal made you a snack. Did you ever think of that, Samantha? During your little adventure with my baby sister, did you stop to consider the consequences? Do you ever?”
Samantha made a noise of disgust and stormed from the room. “This is what I get for trying to be nice,” she yelled.
Caleb went after her, following her into the spare room. “Nice? Nice?” The floodgates were open, his anger and frustration leaving any sense of self-preservation in the dust. “You think calling us the horsemen of the apocalypse is nice? Is that fun for you? Because all it does is remind me of being scared out of my ever-loving mind that something was going to … that Amanda …” No, he wasn’t going back there.
Not. Going. There.
“And as for my stupid sense of responsibility, I protect what’s mine, damn it!”
Samantha’s sharp intake of breath drifted through his angry haze and punched him in the gut. She sank back to the bed and wiped the tear that escaped the corner of her eye.
It was like ice water to his soul.
This woman tested his restraint. No other woman, save his sister, had ever pushed him so hard. It was infuriating and intoxicating at the same time. She left him off balance, out of control—two things that spelled disaster where he was concerned.
Caleb ran his hands through his hair, settling his palms on the back of his neck.
His heart skipped a beat as emotion played out on her face. Sadness, regret, and finally … resolve.
“Get out.” Her voice was soft. “God, what was I thinking? Just get out.”
He stood there, unable to move as he struggled to comprehend the vulnerability pouring out of her. His gaze traveled over the delicate features of her face, the line of her shoulders. The rise of her breasts, her slim waist, and long legs. Her feet were bare. Her toenails were painted a rich red that spoke of fire. Passion.
She shifted on the bed and winced, making him feel like a total ass. Again. Her night had sucked. With her tough-as-nails attitude, Caleb hadn’t considered she might actually need comforting.
 He took a deep breath. “I’ll stay.”
Her eyes, blue and blazing, snapped up. “Of course you will. Because why in the hell would you listen to me?”
“You asked me to stay.”
“I asked you to leave.”
“As you so diligently pointed out earlier, I don’t listen.” And he still had things to say.
She rubbed her temples, as if their argument had given her a headache. “Fine. Whatever.”
“Samantha. Look at me.” When she didn’t move, he crouched in front of her. He tilted her chin until she looked at him. “I don’t dislike you. I need you to know that.”
She offered him a sad smile. “The gesture is appreciated, Caleb. Thank you.” She pulled her face away.
Refusing to let her retreat, he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and cupped her face. Soft, warm skin greeted his palm. He brushed his thumb across her cheek, amazed by its smoothness. “It’s the truth. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean —”
She put a finger to his lips and he barely resisted the urge to open his mouth and taste her.
“Yes, you did. And it’s okay. We may not get along, but at least you’ve never lied to me. Please don’t start now. I’m a big girl, Caleb. I can take it. And I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for not considering your feelings where Amanda is concerned.”
 Her touch rocked him. Revamped his desire to have her wet and screaming his name. “I’m sorry for all that.” He offered her what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “I’m so used to you calling me horseman now, I’m afraid I’d never answer to anything else from your lips.” Those sweet, succulent lips. “What is it about you that makes me so crazy?” he murmured.
She chuckled. “I’m too tired to fight anymore, Caleb. The best course of action would be to find the evidence I need to bury Matteo. Then we can move on.”
The mention of her stalker snapped his brain back to attention. He had a job to do. Eliminate the threat and protect Samantha.
Best he remember that.
Distractions led to mistakes. He couldn’t afford any more mistakes.
He forced his voice level, undemanding. “It’d be a lot easier if you’d let us help. Let me help. Trust me to take care of this for you.”
Asking for her trust was a long shot. In truth, he probably didn’t deserve it. But, he had to try. Needed to try. He would protect her.
“Trust you?” She seemed to consider his words. After a moment, she surprised him by nodding. “I can’t promise miracles, but I’ll do my best to follow your lead … until this is over.”
Caleb resisted the insane urge to pump his fist in the air. “So, we have a deal then?”
She caressed her fingers over his jaw. He leaned into her gentle touch, feeling it all the way to his bones.
“Oh, now you’re willing to make deals?” She looked him dead in the eye. “All right then, but once Matteo is caught and the threat against me is gone? You’ll go on with your life and I’ll go on with mine, and hopefully, we can stay out of each other’s way. That’s the deal.”
She dropped her hand to her lap.
“After this, Caleb, we’re done.”


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#SexySnippets from Claiming Clara

Hi guys,

This weeks Sexy Snippets is from Claiming all remember Wall from Leashed by a Wolf? Well this is how he got his lady love.

“Good girl, my own.” He stroked his hand down her back to her ass. “These are not a favorite, are they?” He fingered the elastic of her panties.
“Laney bought them from the hospital store.”
Wall released his claws, ripping the pink cotton in seconds. He heard Clara’s gasp before she moaned. He grinned. She was perfect for him.

