Sunday, 31 March 2013

#SexySnippets from Lilly

Hi All!!

Welcome back! I hope you've been enjoying the snippets that have been going out.

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This week I'm sharing a little from Lilly, part of the free read called Lucky's Charms


Lilly knows two things, no-one can mix a cocktail like her and Mikal is a stuck up tiger shifter who doesn't like having her around. So she's split when a stupid tigress strolls into the club, in heat. Does she leave Mikal to fall fowl of this stranger or does she help out and distract the tiger from making a mistake the man will never forget?

“I warned you, this is not going to be sweet.”
“Are you really still talking?” she shot back.
Mikal raised an eyebrow at her before thrusting his hard length into her wet heat.
He didn’t know if he groaned or she did. It was the sound of bliss. She felt so good around him that Mikal didn’t know if he’d ever want to be anywhere else.

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