Tuesday, 10 June 2014

You've heard it all before

But it's worth me saying again...

I'm not a prolific blogger, I just think I have enough interesting and exciting things to say.

So why am I blogging, yet again, to tell you that? We I thought I might pose a question to you all instead of trying to be all entertaining and what not....

I was with a couple of friends this weekend in an area of Ireland called Cork, or at least real close to that area.

This is be hiding behind a stone of the local stone circle....it was crazy raining that day I can tell you..

But the country side there is so beautiful, it just gives your creative juices a big old shot of energy.

So the question of the day..... What inspires you? Is it a place? People? Is it the sound of rain on a window pane, or the warm breeze on a summers day?

So until next time remember..... inspiration can strike at the strangest times, even when you have a sub tied down looking all helpless and pretty, might me an idea to have a note book to hand....just a piece of experienced advice there...heh

1 comment:

  1. I always think better on a long car journey through the countryside. With my husband driving, of course! :)