Monday, 18 February 2013

20 Questions with @WendiZwaduk

Today's 20 questions is with the fab Wendi Zwaduk.

Take it away Wendi!!! *points spot light directly on to Wendi*

Full name: Wendi Zwaduk
Genre you write for: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Latest release: Somewhere I Belong

1) If you were born in the regency era would you be above stairs or below? 

Wendi: Below. It’s much more fun on the down low. J

2) Shifter? Which would you be? 

Wendi: Cat shifter. Tiger? Cheetah maybe? As long as I can flick my tail and walk away and people think it’s cute, then I’m good.

3) Favourite colour? 

Wendi: BLUE!!

4) Morning person or night? 

Wendi: Night time. For whatever reason, I get more done.

5) You're stuck on a desert island. Apart for your loved ones, which three things would you take and why? 

Wendi: Hmm. No electricity... A generator, gasoline for said generator, my laptop with wifi connection.

6) What place in the world would you live out the rest of your days?

Wendi: I don’t know there’s one place I’d live. There are so many things I want to do before the great poof...Probably though my little plot of land in Ohio.

7) If you weren't a writer what job would you have? 

Wendi: Snort. I’d still be teaching. I have a degree in art, so I’d probably have given up the high school gig to teach elementary art. 

8) What did you want to be when you were a child? 

Wendi: A Teacher or Debbie Gibson (80’s teen sensation...I was like 8 when she was popular)

9) If you were only allowed to write for one genre for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Wendi: Erotic Romance. (Snicker. E-Rom can be so broad. Oh, you want me to be more specific?) Contemporary Erotic Romance.

10) Tea or coffee? 

Wendi: Neither. I melted a chocolate bunny in coffee to make it taste better. Sadly to say, the bunny gave his all for me to realize I still didn’t like coffee.

11) What your favourite letter of the alphabet? 

Wendi: Z!

12) You are having a dinner party you can invite 5 other people, dead or alive, who are they? 

Wendi: John Lennon, Billy Joel, Gary Allan, Jesse James, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (Yep, I’m strange)

13) What is your favourite word? 

Wendi: Flibbitz (from the movie Despicable Me)

14) What is your favourite song? 

Wendi: Smoke Rings in the Dark (Gary Allan) and Summer, Highland Falls (Billy Joel)

15) What environment do you write best in? Noisy? Silence? Music? 

Wendi: Loud!! I need music or the tv in the background. Too quiet and I lose focus.

16) City, country or seaside? 

Wendi: Country

17) If you could go back in time to any era, decade, age when would it be? 

Wendi: The 1960s to say I actually lived through the time period.

18) PC or MAC: 

Wendi: PC

19) Can you confirm that everyone does in fact need to know at least one CHERIE. Because well, we are geniuses...  

Wendi: Yes and she helps rescue dogs find homes. Love her!

20) What can we expect next from you? 

Wendi: Hopefully soon I’ll get John’s story, the follow up to Somewhere I Belong, done before the end of the year. J
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Thanks for taking part Wendi!

Until next time....remember....photoshoping bunny ears, a ball gag and the words, "I Love Being A Sub Bunny" onto a picture of your Dom/ it and see what happens, just don't blame me! hehehehe


  1. Do it! Do it! Do it! (I'm a total instigator *G*)
    Thanks for having me! This was all kinds of fun!

  2. wow love this. What a great mix of people at your table. Can I come as well please?

  3. Great to get to know you Wendi! I agree being downstairs in the Regency era sounds like more fun plus you always know what is happening upstairs!

  4. *giggles*

    fab interview, and nice to meet you Wendi :-)