Claiming Clara is out now available from Liquid Silver Books and all good ebook sellers

As always there are loads of people joining in the sexy the image below to be taken to the list.

Until next time.....Spankings are not just for Christmas....heh

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#SexySnippets from A to Zane by Cherie Nicholls

Hay All,

Snippets time again! This time my seven comes from A to Zane my coming soon release....Shifters of Hillside Book 4

“Again.” She ordered.
Zane released her breast. He pushed up on one arm, and with his free hand, he slapped her ass again.
Abby sucked in air through her teeth and ground her pussy against his thigh.
For a second he froze. “Fuck it,” he swore. 

A to Zane is coming soon...

Now don't forget that there are several other authors joining in today just click on the image below and you get taken to the list.

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@RavenMcAllan and her Girl on the Bus

Hi all, well here I am again 'darn sarf' and loving it.  You see my mum was a down and out cockney. Born within the sound of Bow Bells and all that. Then she lived near the Elephant And Castle. (For those who didn't know its really London)and I'm proud it's in my heritage.
When I get together with Cherie I start remembering how my mum spoke and by the end of our visit I'm talking southern again.
 I have to giggle because more and more I'm setting my Stories in Scotland where I now live, and I have to get the Scottish slang correct. My son's mates are a great help, and so far haven't told me anything wrong. (Well as far as I know) As I told one of them, I knew you when you fell over the doorstep and sang out of time in the lane…

My latest story, The Girl on the Bus is set in Glasgow. My poor cover artist, Sour Cherry Designs, was asked for a bus with Glasgow on. She came up trumps. I love this cover. The story is partly set in Dommissima, the BDSM club featured in Master, It never fails to amaze me how people say Glasgow is dull, dreary, dreich, and grey. Oh no it isn't. (Well yes bits are, but you tell me a city that isn't in parts) I haven't based Dommissima on any specific building, but I know where it is, and but I know exactly where in which streets things happen.


Julia ran out on Rob five years ago, so she cannot be the face he sees on the bus. However, when she ends up being the one taking notes at his meeting, he knows he will move heaven and earth to make her his once more.
Will she agree, or will she run again?

Here's a wee (see Scottish slang pops up even here) teaser for you…this is the start…

Tay Mackinnon drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, unconsciously mimicking the beat of a popular TV motor racing program blasting out from the I Player. He loved hot hard and heavy music, interspersed with softer gentler tunes. He was, he admitted, hard to pigeonhole and was unrepentantly pleased about the fact.
Now stuck behind the double decker bus that disgorged its passengers from the middle of the road rather than in the bus stop—where a white van man was receiving the trough edge of the bus drivers tongue, he refused to lose his temper. He had more than enough time, the music was great, and the sun was shining.
The roof of his top of the range sports car was down, and he ignored the fumes and noises of the city. He was as happy with that as the scents and sounds of the Scottish countryside where he lived whenever possible. Tay was comfortable in his skin and his life and refused to get upright because some ignoramus couldn't be bothered to read the road signs. An approaching traffic warden would sort him out.
 The bus began to move off slowly and Tay let the clutch out and began to follow it.  It turned a corner and Tay went to continue straight on until a profile on the upper deck made him change his mind and swap lanes. The horn that blared out was well deserved, but for once Tay couldn't give a monkeys.
That profile … oh that profile. It couldn't be, surely he was kidding himself? One night five years ago, and how on earth would he know for sure? But the hair, fine and like silver silk shot with diamonds that glittered and sparkled in the light. It was her hair, her profile … wasn't it?
Get a grip man. That was the other side of the country
However Tay was as certain as he could be. He'd been looking unconsciously for all that time. So often he'd almost walked up to someone and said "Silver?" only to stop at the last moment before some unknown woman would think he was screwy or a stalker. Once he'd almost lost his balls, when a guy had objected to Tay saying the word to a woman Tay hadn't even realized was with the guy. He'd made his apologies and retreated, letting the smug bastard brag about how big and tough he was and no one messed with him ever. Not a Dom, just a half pissed Glasgow Ned. Tay was sorry, but no way could he give much credulence to a guy with a tattoo of Hello kitty on his neck. In full color at that. Even so, Tay was a lot more chary of approaching anyone now. A writhing, crying, so called macho man wouldn't go down well. He could imagine the headlines… No don't imagine them, just carry on and see if yet again your memory is playing games. And don't bloody crash. He slammed his brakes on as the bus stopped, and wrenched his mind back to the present.

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Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.
She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.
A lover of reading, she appreciates the history inside a book, and the chance to peek into the lives of those from years ago. Raven admits that she enjoys the research for her books almost as much as the writing; so much so, that sometimes she realizes she's strayed way past the information she needs to know, and not a paragraph has been added to her WIP.
Her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.

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