Sunday, 17 February 2013

#SexySnippet from Tease by @cherienicholls

This week I thought I would share a little snippet from the recent Valentines Free Read we ran on The Nuthouse Scribblers.

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Izzy lent forward and tapped it, his cock swayed and then grew hard, longer still.
“Impressive.” She complimented.
“Thank you my mistress.” Pre-cum peeked out for the top and slid down his length.
            “I’m going to have fun with this. Is that what you want, boy?” 


I do so love a "commanding " lady. I've been told that I should write more FemDom stuff.....let me know what you think.
Until next's not the size of the dom/me that matters, it's how quickly they can get you on your knees with a quirk of the eyebrow......just saying


  1. *Cracks whip*

    Oh yes, you definitely need to write more Femdom!!

  2. Femdoms are right up your alley, Cherie. ;)

  3. Love me some D/s -- doesnt matter who the TOP is. Great snippet.

  4. GET on with the next Femdom... LOVE it

  5. Cherie I led a sheltered life before you came along :)