Sunday, 9 February 2014

#Sexy Snippets from Property Lines by Cherie Nicholls

Hey All,

This weeks Sexy Snippets comes from Property Lines, part of the The Eclipse of the Blood Moon anthology.

Adam wanted to claim that he didn’t know why he was here. He wanted to deny that the mark on his chest wasn’t pulling, not just anywhere, but to her. To a woman who aggravated him beyond anything before, but who also called to him on such a primal level, he was powerless to ignore it.

He stopped fighting his beast. As he stepped over the invisible dividing line Celeste spun towards him, watching his approach. He was about six feet from her before shifting.

The Elipse of the Blood Moon is available from Evernight Publishing and all good ebook sellers 

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Until next time......remember.....behind every great Alpha is a witch willing to skin you alive if you force her too.....just saying