Sunday, 11 August 2013

#SexySnippets from Leashed by a Wolf

Hay All,

This Sexy Snippet comes from Leashed by a Wolf, my very first release. I Love, love, love Laney!

Laney swallowed hard as he leaned down and moved her hair away from her face.
He grazed the sensitive area where her neck met her shoulder with his fangs. Her eyes closed and she angled her head, allowing him better access as she felt his growl rumble against her back.
The skirt of the summer dress she wore, borrowed from Mary, was slowly pulled higher and higher as Heath pushed his thigh between her legs, keeping them apart.
Laney groaned as he stroked his hand down her body and over her mound.
“Don’t think I have forgotten you are to be punished, my beta.”

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Until next time...remember singing "I'm to sexy for my Dom/me" is going to get you into trouble.....Don't say I didn't warn you!