Sunday, 28 April 2013

#SexySnippet - Breathless Kiss by Cherie Nicholls

Hay All,

This weeks Sexy Snippet is from my currently work in progress, Breathless Kiss....disclaimer I ain't edited or spell checked, so bear with on this please! :D

Breathless Kiss by Cherie Nicholls

He switched the position of his hand, using the heel of it on her clit and slipped a finger in to her wet heat.
“Mm, that feels good. Doesn’t it feel good, baby.”
She didn’t say a word, Luke tugged at her hair again, pulling her head back so he could speak directly into her hear. 
“You give me what I want, I give you want you want. “ He pumped his finger into her “I don’t get what I want, neither do you.” He slipped his hand from her panties and stood back pulling his hips from her. 
“No.” She moaned.

Copyright 2013 Cherie Nicholls

As always there are loads of other people sharing their snippets, just click on the image below and you will be taken to the list. There's bound to be something that perks you up on this lazy Sunday.

I'm heading to RT (Romantic Times Convention), if you're going come say Hi!!

Until next time remember: locking all your Dom/mes handcuffs together and hiding the keys...well....don't call me when you can't sit down for a week! Don't say I didn't warn ya.


  1. Oh no. She better start cooperating. ;)

    Have a great time at RT.

  2. Fabulous, sexy and a cliff hanger, too. Thanks for sharing, Cherie