Sunday, 13 January 2013

#SexySnippet from Eclipse of the Blood Moon


Ok so for this weekend I thought I would give you a little snippet from Property Lines, part of The Eclipse of the Blood Moon Anthology....


When the blood moon coincides with Halloween, the forces of darkness unite to wreak their evil spells. Will this All Hallows Eve bring joy or sorrow? Curses abound and destiny calls, as a vampire watches over his human. Devils atone to the moon, and shifters hunt their mate on land protected by a powerful white witch. An angel takes human shape to protect the gypsy girl he loves, and a black widow hunts her prey in human form.
In these five chilling and sexy tales, is love enough to break the cycle? Or is all lost under the orange glow of the menacing sphere in the sky?


Her lips were suckable, and, man, did he feel the need to suck, nibble, and kiss them.
“Because I’m not just good at everything I do. I’m the best you’ll ever know.”
Celeste leaned forward giving him a glimpse of her succulent breasts down the V-neck of her t-shirt.
“Doubtful.” She said before biting in to her burger.
Adam watched her eat and wondered if he’d ever seen anything more erotic.


Buy link: Evernight Publishing


Don't forget if you want to see the rest of the Snippets just click on the below image!

Until next time ....remember.... shouting "get your own god damn paddles" never gonna  end well.....don't say I didn't warn ya! 


  1. Suckable lips and succulent breasts. Sure, that's erotic. ;)

  2. Love this! Eclipse of the Blood Moon is certainly a hot read!

  3. Love how she doesn't miss a beat and chomps into the burger. Sexy snippet.

  4. I must go get this book. Excellent snippet.