Sunday, 12 January 2014

#SexySnippets from a work in progress

This week I am sharing a little snippet from a work in progress that I am currently playing with.

The the two main characters are a lion shifter called Luka and my lovely little Air Element witch called's currently called Breathless Kiss

Luka leaned forward and sucked first one nipple into his mouth, laving it with his tongue, then switching to the other.

Aura’s breath sped up, becoming more of a pant. Luka pushed her breast together so he could lick both buds together. He looked up at her, expected to see her eyes closed, it shouldn’t have surprised him that her eyes were wide open watching him suck on her tits. She’d caught her bottom lip between her teeth, such a simple thing but it nearly drove him over the edge.


So what do you think should I keep going with this one?

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Until next time don't forget........on these cold don't need to turn the heating on there are so many more fun ways to keep warm....Eco friends and saves right?


  1. Sizzling. She's a watcher. I like it.

  2. ooh great snippet! definitely keep going :)

  3. Hot! Not continuing is a question? Keep going!