Sunday, 27 October 2013

#SexySnippets from Claiming Clara

Hi guys,

This weeks Sexy Snippets is from Claiming all remember Wall from Leashed by a Wolf? Well this is how he got his lady love.

“Good girl, my own.” He stroked his hand down her back to her ass. “These are not a favorite, are they?” He fingered the elastic of her panties.
“Laney bought them from the hospital store.”
Wall released his claws, ripping the pink cotton in seconds. He heard Clara’s gasp before she moaned. He grinned. She was perfect for him.

Claiming Clara is out now available from Liquid Silver Books and all good ebook sellers

As always there are loads of people joining in the sexy the image below to be taken to the list.

Until next time.....Spankings are not just for Christmas....heh