Saturday, 19 January 2013

What a writer does when she can't write

As the title suggests I have been having some issues with writing.

I love writing,  it's really quite social. Which I know most find shocking but its true! Honest guv'ner!

Sometimes, and most every writer will tell you the have this too, you have the desire to write, but the words don't always flow....

so what does a writer do when they can't write....well I can only tell you what I've done this past week...

so  this is before: 

This is during:

And this is now:

Yep that's right. When this writer isn't writing she is, well this week anyway, getting a tattoo.

What?! I hear you cry. I know it's not something most people would expect me to do. And then to have it in such a obvious place like my wrist is yet another WHAT?! moment I know.

But I have been thinking about it for years and decided that now was the right time.

I wasn't sure what to have and then I saw some images of  paw prints, specifically a wolf print and then it just came to me

The numbers were easier, they are my lucky numbers and have a strong meaning for me so that was simple. As a Paranormal Romance author I had the paws to but there was one thing missing..... the in the fourth and final paw I have a heart.

So that's what a writer does when she can't write....she has someone else do the writing for permanent ink...on her skin.....

hmm...when you say it  like that its just weird!

So that's me...another week in my life......thrilling right...Don't roll your eyes! Rude!

Until next time....remember....using your Shibari rope to make a lasso and yell ride them cowboy.....will be taken as a request.....don't say I didn't warn ya!


  1. I love that tat, such a cool idea. But, you best get back to writing Missus, cause I LOVE your stories :-)

  2. Love the meaning behind each number. And YES as Doris said get back to writing NOW!

  3. Love the tat! Hopefully you were able to relax and let your mind flow and come up with some new ideas. Sometimes just getting out of your everyday helps! Hope it helped.