Sunday, 16 March 2014

I don't blog enough..

It's true I don't blog enough.

It's not that I don't want to talk to you guys! I do! But I don't often have anything interesting to say. I mean I can tell you how my day at my EDJ has gone, or the fact that commuters on London Underground will tell you angry they get if there is two minutes between tubes.

I could even tell you that I've been very ill recently with colds and food poisoning and the like...but none of that is really interesting.

So this is me apologising for not creating stunning blogs where people flock to and are inspired.....

I am writing at the moment, or at least I am trying to. But you know me and writing it's never a easy road. If someone could invent something that would take the images and scenes I have in my head and transfer them magically to the screen I would seriously considering buying that! 

So to make up for the my lack of is some random facts you never knew about me.....possibly never wanted to know either but hey, work with me here....

1) I became an Aunt when I was 3 years old and an Great Aunt when I was not only am I "great" aunt and I am literally a Great Aunt.... and not even 40 yet..

2) I have lived in the same house my entire life. 

3) I can cross stitch, loom knit and I can paper craft

4) I cannot Crochet...therefore I have decided it is a myth and doesn't really exist.

5) I used to do Gymnastics when I was a I can't even do a handstand

6) If you give me a plastic spoon and a needle and thread I can fix nearly anything....well coffee machines anyway...true story

7) I am a huge Tottenham Hospurs fan!!! COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

8) I enjoying making things, but get bored have many unfinished projects scattered around the house.

9) It's taken me nearly an hour to think of the last 8 items...... *hangs head in shame*

10) Today is Sunday 16th March .......this time in two months I will be New Orleans attending the RT Convention!!

See there really is a reason I don't blog often.... 

Until next time......remember a length of pretty ribbon is a terrible thing to waste....heh.....come on you know you can come up with some inspired ways of using that ribbon!!

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