Sunday, 15 June 2014

#SexySnippets from my WIP

This week I'm sharing a snippet from my wip (work in progress). It's not really sexy but I thought you might like it all the same. And let's be honest with the amount of writers block I've had of late I'm just pleased to be able to share something!

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This is from Lion's Air, which is the tentative title and may change.


She didn’t blink, staring right at him. In the wild, with the full animals, it was be seen as a clear threat. On the streets where he spent the first years of his life, it was seen the same way. But where in the wild he would be forced to fight whomever was staring too hard. In the real world, he knew that would be frowned on.

The tips of his claws were peeking out of his fingers he could feel the pin pricks in his palms. The light pain drew him back from the edge and calmed the roar of his beast. 


Copyright 2014 Cherie Nicholls

So what do you think???

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Until next time....remember....Don't stare a lion in the eye, unless you think you can take him in a fight or, you know, you have a really big ball of string.....just saying


  1. She's bold, staring like that. Love it and great that you're writing again.

  2. I think, hurrry up and write it, I want to read more. Glad you're writing 0once more

  3. Only a woman could get under a mans skin like that lol Love the snippet. xx