Thursday, 21 February 2013

20 Questions with @MamaD8 aka Doris O'Connor

Today is have multi-talented Doris O'Connor answering my 20 questions.

Take it away Doris.... *grabs popcorn and gets comfy*

Full name: Doris O'Connor
Genre you write for: Paranormal and Contemporary Erotica and Erotic Romance. In that I write across several sub-genres.
Latest release:  Sol And The MagicFingers

1) If you were born in the regency era would you be above stairs or below?

Doris: I would love to say above stairs, but as my family background is very much solidly working class, I reckon I'd have been the scullery maid working my way up.

2) Shifter? Which would you be?

Doris: Tiger or Panther. Any big cat really J

3) Favourite colour?

Doris: Blue

4) Morning person or night?

Doris: Night. I could quite happily stay up all night. Infact my natural body rhythm is stay up until 3.00 … 4.00 am and then not get up until about 11.00 am. Sadly having children means I can't do that, though I rarely go to bed before midnight, and I'm a terrible grump in the morning.

5) You're stuck on a desert island. Apart for your loved ones, which three things would you take and why?

Doris: Magical e-reader that never runs out of power and books. Sun screen, because we all burn easily, and a never ending supply of chocolate.

6) What place in the world would you live out the rest of your days?

Doris: Somewhere warm all year round, next to the sea.

7) If you weren't a writer what job would you have?

Doris: I would still be what I am now—a wife and mother. Eventually I would be in the caring profession I reckon.

8) What did you want to be when you were a child?

Doris: Heh, a waitress, a tour guide, a cowboy, an air stewardess, a model, an actress… the list was endless, lol.

9) If you were only allowed to write for one genre for the rest of your life what would it be?

Doris: Oh, lordy me. My muse would die…It's too unpredictable to be restrained like that.

10) Tea or coffee?

Doris: Both, coffee in the morning and during the day. Tea in the evening.

11) What your favourite letter of the alphabet? Can be any alphabet in any language you speak.

Doris: Sssssssssssssss because of the sound it makes.

12) You are having a dinner party you can invite 5 other people, dead or alive, who are they?

Doris: My gran, Marilyn Monroe, my granddad (cause I never met him, and he sounds fascinating), Jane Austen, and Alexander Skarsgard.

13) What is your favourite word?

Doris: Pathetic

14) What is your favourite song?

Doris: Ave Maria

15) What environment do you write best in? Noisy? Silence? Music?

Doris: Background noise that I can tune out.

16) City, country or seaside?

Doris: City by the seaside and close to the country. Yep I'm having my cake and eating it ;-)

17) If you could go back in time to any era, decade, age when would it be?

Doris: The 80s, they were fun!

18) PC or MAC

Doris: PC

19) Can you confirm that everyone does in fact need to know at least one CHERIE. Because well, we are geniuses... 

Doris: Well, naturally. Where would we be without at least one Cherie in our lives J

20) What can we expect next from you?

Doris: I have another Romance On The Go Title coming in March. This is the start of a new series of Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Readers will have 'met' him and his Escort services in my free read, Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
This one is Natasha's story, who is a Breast Cancer survivor.

Personal links: Website  Blog Twitter Facebook

Thanks Doris!!

Until next time remember....don't mess with authors that have subbie character with the same name as you and a Dom/me who has creative ways to punish that sub....general warning there.... YOU ROCK DORIS!! hahahahahahahahahah  *fingers crossed for Cherie and her Dom, Ink*


  1. Alexander Skarsgard..... Well now I have to gatecrash that Dinner Party Doris!!!

    Looking forward to the ROG story, really enjoyed Mr SG!

    1. Well if you do he's all mine! NOT sharing him ;-) lol
      Thanks, Dee.

  2. Hi Doris. Looking forward to MrSG Natasha! I can really see you in the Caring Profession! Great answers!

  3. Thanks for the questions, Cherie. They were fun...*ponders what Ink may do to Cherie in a future story*